How To Ask A Lawyer For Free Without Any Credit Card (7 Best Websites For Free Legal Help)

Ask A Lawyer For Free Without Any Credit Card

There are many ways you can get an answer or legal advice from lawyers without costing any money. There are many legal groups available like Avvo,, ABA Free Legal Answers, etc. where you can find the answer to your legal question without any credit card. Moreover, you can also leave your question on websites like Quora, Twitter, and Reddit and wait for the lawyers to answer your questions for free!

Key Takeaways

  • People need legal advice for various reasons that includes criminal proceedings, civil cases, legal notice from the business partner, etc.
  • There are various online platforms available where you can get legal advices for free
  • In most case, you have to provide your credit card information while opening an account to get free legal advices
  • If you need legal help and if you are running low on budget then you can contact the city courthouse for lawyers

Ask a Lawyer for Free without Any Credit Card

Ask a Lawyer for Free without Any Credit Card

If it is totally impossible to hire an attorney then you can search for lawyer forums to get legal answers and advice from renowned lawyers. You can apply these devices to your situation and solve the problems. So, if your money situation is allowing you to hire a lawyer then below are some websites where you can ask lawyers various questions for free. 

1. ABA Free Legal Answers

2. Avvo


4. Quora

5. Twitter

6. Reddit

7. Rocket Lawyer

1. ABA Free Legal Answers

This is a very renowned and popular website where you can ask for legal advice for free and without any credit card. The name of this website says it all! It’s a virtual legal advice forum and a Standing Committee project on Pro Bono and Public Service of the American Bar Association. Here you can post civil legal questions at no cost. Therefore, this legal website is for low-income individuals who meet minimum income requirements. Every participating state have their own page on this website and only the qualified users can post their civil legal questions to this website in their state. Once a lawyer gives the answer, they will receive it in the mail. When a new question is posted, the authorized lawyer volunteers log in to the website and then they choose the question that they want to answer or give legal advice and information. On this website, you can only able to post questions regarding civil law because the lawyers are not allowed to answer questions related to criminal law.

Eligibility to Use ABA Free Legal Answers

1. The user must be an adult

2. The user must have met financial eligibility guidelines

3. The user may not be serving a criminal sentence; and

4. The user may not request assistance with criminal law matters

5. The user must currently be living in the United States   

2. Avvo

If you are looking for free legal advice and your questions are straight forward then it will be the best option to look for free legal advice. This is an award-winning website for legal advice; it won the American Bar Association award in 2015 for the innovative delivery of legal services. AVVO stands for Associazione Volontari Visitatori Ospedalieri. It helps people research, find, and connect with the right lawyer by providing transparent information, client reviews, and lawyer profiles. Here you can search lawyers by – 

Practice Area

1. Adoption Attorneys

2. Appeals Attorneys

3. Estate Planning Attorneys

4. Family Law Attorneys

5. Federal Crime Attorneys

6. Foreclosure Attorneys

7. Guardianship Law Attorneys

8. Banking Law Attorneys

9. Constitutional Law Attorneys

10. Copyright Application Attorneys

11. Corporate Attorneys

12. Financial Markets and Services Attorneys

13. Life Insurance Attorneys

14. Admiralty / Maritime Attorneys

15. Medicaid / Medicare Attorneys

16. Prenuptials Attorneys

17. Sex Crime Attorneys, etc.


1. Atlanta Lawyers

2. Austin Lawyers

3. Baltimore Lawyers

4. Boston Lawyers

5. Brooklyn Lawyers

6. Buffalo Lawyers

7. Charlotte Lawyers

8. Chicago Lawyers

9. Cincinnati Lawyers

10. Cleveland Lawyers

11. Columbus Lawyers

12. Dallas Lawyers

13. Knoxville Lawyers

14. Las Vegas Lawyers

15. Los Angeles Lawyers

16. Memphis Lawyers

17. Miami Lawyers

18. Milwaukee Lawyers

19. Minneapolis Lawyers

20. Nashville Lawyers

21. New York Lawyers

22. Orlando Lawyers

23. Philadelphia Lawyers, etc.


1. Alabama Lawyers

2. Alaska Lawyers

3. Arizona Lawyers

4. Arkansas Lawyers

5. California Lawyers

6. Colorado Lawyers

7. Connecticut Lawyers

8. Delaware Lawyers

9. Dist. of Columbia Lawyers

10. Florida Lawyers

11. Georgia Lawyers

12. Hawaii Lawyers

13. Idaho Lawyers

14. Kentucky Lawyers

15. Louisiana Lawyers

16. Maine Lawyers

17. Maryland Lawyers

18. Massachusetts Lawyers

19. Michigan Lawyers

20. Minnesota Lawyers

21. Mississippi Lawyers

22. Missouri Lawyers

23. Montana Lawyers

24. Nebraska Lawyers, etc.

Legal Topics

1. Bankruptcy and debt

2. Business

3. Child custody

4. Child support

5. Civil rights

6. Constitutional law

7. Consumer protection

8. Criminal charges

9. Criminal defense

10. Discrimination in the workplace

11. Divorce

12. Domestic violence and criminal charges

13. DUI

14. Elder law

15. Employment

16. Entertainment law

17. Lawsuits and disputes

18. Lemon law

19. Maritime law

20. Medical malpractice

21. Military law

22. Personal injury

23. Privacy law

24. Probate

25. Probation for a criminal conviction

26. Real estate

27. Sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace

28. Slip and fall injuries

29. Social security, etc.  


This is also a popular website where you can find the right lawyer for your legal issue and free legal advice. has a feature named “Ask A Lawyer” where you can ask legal questions and get answers from large and experienced lawyers’ extensive network. You can post your question to the related section and then the respective lawyers will provide the right answer. It’s a free website and you don’t require a credit card to ask questions here. You can ask for legal advice in various categories including – 

1. Family

2. Divorce

3. Child Custody

4. Child Support

5. Personal Injury

6. Car Accident

7. Medical Malpractice

8. Wrongful Death

9. Criminal Defense

10. DUI and DWI

11. Traffic Violations

12. Domestic Violence

13. Employment

14. Discrimination

15. Workers Compensation

16. Wrongful Termination

17. Estate Planning

18. Probate

19. Trusts

20. Business

21. Corporate

22. Contracts

23. Real Estate

24. Landlord and Tenant

25. Social Security

26. Social Security Disability

27. Immigration

28. Citizenship

29. Bankruptcy

30. Foreclosures

31. Intellectual Property

32. Patents

33. Tax

34. Civil Litigation, etc.    

4. Quora

If you are looking for just some simple suggestions and it is not argent then you can use the question and answering platform Quora. You can search for your query and see if there is already a solution to your problem is available. If you don’t find the right solution then you can easily ask a question on Quora and it is completely free. You can ask any kind of question because in Quora experts in all fields show their abilities and answer people’s questions. Though there is no guarantee that lawyers will answer your question quickly because it’s free but if you are limited on your budget and you are not in hurry then this platform is worth trying.    

5. Twitter

This is another platform where you can ask a lawyer online for free and you won’t require a credit card. Usually, Lawyers who have a Twitter account are very responsive and they answer when legal questions are addressed to them directly. But, you should understand that it is a social media platform so you might not get the answer if you don’t have many lawyers following on your account. The best thing you can do is, you can ask them about your legal problem by tweeting and wait for their replies.    

6. Reddit

This platform is quite similar to Quora but it offers anonymity to its users. Therefore, many people find Reddit a privacy-friendly platform to discuss legal issues. Here you can ask a lawyer for free without a credit card. In Reddit, you can leave your question in various legal issue-related sub-Reddit and wait for the answers.

7. Rocket Lawyer

Well, Rocket Lawyer is not a free platform but this is on our list because on this website you can get one free legal consultancy and there is also some free advice on the site. So, if you are trying to gather information rather than looking for legal advice then this website is worth trying. But, remember this is a paid platform and you won’t get much legal advice for free.

How to Find Legal Help When You Can’t Afford a Lawyer

Find Legal Help When Can't Afford a Lawyer

Sometimes legal advice is not enough to solve a legal issue. It requires direct help from the lawyers to solve the problems. But we know how expensive it is to hire a lawyer. In this type of situation, we should look for some alternatives to find legal help. They are – 

Contact The City Courthouse: If you need legal help or you’re being taken to court for something then you can call the courthouse for a lawyer. This is a very effective method if you don’t have money to afford an attorney. 

Seek Free Lawyer Consultations: Many Lawyers offer free consultancies; therefore, you should find out a lawyer who is willing to provide you free legal help. Usually, these lawyers provide consultancies by phone or video conference.   

Look To Legal Aid Societies: Legal aid societies are nonprofit organizations that provide free legal services to low-income people. So, if you are running low on budget then you can find out a local legal aid organization and ask them for free legal help. This is an excellent way to find free legal help.  

Visit A Law School: This is also a great and cheap way to find legal advice. You can hire an up-and-coming law student to give you advice if your legal issue is not a major one. Many law schools allow their students to offer free legal advice. Some Law schools with this type of facility are American University, Appalachian School of Law, Arizona State University, Howard University, etc.    

Go to small claims court: You can go to small claims court if the stakes are fairly low like someone is suing you for borrowing money, etc. and it’s not worth spending much money for a lawyer. But, if you require legal help for your financial affairs after a divorce then small claims court is not the option for you.

Final Thought

So, it is quite clear that there are many ways available where you can get the answer to your legal issue-related questions completely free. However, all these ways are virtual, and in the real world, it is quite impossible to get an attorney to answer your legal questions for free. But the good thing is these websites are available and they are definitely worth a try.   



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