Bold.Org Review 2022: Is Bold.Org Legit or a Scam

BoldOrg Review

Well, Bold.Org is a legit and 100% safe platform where you can find the best scholarship to complete your higher education. Bold.Org creates new scholarships, fellowships, and grant opportunities for students.

Key Takeaways

  • In the USA, the average debt of a graduate student is more than $30,000
  • At Bold.Org donors can easily create scholarships and award them to the students
  • While opening a student profile at Bold.Org, you have to provide some information including all the educational qualifications, other skills, financial conditions, interests, etc.
  • You can also create a profile as a donor and you will be happy to know that 100% of your donation will go to award recipients

What Is Bold.Org?


Bold.Org was established with the aim to create an opportunity to aid in fighting student debt and took it.  Higher education becomes very costly and lots of students are taking on huge amounts of debt to get access to the education they desire. A recent study showed the average number of students graduating with more than $30,000 in debt! So, the main purpose of Bold.Org is to fund students’ education through exclusive funding opportunities. Bold.Org also provides a solution for people who want to make a positive impact in the community with donations to students. Donors can easily create scholarships and award them to the students.

List Of Scholarships Available On Bold.Org

1. Empowering Women Through Education Scholarship
2. Nicanor Rufo Rare Scholarship
3. John D. Sherman Scholarship
4. Endeavor Design Scholarship
5. Pool Family LGBT+ Scholarship
6. Loretta Webb Green Scholarship
7. Sloane Stephens Doc & Glo Scholarship
8. Tam and Betsy Vannoy Memorial Scholarship
9. DogCentral Dog Lover Scholarship
10. Debra Victoria Scholarship
11. Pettable Life Transitions Pet Lovers Scholarship
12. Pettable Pet Lovers Scholarship Fund
13. Lost Dreams Awaken Scholarship
14. SKH Empowering Scholarship for Women
15. Henry D. Teuteberg Memorial Music Scholarship
16. Jerry Garrett and Starlinne Sullivan Memorial EMS Scholarship
17. College Showdown Scholarship
18. Feltus Impact Fund Scholarship
19. Ben Bonner Memorial Scholarship
20. Rita A. Clark Future Educator Award
21. Carrie Lee Peyton Amazing Educator Scholarship
22. Bold Generosity Matters Scholarship
23. Rebuild Yourself Inc – Never Alone Scholarship
24. Surya Education Assistance Scholarship
25. Best Christian Colleges No-Essay Scholarship
26. Jake Stover “Just One More” Memorial Scholarship
27. Amber Lott’s Health Heroes Scholarship
28. Diversity in Law Scholarship
29. Creative Arts Scholarship
30. Nina L. Coleman Memorial Scholarship
31. Jean Allison Memorial Scholarship
32. Youssef University’s College Life Scholarship
33. Enrique Castillo Educational Scholarship
34. Viaje de Esperanza Scholarship
35. Courtney Family Anaheim High School Scholarship
36. Amelia Boynton and S.W. Boynton Scholarship
37. Grady Reese Memorial Scholarship
38. Dajah Moore Memorial Scholarship
39. Women’s History Scholarship

41. Gabriel Martin Memorial Annual Scholarship
42. “Equal Opportunity” Scholarship
43. Bold Pay it Forward No-Essay Scholarship
44. Shoot Less, Throw More- Girls Wrestling Scholarship
45. A Voice for Mental Health and Addiction Awareness Scholarship
46. Minority Women in STEM Financial Need Scholarship
47. Future Teachers of America Scholarship
48. Jaxon Hunter Memorial Scholarship
49. Marissa Collections Scholarship
50. KBK Artworks Scholarship
51. Chang Heaton Scholarship for Music Excellence
52. Slater Miller Memorial Fund
53. Ilya Flantsbaum Memorial Scholarship
54. Rev. Herman A. Martin Memorial Scholarship
55. Snap Finance “Funding the Future” Scholarship
56. Giovanni Vitrano Memorial Scholarship
57. Swan Brewing Phil Steadham Memorial Scholarship
58. Short Squeez Wall Street Scholarship
59. Ginny Biada Memorial Scholarship
60. Fairbairn FisioTherapy Fund
61. Kenyada Me’Chon Thomas Legacy Scholarship
62. Veterans Next Generation Scholarship
63. Cyndy Cervantes Scholarship for Oncology Social Work
64. Lionz Alliance – Florida Fine Arts Scholarship
65. Charles R. Ullman & Associates Educational Support Scholarship
66. Josephine E. Sloane Scholarship for Legal Studies
67. Lo Easton’s “Wrong Answers Only” Scholarship
68. Lucille Hobbs Education Scholarship
69. Alaska Students – North to the Future Scholarship
70. Leon M. Braswell III Book Scholarship
71. COVID-19 Perspective Scholarship
72. Southern Baptist Convention New Blood Scholarship
73. Women in Tech Scholarship
74. JDT Ventures Scholarship Fund

How Does Bold.Org Work?

The working procedure of Bold.Org is very simple. If you are a student then you have to create a profile on Bold.Org. The student profile must include all the educational qualifications, other skills, financial conditions, interests, etc. Once the students complete their profiles, they will be able to apply for various scholarships. Bold.Org has a “common application” feature that automatically applies for scholarships thus saving lots of time.

On the other hand, if you are a doner then you can create or contribute to customized awards at Bold.Org. At Bold.Org 100% of your donation will go to award recipients. If you want to create a scholarship then you have to define your scholarship topic, the application process, and selection criteria. Then you have to publish the scholarship. Then based on the selection criteria, Bold.Org will create a shortlist of the best applications. Then you can directly select the student or you can work with the Bold.Org team to select deserving winners and award the scholarship.

How To Find And Apply To Scholarships On Bold.Org

 Apply To Scholarships On Bold.Org

If you are wondering how to find the right scholarship and apply it on Bold.Org then check the below details.

First Step – Create A Profile

The first step is to create a profile on Bold.Org. Once you create a profile you will find it very easy to find and apply to scholarships. You have to provide information regarding your education level, fields of study, name of the college you attend or are considering enrolling in. Moreover, you also have to include work experience, hobbies, and volunteer experience. If you 100% complete your profile then will notify you of scholarships that match your interests and eligibility.

Second Step – Browse Scholarship Categories

You can also manually apply to the scholarships of Bold.Org. For that, you have to browse scholarship categories and find the right scholarship to apply for. Usually, Bold.Org has scholarships for various groups and types of students. Bold.Org offers scholarships for minorities, individuals of various races and ethnic groups, high schoolers, women, students pursuing medicine, graduate students, computer science, and tech students. Bold.Org also has plenty of other categories to choose a scholarship. Bold.Org also has a Filtered Search feature that allows you to search for a scholarship more specifically. Moreover, you can also sort the result by relevance, how old the opportunity is, the application deadline, and the award amount.

Third Step – Complete Essays

Bold.Org has scholarships that need the applicant to submit an essay. If the scholarship says “No Essay” then you don’t have to write an essay to apply besides having a completed profile at the ready. You have to write an essay that is thoughtful, personal, and creative. Make sure to check the spelling and grammar before submitting the essay.

Fourth Step – Submit The Application

This is the final step where you have to submit the application. If you have completed the form successfully and provided the essay then you can click on the “Apply to Scholarship” to submit your application. After submitting the application, you have to keep an eye on the status of your application.

Is Bold.Org Scam Or A Legit Platform?

Bold.Org is a 100% safe and legit platform to get scholarships for higher education. The best part of Bold.Org is its commitment to protecting the user’s privacy and personal data. Bold.Org gives top priority to the security and privacy of its users. Bold.Org doesn’t share student data, personal information, etc. with other users, affiliates, or third parties. So, it is completely safe to share your personal and educational information with Bold.Org. As a student, you will have total control over the privacy settings of your profile. Moreover, Bold.Org works with people and organizations that publish scholarships on their platform so, all the scholarships available on Bold.Org are legit.

Student Reviews Of Bold.Org

Abhinav15 Said – 

“I have used, and it is great. I would most defiantly recommend it. I trust it’s validated however, is it worth my time? Has anyone received scholarships?”

SarahAsada Said – 

“Yes, it is definitely trustworthy. I have used it to apply for several scholarships. One suggestion I do have is making sure that you restrict what emails they send you or do not use your main personal account because they do send quite a few emails every day.”

ShaquilleOatmeal Said – 

“So far, I’ve used it, and while it is a little complex to really set up (your description, the essays you need to do for the scholarships, etc. I believe it’s worth it. Do look into more websites though, the more the merrier”

Animaria524 Said – 

“I’ve found it to be pretty trustworthy.”

Madara Said – 

“I have a friend who has won at least 2 scholarships from Bold. I wouldn’t say applying is bogus because it’s quite literally free money. Yes, it’s time-consuming but think of it this way, you write a small essay and complete it within 3-4 hours that small amount of time can earn you $500. Apply to as many as possible because it doesn’t hurt you to try and it can get you free money in the long run!”

Final Verdict

Finally, Bold.Org is a safe, secure, and legit scholarship service to find a suitable scholarship to pursue your higher study. Bold.Org won’t ask you for any too personal information and you will have full control over your privacy settings. So, you can apply for scholarships on Bold.Org tension free!


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