Accounting Manager Responsibilities & Duties

Do you want to be an Accounting Manager?

Then you need to know about the responsibilities & Duties of an accounting manager.

In most business, the position of an Accounting Manager is an integral one. An Accounting Manager is usually tasked with developing and implementing systems for collecting, verifying, analyzing and reporting certain types of financial information.

If you wish to become an Accounting Manager, you will have to work closely with the Head of Finance. You will have to make sure that the accounts remain completed within the deadline and in-line with the company’s accounting policies.

An Accounting Manager is required by a business to support their ongoing progression and growth.


Accounting Manager Responsibilities

Specific areas of responsibility include:

Accounting Manager Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining a system of managing and overseeing the day-to-day accounting functions of the company
  • Monitoring and recording transactions and financial events in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and company policy
  • Maximizing return on financial assets by forming solid financial projects, procedures, policies, control and reporting systems
  • Maintaining expertise over accounting operations, such as accounts payable/receivable, general ledger, cash receipts, treasury, revenue and expenditure variance analysis, fixed asset activity
  • Monitoring the activities of the accounting department, including the design suitable for realizing the department’s objectives and goals
  • Delivering coaching and leadership to Accounting team
  • Ensuring accurate and timely accounting reporting; monthly, quarterly and year end close
  • Preparing accounts for various companies on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis
  • Achieving budget objectives by shuffling expenditures, initiating corrective measures, analyzing variances
  • Maintaining the accurate and timely processing of general ledger reconciliation and journal entries
  • Performing monthly and quarterly bank compliance activities in an accurate and timely manner
  • Responding to inquiries from internal managers, the CEO, CFO in terms of accounting results and special reporting requests
  • Assisting in implementation and realization of new procedures and projects to improve the workflow of the department
  • Utilizing business connections and intelligence to produce process enhancement and develop KPI reporting
  • Maintaining consistency over application of accounting procedures and policies
  • Producing financial statements, filling and tax returns and completing financial reporting
  • Maintain a solid and effective relationship within across all business groups
  • Supporting Head of Finance in maintaining financial activities successfully
  • Collaborating with others in managerial positions to realize overall objectives and goals
  • Providing realistic, thoughtful and candid insights into relevant business matters

Accounting Manager Job Duties:

  • Achieving accounting human resource objectives, such as recruiting, selecting, training, orienting, scheduling, assigning, coaching and disciplining employees
  • Accomplishing accounting operational objectives by providing accounting information and recommendations to specific reviews and plans
  • Implementing productivity, production, resolving problems, reconciling, completing audits, identifying trends and projecting change
  • Enforcing policies and procedures determined by the Senior FP&A Manager
  • Meeting accounting financial objectives by projecting requirements, preparing a budget, analyzing variances and scheduling expenditures
  • Remaining loyal to the organization and keeping sensitive information confidential

Role Summary

The Accounting Manager will establish financial status by incorporating financial information derived from gathering, analyzing, verifying and forecasting. The Accounting Manager will play an important role in the organization, manage the accounting team and achieve objectives.

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