Best Bullet Journal Notebook in 2021 with Details

Best Bullet Journal with Details

Whether you are planning to start your first bullet journal or you are a seasoned bullet journaler, then you must pick the best bullet journal notebooks. If you are searching online then you can find out the self-described minimalist with the bullet journals. If you do some research online then you can easily find out the bullet journals as per your wish.

What is a bullet Journal?

A bullet journal is a way of organizing your thoughts, to-do-lists, and ideas by using a simple writing and drawing format. The journal allows you to organize your thoughts visually with the use of color coding and lists.

It is also referred to as a bullet planner or a journalling system.

The idea behind bullet journals is that it helps you stay organized while helping you stay creative. Bullet journals provide space for creativity and exploration in order to ensure that you stay focused on your goal. Its a type of personal organizer that uses a ring-bound, spiral, or dotted notebook for organizing one’s thoughts, tasks, and other information. The term bullet journal comes from the spiral binding style of the notebooks.

The Bullet Journal Method of planning allows you to focus on what matters most with each day so that you can accomplish the tasks on your list and feel accomplished at the end of each day.

In addition, it’s important to note that the Bullet Journal Method does not need to be used exclusively for planning. You can use it as an everyday planner or simply as a way to record notes from meetings, classes, events etc.

Top 8 Bullet Journals Reviewed

1. Dotted journals by Scribbles

There are vast numbers of the reasons there to choose this journal notebook such as might not ruin your hard work, organizing in right way, won’t fall apart and so on. Journaling is not a hobby. This kind of the notebook is perfect option for portability and ideal choice for traveling because it has lightweight properties.

2. Bullet journal notebook, emerald

If you choose this journal notebook then you can get amazing numbers of the advantages like opens flat, inkproof paper, elastic closure band and bullet journal. It secures your content with the elastic enclosure band along with the inner gusseted pocket. 

 3. Rhodiarama dot sapphire notebook

It is offering dot grid and you can also customize it based on your needs. This journal notebook is having 160 pages and it provides wide varieties of the colors. However, all version of the journal notebook is having trademark orange accent. It comes with the fantastic numbers of features like orange expanding inner poker, leatherette soft cover, smooth dotted paper and orange ribbon maker.

4. Dotted bullet notebook journal dot grid bujo pages

It is the 5 X 8 inch notebook which is the proper size for daily planning, journaling or note taking. It has elegant vegan leather cover which could be durable and textured. It is offering silky smooth touch which offers sophisticated look.

5. Lemome Hardcover classic notebook with pen holder

This kind of grid notebook is having a comfortable touch, cleanable, and sturdy hardcover which might protect your art for years. It is the ideal choice for anyone who might make mock-ups, designs, diagrams, and gridlines blend.

6. Amazon basics classic blank notebook

It is considered as the large classic notebook with 240 blank pages and it comes with sketches, musings, and notes. This kind of the journal notebook is made from the acid free paper which might resist damage from the air and light. It is having cardboard bound cover with the rounded corners which provides finished look.

7. Leuchtturm1917 medium A5 dotter hardcover notebook

It is having the capability to secure your content with the elastic enclosure band along with the inner gusseted pocket. It comes with a page marker which can provide easy access to the specific page. The range of colors and sizes might make it ideal companions to walks of life which includes a blank table of contents, gusseted pocket, and 8 perforated sheets.

8. Moleskine classic notebook, softcover

According to the studies says that, moleskine notebook is the finest and perfect notebooks for writing journals, note taking in college, meetings or daily dairy. It comes in either soft cover or hardcover and it has different kinds of the color options like red, blue, green and brown.  


Is bullet journaling still a thing?

The beginning of the year is always a time for new resolutions and setting goals, and it can be difficult to remember what you want to accomplish, let alone how. That’s where bullet journaling can help.

This guide introduces the basics of this type of journaling plus some helpful tips to get started.

The rise of digital tools means we’re all spending less time writing by hand and more time composing (and editing) in our computers or tablets. But even if you’re not a fan of writing by hand, there are still plenty of reasons to keep a journal in 2021 – they’ve never been more relevant than now!

Is bullet journaling a waste of time?

Many people enjoy bullet journaling as a way to organize their life and stay productive. Some people feel like it is a waste of time, while others find the process very valuable.

Bullet journaling is an excellent strategy for staying organized and productive. It helps you get things done faster, which can be a problem when you have too much on your plate. Plus, it gives you freedom to create whatever style of layout that you want!

How do I start bullet Journal for beginners?

A bullet journal is a tool that helps you organize all your thoughts, ideas, tasks and events in one place. This is because it is made up of a list of pages where you can write down things that inspire you, turn them into tasks or make to-do lists. You can also make notes and draw sketches.

The benefits of using a bullet journal are:

– Visualization: It’s easier to focus on what’s going on when all these thoughts are laid out visually before you rather than having to rely on your memory.

– Organization: It is easy to find what needs doing when everything has been sorted in the right place.

– Pocket productivity: It’s easier to manage smaller things like errands or tasks when they are all in one

Does bullet journaling help with anxiety and mental health?

Journaling can be a good way to relieve stress and anxiety for people who have trouble with other meds. It can also help them mentally prepare for a potential crisis.

Many people use it as a way to keep track of all their thoughts as well as achieve goals. Bullet journaling is said to help people with anxiety by providing them with an outlet for emotions, such as self-care, that are difficult to express in other ways.

Many find that keeping a bullet journal helps them to organize their thoughts and feelings. It is easy to keep track of daily life events, this can help people reflect on their own progress and make positive changes in their mental health.

Many professional Bullet Journailers use it for personal use as well as for business purposes such as running reports or conducting market research. While some people argue that the Bullet Journaling is not only beneficial but also therapeutic in its own right, it has been gaining more popularity recently due to the advice it offers about scheduling time effectively and improving productivity.

Is it OK to start a bullet Journal in the middle of the year?

It’s acceptable to start a bullet journal in the middle of the year as long as you find it beneficial and fasten your daily work process.

If your journal is started in January or February, then it is probably best to wait until September or later before starting new entries because this gives you time to reflect on what happened in 2017 and how successful or unsuccessful last year was for you.

A bullet journal is a flexible personal diary/planner that helps individuals keep track of their thoughts and tasks throughout their day regardless of the time of the year.

So, you can still start bullet journaling anytime you want.

What should I put in my bullet Journal?

10 Things to put in your bullet journal:

1. Make it your goal to buy a new journal every six months.

2. Use the blank pages as a list of stuff you want to do with your life or check off every week like a bucket list.

3. Use the inside back cover for inspirational quotes, reminders, and schedule notes.

4. On the left side of the front cover, make something that describes yourself or what you’re about (I’m fearless).

5. Fill it in with a short description of where you’re from and how you came to be who you are today (I grew up on a farm in Wyoming). 6-8 pages for goals, 9-12 pages for planning.

6. Monthly and weekly layouts with monthly spread goals in the front of your book to track your progress and plan for future months.

7. Gantt charts for planning ahead how many pages you have left, where you have left to go, etc.

8. Monthly spread breakdowns of tasks, notes, important information, etc.

9. A list of your household budget so you can see how much money goes where each month

10. A monthly tracker that helps you keep track of your exercise goals

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