How To Find Bank Branch Name From Account Number?

Bank Branch Name From Account Number

Banks and financial institutions around the world use bank branch codes to identify specific locations and continue their banking activities. These codes help the banks to differentiate between branches to keep track of their account holder’s assets. The most common types of branch codes are IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). IBAN numbers are not used in the United States but they are available in European countries and other countries around the world.

Finding the bank branch name from the account number depends on what type of code the bank has used. If the bank uses IBAN then you can easily find the branch name on the bank’s website or check the bank statement. The same process also applies to banks that use SWIFT. You can also visit the nearest bank branch to know the branch name from the bank authority.

What Do Bank Branch Codes Look Like?

What Do Bank Branch Codes Look Like

Most of the international banks in the world use alphanumeric IBAN numbers as the branch code and the number can contain up to ​34 different characters​. The code starts with the country code like GB for Great Britain, JP for Japan, etc. The country code is followed by transaction number digits, then four-letter bank codes, a numeric bank sort code with several digits, and then a number that is specific to the user’s bank account. For example, Great Britain’s National Westminster Bank uses GB 29 NWBK 601613 31926819. On the other hand, SWIFT codes only identify the banks. SWIFT codes are also alphanumeric but they are shorter than the IBAN numbers. SWIFT codes consist of up to 11 characters​. SWIFT code starts with a four-letter bank code, followed by a two-letter country code. Then the two two-letter code indicates the location and then a three-digit branch code. A SWIFT code for New York City’s Chase Bank might look like this: CHASUS33JCC.

Finding Branch Name From Account Number

Finding Branch Name From Account Number

Branche’s name and number are very important for setting up direct deposits. If you don’t know your branch name or bank branch number then there are many ways you can find the name and number of the branch. If you have a check then you can spot the branch number from the check. On the check, you will find some typed numbers. Usually, the first three-digit indicates the check number. The group of the number next to the check number is the branch number. Collect the number from the check and then visit the bank’s official website. Here you will find the option to search the bank branch using the branch number. Type the number you have collected from the check and then click on the search button. You will find the name of the bank branch. If you don’t have a check then you have to visit the nearest bank branch and ask the bank authority about the branch name and number. You can also call the customer service number to know the branch number and name.

FAQs About How To Find Bank Branch Name From Account Number

How Do I Know My Bank Account Branch? 

There are many ways you can know your bank account branch. If you have an online banking account then the easiest way to find your bank branch is to log in and go to your account details. In your account details, you will find the bank branch name. Moreover, your bank account branch name and address should also be on any paper statements or letters you’ve received from your bank. This is another easy way you can know your branch name.

Can You Tell What Bank By Account Number?

It is difficult to tell the bank name from the bank account number. You’ll need the routing number to find the name of the bank. Without the routing number, there is no way you can tell the name of the bank unless you have a check.

What Is A Bank Branch?

A bank branch is the physical location of the branch away from the Bank’s home office. Banks open their branches to get more customers and extend their banking networks. Like the main bank office, every bank branch provides face-to-face service for the convenience of the customers.

How Do I Find My Commonwealth Bank Branch?

If you are looking for your Commonwealth Bank branch then google the 6-digit BSB number. It will provide you with all of your bank branch details. Moreover, you can also find the branch details from your online banking account as well as statements that you receive in your mail.

Where Can I Find My Chase Branch Number?

If you have a Chase bank check then you can easily find the branch number at the bottom of the check. You can also find the branch number on the statements or on your online banking account. 

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