How Can I Get Amazon Loads As An Owner-Operator Truck Driver? (Detailed Explanation!)

Amazon Loads As An Owner Operator Truck Driver

The first step to getting loads from Amazon is to contact their distribution center and make inquiries. Amazon’s logistics and traffic department can alternatively be contacted to know the required criteria to get loads from them. As a successful e-commerce enterprise, Amazon uses a 26-foot box truck and requires just a valid driver’s license. To meet up with Amazon standards, owners should have at least 3 trucks with SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code)  and insurance to stand a chance of getting loads from Amazon.

Key Takeaways

  • At Amazon, all freight shipments are handled by a network of contract carriers
  • If you want to get Amazon loads as a truck owner, you must have an active DOT number with interstate authority as well as a valid MC number
  • You must have BASIC scores for unsafe driving below 60%, vehicle maintenance below 75%, and HOS compliance below 60%
  • The minimum insurance requirements for employer liability should be not less than a hundred thousand dollars per occurrence

Requirements To Get Amazon Loads As A Truck Owner

Requirements To Get Amazon Loads As A Truck Owner

There are a number of key things an Amazon seller needs to remember – from shipping rates and handling customer complaints to brand registration, it’s important that you take your time to get these details right when selling on Amazon. Below are the required criteria to get started on the Amazon freight network.

1. An active DOT number with interstate authority.

2. A valid MC number

3. A FMCSA(federal motor carrier safety administration) rating of ‘none’, ‘not rated’ or ‘satisfactory’.

4. BASIC (behavior analysis and safety improvement categories) scores. This includes unsafe driving below 60%, vehicle maintenance below 75%, and HOS compliance below 60%.

5. A carrier entity type that is authorized for hire and for property.

What Is The Minimum Insurance Requirements To Start Hauling Loads For Amazon?

Below are the insurance requirements truck owners must meet before they can be contracted to get loads on Amazon.

1. Auto liability not less than a million dollars per occurrence and a truck replacement coverage of fifty thousand dollars.

2. Commercial general liability, not less than one million dollars per occurrence and two million in aggregate.

3. Employer liability not less than a hundred thousand dollars per occurrence.

4. Cargo coverage is a hundred thousand dollars at least.

5. Compensation insurance for workers in all areas where your company operates.

How Long Does It Take To Start Getting Loads From Amazon?

Applications are sent in as they are received and you’ll get feedback from Amazon within two to four weeks. Insurance validations are the reason behind the delay but once your application is approved, getting loads can begin right away either on the load board or through freight brokers.

How Well Does Amazon Prioritize The Safety And Security Of Their Drivers?

Amazon is a company dedicated to the welfare and safety of its employees. They’ll always be willing to work with anyone who wants to improve their practices in the name of keeping workers safe such as by checking they are wearing their seatbelt and insisting on workplaces that are free from hazards.

What Is Amazon Relay?

Amazon Relay

This is an information technology system, designed to improve the supervision of logging truckloads by enabling logs trackers to view and manage their loads. It helps them to keep records on performance and enables the exchange of information with the drivers to optimize log reloading times. Finally, it also allows for real-time tracking of payments to simplify accounting.

Amazon claims that its new system uses technology to improve the efficiency of its delivery drivers, which is something lots of companies need. This allows the drivers to check-in and out of facilities at certain areas and get notifications about changes in orders and cancellations so as to prevent them from wasting time. Amazon has been improving this feature for a number of years by introducing more coding into packages, thus allowing them to efficiently manage their logistic system further than when they first began.


We have a compiled list of frequently asked questions on how to get loads on Amazon as a truck owner. Let’s check them out!

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved For Amazon Relay?

While most applications are processed within 24 hours of submission, please note that due to the high volume of applications received your application may be delayed up to 72 hours before it is reviewed and approved.

How Many Parcels Do Amazon Drivers Deliver Daily?

The major cities of the United States are typically very hectic for carriers delivering packages. In fact, this stereotype in Amazon can be fairly accurate: on average, almost all carriers deliver a minimum of 300 packages per day.

Who Can I Reach Out To If Any Problem Arises During Amazon Loads Execution?

Amazon offers operational support through its customer service team. The service directly connects to the accidents you’ll experience on the road with Amazon’s specialized arm of vehicles that restores order to each driver in distress via 24-hour service.

Are Amazon Drivers Independent Contractors?

On Amazon, drivers are in charge of the vans they use to deliver packages. There are two different kinds of product driver positions on Amazon: The first kind is less like an Uber driver and more like a specialized contractor as they hire directly and pay them key milestones before shipping out the box around town, or end-customer. The second kind is more like an Uber driver, renting their vehicle (which can be anything from a minivan to a small Ford Focus) regardless of where it comes from after which they receive instructions via computer to deliver the box to any address within spitting distance!

Final Words

As a truck owner, attempting to get featured on Amazon, there are certain requirements involved in being listed as one of their drivers. If you own and operate your own business, you realize that without such a listing there’s little way for customers to find your website or product on the side of the delivery trucks they see every day in their neighborhood. Fortunately, with the advent of technology, there is an option through automation known as Amazon Relay. This is an initiative designed to help make operations smoother and more efficient.


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