What Are The Best Relationship Mapping Tools For Business?

Best Relationship Mapping Tools For Business

Some of the best relationship mapping tools for business are ContactBase, KuMu, BoxxStep, Introhive, DemandFarm, etc. Relation mapping is also known as a context diagram, business interaction model, entity-relationship diagram, etc. and usually, it consists of a visual chart that contains information about stakeholders, roles, motivations, and biases within a project.

Key Takeaways

  • You can use the ContactBase for building relationship maps for key account plans
  • With KuMu tool you can easily organize complex data into relationship maps
  • BoxxStep tool allows you to easily create a buying committee organogram for each project
  • Introhive tool allows you to map the hidden relationships across customers and prospects
  • The Automated workflows feature of DemandFarm will save you from time-consuming form fillups

Overview of The Best Relationship Mapping Tools For Business



This is an excellent tool for building relationship maps for key account plans. This tool is very quick and easy to create org charts. ContactBase can syncs with your phone really well which is very convenient. The analytics of this tool is really useful in helping you find contacts with missing companies and job titles. Some other key features of ContactBase are:

1. Create professional relationship maps in minutes

2. Import contacts from your device address book

3. Share with colleagues via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and more

4. Easily get rid of duplicate contacts

5. Only takes a few minutes to create a relationship map    



This is a very popular relationship mapping tool and with it, you can easily organize complex data into relationship maps. This tool has a simple import format which makes it very easy to create a map from a spreadsheet. This tool supports Google Sheets integration so you can easily create maps from live data. Moreover, with this tool, you can organize your project into multiple maps and views to capture different perspectives. Some other features are:

1. Create maps by hand, or import existing data

2. Reduce complex relationships into compelling visualizations

3. Attach additional narrative and data to every element

4. Use the element description to provide a bio for each person

5. Style your maps with data-driven decorations

6. Discover insights through automated calculations

7. Make things easy with custom controls

8. Publish your work with presentations and embeds



BoxxStep is a renowned stakeholder, powerbase, and relationship mapping tool that helps sales teams to understand who’s in the buying committee, their roles, reporting line, internal politics, and what’s important to each of them. This tool lets you capture key information about each member of the buying committee which is vital to successfully engage with them. With this tool, you can create a combined organizational chart which is very convenient. Other features of BoxxStep are:

1. It enables you to build a buying committee organogram for each opportunity

2. BoxxStep supports SWOT and RAID analysis

3. Build reporting lines for each opportunity

4. Save the contacts based on the buyer types and customize their roles according to the specific market

5. Import contacts from the devices address book



This tool will help you increase the marketing database by 5-10x by mapping hidden relationships across customers and prospects. This tool will reduce your workload by delivering relationship intelligence in an easy-to-understand format which is very convenient. With this tool, you can instantly see how customers and prospects are interacting with people throughout your company. Key features of Introhive are:

1. Map and discover more relationships natively in CRM

2. Score and track relationship trends in both desktop and mobile

3. Enrich account and contact information with AI insights

4. Measure the frequency of communication in real-time to maximize growth potential

5. Save up to 12+ hours of time per week using data automation technology



This is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for simple or complex relationship mapping. This tool is very easy to use and navigate. You can customize this tool according to your requirements and you will get a clear view of how strategies and relationships may impact active opportunities. Thanks to the automated reporting feature you will be able to save lots of time. Other features include:

1. Simplify views of information that maximize cross-sell/up-sell

2. Automated workflows that eliminate tedious form fill

3. Manage tasks and actions seamlessly

4. An Influence map gives you an idea of the kind of influences each contact has

5. Power mapping feature let you identify the right person with the highest decision power

The Importance Of Relationship Mapping Tools For A Business

Keep The Old Customers

On many occasions, we see when an employee leaves a company he/she takes some important clients away from the company. In this type of situation if you maintain a relationship mapping then it will ensure you are always on top of your key clients and can retain them in case your ex-employee took them away.

Bring New Customers

A company won’t develop with only old clients; it requires new clients to boost the growth of the business. Negotiation skills will bring you more sales but if you want to get new clients then you have to make a good relationship with the prospects. So using relationship mapping you can easily identify the right stakeholders and their preferences so that you can easily convert them to your business.

Communicate With The Existing Clients

Relationship mapping for your business will help you keep communicating with the existing clients and sell new services/products to them. Acquiring a good client is not an easy task, it requires lots of research and time to find a real client. So it is very important for the up-sells and cross-sells. Proper relationship mapping will help you keep growing the revenue from the same customer year on year.

Increase The Sales

Relationship mapping tools will increase the overall sales of your business. This type of tool will help sales executives, account executives, and business development managers create new business opportunities as well as grow or protect existing businesses. A recent survey showed, on average, 7 people are involved in a B2B purchasing decision. It means the complexity of making the sale increases because more people are involved in decision-making. In this type of situation, a relationship mapping tool can play a very important role as these types of tools involve a lot of influencers.


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