Amazon Business Analyst Salary (Detailed Information!)

Amazon Business Analyst Salary

Some Amazon business analysts earn $37,087, while others earn around $107,061. It depends on your home country as not all countries have the same salary offers. As an Amazon business analyst, you get to enjoy many perks and offers. It is why people are always striving to apply whenever there is an opening at Amazon.

Key Takeaways

  • An Amazon business analyst ensures that both external and internal factors align together so that the business continues growing
  • Typically, Amazon business analysts enjoy higher pay than business analysts who work in regular companies
  • If you are working as an Amazon Business Analysts in New York then you can expect to earn $87,011 yearly
  • In order to become an Amazon business analyst you must have some skills including communication skills, persuasion skills, time management skills, problem-solving skills, etc.

We can all agree that Amazon is one of the top leading global companies. Therefore, being a staff of the company will be a great feat.

Suppose you are wondering about the role of an Amazon business analyst. It is the same as a regular business analyst. They assist in building strategies that help the Amazon Company meet its goals.

The business analyst ensures that both external and internal factors align together so that the business continues growing. Besides, it is the business analyst’s job to check out development in different departments, analyzing them to ensure that they are safe to carry out. A business analyst ensures that any business risk is eliminated before it gets out of hand.

Every organization needs a business analyst, and Amazon is one of them. So, if you think that you fit the role of an Amazon business analyst, you should apply whenever you see an opening.

Typically, Amazon business analysts enjoy higher pay than business analysts who work in regular companies. It is common knowledge that the Amazon group is a global brand, and they cut across a lot of sectors and industries. Therefore, it is not out of place for their staff to expect higher pay than their counterparts in other organizations. The bigger the company, the bigger the salary expectation. So, we can say that an Amazon business analyst gets to enjoy comfortable and worthy pay.

An Amazon business analyst will not be caught talking about leaving the organization, except going on to a bigger company. One of the reasons would be because of the pay. There are only a handful of organizations that pay their staff better than Amazon.

Also, a certain sense of pride comes with being an Amazon staff, and their business analysts also enjoy this prestige.

When in a gathering, people will give you higher respect when they know that you work with Amazon. It is common knowledge that humans like to associate with success. Thus, when people know that you are an Amazon business analyst, they will want to associate with you as they see it as a successful feat.

We see that some people use working at Amazon as bragging rights, and we cannot blame them. After all, it was not easy securing the position, so they had the right to brag about it. Whenever there is an opening at Amazon, there are usually many people applying for the position. So, if anyone secures the position, they rightfully boast and brag about it.

Suppose there are some opportunities that you have not been able to access for a long time. Do not be surprised if you can access them once you become an Amazon staff. People say that being an Amazon staff member, including an Amazon business analyst will open doors. So, it is not surprising that their openings are usually competitive.

We earlier mentioned that certain respect and pride are attached to working at Amazon. Also, it is good to keep in mind that you will do a lot of networking as an Amazon business analyst. Asides from work growth, it also brings personal growth. Thus, you will encounter people and opportunities that will come in handy later in life.

Below Is A Table Showing Some Countries And The Salary They Pay Amazon Business Analysts. 

PlaceYearly Salary 
New York $87,011
Phoenix $73,779
United States $83,287
Chicago $107,061
Germany $42,367

Skills You Need To Be A Business Analyst

Skills You Need To Be A Business Analyst

It is not out of place if you’re striving to be a business analyst, as you can secure a spot at Amazon. But, you will need some skills.

Below are some of the skills you need to strive for as a business analyst:

1. Communication skills:

We have earlier mentioned that there is a lot of networking involved in being a business analyst. Therefore, you should note that one will need excellent and incredible communication skills to become a business analyst.

To be an excellent communicator, you need to excel in both oral and written communication. Sometimes, you may need to write emails or business proposals and send them out to prospects. A big nightmare would be grammatical errors as it would bring a backlash to the company, and it may even lead to you losing your job. It is why you must have good communication skills and also ensure that you proofread it. Understandably, no one is above mistakes, so there might be typographical errors.

It is also important to understand effective official oral communication as it would come in handy. Also, you must understand how to switch in different scenarios as you never can tell what setting you will meet people to network.

Communication skills usually come naturally to some people, while others may need to learn them. If you are interested in being a business analyst, you need to harness this skill to help both your work and personal life.

2. Persuasion Skills:

Another skill that comes in handy for a business analyst is persuasion skills. When working as a business analyst, you will need persuasion skills for both internal and external stakeholders.

Suppose you have an idea to foster growth that you need to sell to your superiors and other departments. How do you expect them to buy the idea if you do not have persuasion skills?

Sometimes, people have great ideas, but they do not have persuasion skills. Therefore, it leads them to be stagnant as people usually sweep their ideas under the carpet.

Some superiors might intentionally prove difficult so that you can convince them that you are sure of your idea. But if you do not have persuasion skills, you do not believe in that idea.

It also applies to external stakeholders and links to networking. You need persuasion skills when you want to network your company or organization to others as a business analyst. It is important to keep in mind that other business analysts would also be approaching this person, and your persuasion skill will set you apart.

You cannot get an investor if you are not convincing. So, it would be best if you showed them beyond doubt why it will be an excellent choice for them to invest in your idea and how it will be worth their money.

3. Time Management Skills:

A business analyst also needs to know how to manage time effectively. Sometimes, you might have short deadlines, but that is not an excuse not to finish the specified deadline.

An effective business analyst will not give excuses. Instead, they will strive to use the available time to accomplish their goals. 

Even if your organization or superiors give you short deadlines, your effectiveness will make them increase the duration for further projects.

Time management skills allow you to effectively allocate your time to ensure that no project lacks for the other. As a business analyst, it is common knowledge that you will be working on more than one project simultaneously. 

4. Problem-Solving Skills:

As a business analyst, you will always encounter challenges where your problem-solving skills will come to play. But, are you the type to crumble in the face of challenges? If yes, you are not cut out to be a business analyst.

An excellent business analyst will rather look for solutions to the issue than crumble. When you have good problem-solving skills, it will be easy to navigate challenges. There is no running away from problems when you are a business analyst. But your efficiency is put to the test with how fast and well you can develop strategies that will overcome the challenges. 

You cannot work in big companies as a business analyst if you are not quick to develop strategies and answers to challenges, which will be a disadvantage to you as you will not grow. In addition, your employers will take it that you are not contributing meaningfully to the company, and they will lay you off. For this not to happen, you need excellent problem-solving skills.

5. Managerial Skills:

It will not be wrong to describe a business analyst as a manager. After all, they always have to oversee different affairs of the organization and ensure that things are in place. If you do not have efficient managerial skills, you will not be able to handle the position.

The goal is to ensure that everything is orderly so that the company’s running can go smoothly. It is why some people say that the huge responsibility of the company falls on the shoulders of the business analyst.

Having excellent managerial skills also entails that you are not easily overwhelmed. It is important to note that many people within the organization and departments depend on the business analyst. So, it would help if you kept striving and organizing everything and everyone.


Is A Business Analyst A High-Paying Job?

Yes, being a business analyst is a high-paying job, even as a starter. Since many company affairs depend on the business analyst, it is no doubt an important role for any organization. Therefore, leading to high pay.

Is Business Analyst A Dying Career?

With the high demand for business analysts in society lately, it is wrong to say that becoming a business analyst is a dying career. Therefore, being a business analyst is not a dying career.


Amazon business analysts earn good and comfortable salaries that anyone would desire. So, start sending in your applications if you wish to work at Amazon and meet the required skills.

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