Are Polo Shirts Business Casual (Does an Untucked Polo Shirt Paired With Business Casual)

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According to many modern fashion experts, polo shirts are considered as business casual. Moreover, nowadays many workplaces started to accept polo shirts in their office dress code. Besides, an untucked polo shirt is also paired with business casual. Polo shirts are very comfortable and easy to wear and go with every style.         

Key Takeaways

  • A polo shirt is a casual type of shirt with a collar, a placket neckline with two or three buttons, and an optional pocket
  • There is no exact definition of business casual people think business casual includes khaki pants, slacks, skirts, etc.
  • f you’re allowed to wear chinos in your office then polo shirts will be a great choice for you
  • If a shirt has a straight hem like a polo shirt then it is designed to be left untucked

Definition Of Business Casual

Business casual is a type of western dress code that typically includes a dress shirt, necktie, and trousers, and can be worn with an odd-colored blazer or a sports coat instead. Though there is no exact definition of business casual people think business casual includes khaki pants, slacks, skirts, as well as short-sleeved polo shirts, and long-sleeved shirts. On the other hand jeans, tight or short skirts, T-shirts, and sweatshirts aren’t considered business casual. Though, business casual might mean different things to different companies or workplaces.

Are Polos Business Casual?

Are Polos Business Casual

Yes, polos are business casual as long as you can pair them with the right outfit. If your workplace doesn’t expect you to wear a button-down every day then polo shirts will be an excellent choice for you. If you’re allowed to wear chinos then polo shirts will be a great choice for you. With the right style, you can easily carry on a level of professionalism with the polo shirts. Moreover, you can also tuck in the polo shirt and wear a nice belt to put the style together in a nice-looking way. If you really want to add a boost of professionalism then you should wear a pair of loafers or boat shoes with a polo shirt and pants.

Does An Untucked Polo Shirt Paired With Business Casual

Whether an untucked polo shirt paired with business casual depends on various things. For example, it depends on –

1. The job you are applying for

2. The dress code of the company where you work

3. If you want to impress the interview panel or not

4. If it is the dress code of the company where your interview is

5. The position you are working or pursuing 

The Advantages Of Polo Shirts

1. You can wear polo shirts on a dress yet casual days and they are a great business casual option for both men and women

2. Polo shirts are a great gift idea for someone you love, friends, or co-workers who love to wear a casual dress

3. Polo shirts are very easy to mix and match with other work-ready apparel

4. If the workplace or office allows a dressier business casual aesthetic then you can wear polo shirts in colors or patterns that you love

5. Polo shirts are wearable with everything from dress pants and chinos to skirts

6. Polo shirts look great with jeans so you can take advantage of a laid-back dress code

7. During the summer season, polo shirts can be an excellent and comfortable solution for casual summer style

8. Polo shirts will help your transition to autumn style and you can easily maintain your sophisticated business casual look

9. During the winter season, you can also make your polo shirts the basis of a business casual outfit with the right pairings

10. Polo shirts are an all-year outfit so you can also wear them in the spring season

When To Tuck In A Shirt?

The shirt is a part of our daily office uniform as well as an essential item of any formal events. If a shirt has a straight hem like a polo shirt then it is designed to be left untucked. On the other hand, if a shirt has a curved hem like a business shirt then it is designed to be tucked. Moreover, whether you should tuck or untuck your shirt also depends on the occasion and dress code. Let’s check when we should tuck a shirt!

1. Casual: If you are planning on attending a casual event and you are wearing a short-sleeved shirt, polo or t-shirt then always leave the shirt untucked.

2. Smart Casual: If you are wearing a casual shirt then leave it untucked. However, if you are wearing a casual shirt with a casual jacket or coat then you should tuck in the shirt.

3. Business Casual: For business casual, if you are wearing a blazer, sweater or just a shirt then make sure you tuck in your shirt.   

4. Business Formal: This type of occasion requires a suit so you have to tuck in your shirt.

What Types Of Shirts You Should Tuck In

Whether you should tuck or untuck a shirt also depends on the type of shirt you are wearing. There are some tuck-in rules available for different types of shirts. Let’s check them out!

1. T-shirts: This type of shirt always remains untucked regardless of whether you are wearing a casual jacket or by itself.

2. Polo Shirts: You can tuck the polo shirts if you want but leaving the polo shirts untucked will make you look more modern and stylish.

3. Short Sleeve Casual Shirts: You should always wear the short sleeve casual shirts untucked regardless of whether it’s a standard casual shirt or cheery Hawaiian shirt.

4. Long Sleeve Casual Shirts: You can tuck this type of shirt or leave the shirt untucked depending on the formality of the occasion.

5. Business And Dress Shirts: Usually, people wear this type of shirt with either a full suit or chinos and a blazer, so it is best to tuck this type of shirt.

FAQs About Polo Shirts

FAQs About Polo Shirts

What Do You Wear With A Polo Shirt?

There are many options available when it comes to wearing polo shirts but it mostly depends on your personal style. With a polo shirt, you can wear – 

1. Trousers


Slim fit joggers

Tailored shorts

Cargo pant

2. Shoes

Chukka boots

Leather trainers


Slip-on loafers

3. Bomber jacket

4. Leather jacket

5. Knitted jumper

6. Denim shirt

7. Hoodie

Where Should A Polo Shirt Fall?

Usually, polo shirts are about an inch longer at the back. If you wear a polo shirt untucked then it should fall below your belt but not more than the bottom of your pockets.

What Are The Polo Shirt Sizes For Men?

Depending on the brands the size of men polo shirts might vary. The sizes of polo shirts of ASOS brand are – 

SizeTo Fit Chest Size
XXXS30 – 3276 – 81
XXS32 – 3481 – 86
XS34 – 3686 – 91
S36 – 3891 – 96
M38 – 4096 – 101 
L40 – 42101 – 106
XL42 – 44106 – 111
XXL44 – 46111 – 116
XXXL46 – 48116 – 121

Why Are Polo Shirts So Expensive?

Usually, polo shirts are expensive because of their brand value. There are less expensive polo shirts available but if you consider the quality and comfort while wearing the polo shirts then you should try to buy brand polo shirts.

What Polo Shirts Does James Bond Wear?

James bond wears the Riviera Polo Shirt in the casino royal film. The polo shirts that Daniel Craig wore in that movie were originally tailored for him. These polo shirts were made from a lightweight cotton mesh that is breathable as well as extremely soft.

What Are The Best Polo Shirt Brands In 2021?

Some of the best polo shirt brands of 2021 are – 

1. Polo Ralph Lauren

2. Lacoste

3. Uniqlo

4. Fred Perry

5. Sunspel

6. Orlebar Brown

7. J.Crew

8. James Perse

9. Lanvin

10. Gant

11. Tommy Hilfiger

12. River Island

13. Marks & Spencer

14. Reiss

15. Dunhill

Do Polo Shirts Make You Look Thinner?

If you are very skinny then the polo shirts will make you thinner. Nevertheless, polo shirts do make people look bigger than they are.

Do You Tuck Polo Shirts Into Jeans?

Usually, people keep the polo shirt untucked with casual pants. The jeans are considered casual pants so you should keep your polo shirt untucked while you are wearing them with your jeans.

Are Polo Shirts Smart Casual?

You can consider polo shirts smart casual as long as the polo shirt is plain, good quality, well-fitting, and not washed to death. 

What Are Polo Shirts Without Collars Called?         

Polo shirts without a collar are also known as grandad collar shirts. The grandad collar shirt is also available in quite a few variations.

Is 42 An XL Size?

Yes, 42 is an XL size. The measurement of an XL size is 42 – 44 inches.

Are Polos Considered Collared Shirts?

Yes, polos are considered collared shirts. Usually, a polo shirt has a fold-down collar and only three buttons in front. These types of shirts are short-sleeved and are made from a breathable fabric like cotton.


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