Best Fountain Pen List with Details

best Fountain Pen

Fountain pen is a classy one which makes the statement and writing with a fountain pen could be considered as art form. This pen might work on the capillary system and once you touch nib to paper then inkless or more flows to that point. Different brands of the fountain pens are available so you can choose the best one based on your needs.

1. Scribe Sword fountain pen

Specifically, scribe might balance sword pen for easy to use and it is especially designed to glide around the paper. It could be elegantly crafted and you might grab it engraved to that extra touch. There are tons of reasons there to choose this pen like value, writing quality and looks to set the value.

2. Pilot Metropolitan collection fountain pen

It is one of the best pens for beginners and it is completely easy to write that it perfect to anyone. This kind of the pen comes with the ink control system so you can make perfect and smooth lines with the fine nib. It comes with the starter cartridge and you can get a choice of the three accent colors like black, silver and champagne.

3. Pilot V Pen disposable fountain pens

It is marketed as the disposable and it could be trickier to refill. Fortunately, it is having medium sized nib and amazing ink control feature for preventing blobs. This kind of pen ink body is having clear plastic so you might keep track of the ink supply. As we know, each fountain ink pen might come with the pull of cap.

4. Platinum preppy rainbow fountain pen set

This kind of the pen set might come with the seven pens which are billed as the disposable. Pen surface and contours are providing smooth and comfortable touch in the hand. It is one of the best and finest gifts to provide it with your friends or family members.

5. Lamy safari fountain pen

It is especially constructed of sturdy and lightweight design. It has black coated steel nib feature along with the included lamy and charcoal body. It is having flexible chrome clip and durable grip so people are showing interest to buy this pen.

6. Kaweco classic sport fountain pen

It has octagonal design which is having travel friendly and portable size. The slogan of this pen is that small in pocket and great in the hand. Pen cap screw is really useful to protect the nip. It has fantastic features of stainless steel nib.

7. Platinum carbon desk fountain pen

It is gaining huge popularity because of its excellent in sketching, drawing and fine writing. It has extra fine steel nib and gold plated nib which provides easy to glide and super smooth surface.

8. Lamy 2000 fountain pen

It is made of the black Makrolon which is like fiberglass. One of the main reasons to buy this fountain pen is to comparatively lightweight so it can provide smooth writing. It can provide excellent and amazing flow which is attractive and flawless.

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