How Much Does An Ambulance Cost While Riding Without Health Insurance?

How Much Does An Ambulance Cost

An ambulance ride is not a joy ride. People call for an ambulance when there is a medical emergency. In the USA calling for an ambulance is like taking a financial gamble because ambulance service is not free and they cost a large amount of money. Moreover, many ambulance providers don’t accept the patient’s insurance. So, how much an ambulance ride will cost you while you don’t have health insurance or if your insurance is accepted?

Ambulance ride costs lots of money because ambulance companies charge for everything from blankets to mileage. Moreover, in the USA the ambulance cost varies from location to location, type of ambulance, type of call, and services provided. Moreover, health insurance also plays a very important role in the cost of the ambulance ride. For example, an ambulance ride without insurance would cost you between $700 – $1500 or more depending on the condition of the patient and other factors.

Ambulance Cost With Health Insurance

Ambulance Cost With Health Insurance

In the USA, most of the health insurance providers cover the ambulance ride cost during the medically necessary. For example, BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama offers insurance coverage for medical emergencies on their various policies. Usually, the coverage includes emergency ambulance transport to the nearest hospital that can treat the patient. So, if the patient has health insurance, then his out-of-pocket costs for ambulance service would be $15 to $100 or more or coinsurance of 10% to 50%. If the ambulance cost is more than the insurance coverage then the ambulance service provider will send a “balance bill” to the patient for the remainder of the bill. According to Woodburn Ambulance Service in Woodburn, OR, patients with commercial insurance pay an average of $432 out of pocket.

Ambulance Cost Without Health Insurance

If you don’t have health insurance coverage then ambulance service will cost you lots of money. Usually, the cost of an ambulance service without insurance mostly depends on location, type of service, emergency call or scheduled transport, the total distance of the trip, types of life support, etc. So, an ambulance ride without insurance would cost you typically from $400 – $1500 or more. For example, the city of LeMars, IA, charges $375 for non-emergency basic life support service and up to $600 for emergency service with advanced life support. On the other hand, The city of Urbana, OH, charges $650 while The city of Nichols Hills, OK has a membership plan for $2.50 per month for ambulance service and there is no out-of-pocket cost. However, the non-members have to pay $1,100 plus $9 per mile for ambulance service.

Other Costs Of An Ambulance Ride Without Insurance

Other Costs Of An Ambulance Ride Without Insurance

Apart from the basic ambulance ride costs, there are other types of costs available that you might have to pay if you don’t have health insurance. For example, you might need medical supplies like sterile gloves, needles, IV supplies, catheters, etc., and these items can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to the final bill. On average, ambulance service providers might charge you between $20 – $35 for an oxygen mask, as well as for bandages, dressings ice packs, etc. Moreover, you might have to pay between $40 – $65 for a burn kit or obstetrical kit, $70 – $95 for an infusion pump or pulse oximeter. Moreover, if you need a nurse or respiratory therapist during the ambulance ride then it will cost you an additional $100.

FAQs About How Much Does An Ambulance Cost While Riding Without Health Insurance

How Much Does It Cost To Call For An Ambulance?

The answer to this question depends on the ambulance company. There are many ambulance companies available that won’t charge you unless they provide transportation. However, other companies might charge you for being called to the scene even if you don’t ride the ambulance.

I Just Received My Ambulance Bill. What Should I Do Now?

If you have health insurance and if you receive an ambulance bill then provide information about your coverage on the back of the ambulance bill. Then sign the bill, and return it to the ambulance service provider company. Then the ambulance company will forward the bill to the health insurance provider. Finally, if there are any due remains after your insurance carrier responds to the ambulance bill, the ambulance service provider will send you a revised bill. On the other hand, if you don’t have any insurance coverage then pay the full bill.

What If I Did Not Receive An Ambulance Bill?

If you don’t receive an ambulance bill then it means, your insurance coverage has paid the bill for you. Therefore, you did not receive the ambulance bill.

Can I Dispute High Ambulance Costs?

Yes, you can dispute high ambulance costs. If your ambulance bill seems unreasonably high then there are few options available to re-check your bill. While checking the bill make sure you keep your eyes out for:

1. Duplicate charges
2. Incorrect service dates
3. Inaccurate mileage

If you find any errors then immediately contact the ambulance service company or contact the billing department about the error.

How Much Is An Ambulance Ride With Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Blue Cross Blue Shield has various plans available for the ambulance service. They are – 

1. Standard Option: 15% of our allowance* and ground ambulance transportation is $100 per day

2. Basic Option: $175 per day and ground ambulance transportation is $100 per day

3. FEP Blue Focus: 30% of our allowance* and ground ambulance transportation is 30% of our allowance.

Can You Deny An Ambulance Ride?

Yes, you can deny an ambulance ride. As an adult, you have the legal right to refuse treatment and transport via an ambulance. So, if you don’t want to ride an ambulance then you can deny an ambulance ride.

Do I Need An Ambulance Cover In The ACT?

No, you won’t need ambulance cover in the ACT because if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident on an ACT road then you are automatically entitled to free ambulance services provided at the scene of the accident. You receive this ambulance service as part of the road rescue fee component of the Compulsory Third Party Insurance.                          

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