What Is Business Communication? [Updated For 2018]

what is business communication

Business Communication plays an important role for the function of any enterprise. A member of an organization should be able to express himself or herself in an effective manner, and share their ideas toward a company-related topic.

What Is Business Communication?

Business Communication involves the sharing of information within an enterprise. The sharing of ideas is likely to benefit an organization. Additionally, Business Communication includes how a company decides to promote its services or product to the target audience through the means of communication.

Importance of Business Communication

Communication takes place with the mutual exchange of ideas and understanding among business personnel. To operate a business successfully, communication needs to be effective. And, management of a business relies heavily on communication.

What I meant by the basic functions of communication is Planning, Staffing, Organizing, Controlling and Directing.

Key Takeaways: Importance of Business Communication

  • During the business conference, the employees require business communication to interact with CEOs and Superiors.
  • Business Communication is an important part of achieving development in business sector.
  • You need to utilize business communication to the fullest if you wish to further your career.

Communication Objectives

  • Imparting experiences and knowledge
  • Creating awareness
  • Projecting an idea
  • Inspiring a desire or want

Business Communication: Types of Communication

Business Communication can be divided into two types. They are as follows:

  • Oral Communication

An oral communication can be formal or informal, depending on the situation. Business Communication depends on the formal means of communication. The formal means of communication can be meetings, group discussion, interviews, speeches, etc.

The disadvantage of oral communication is they don’t usually contain concise and explanatory context.

Grapevine Communication is an example of informal business communication.

  • Written Communication

Written Communication involves writing reports, agenda, manuals, etc. for the purpose of maintaining communication. Written communication can include written records, official memos, flyers, posters and everything produced on a paper.

  • Verbal Communication

Verbal Communication is the oldest form of business communication. This mode of communication is performed during live meetings, personal task assignments, face-to-face discussions, interviews, and other related procedures.

Verbal Communication is considered the best form of communication as it depends on direct interaction between the participants.

The disadvantage of verbal communication is this form of communication is contingent on the physical presence of all its participants.

Verbal vs Oral

These two types of communication tend to confuse many people. Many find no difference between them. Actually there is are subtle differences between them.

The Difference between Verbal and Oral Communication

Oral Communication pertains to speech or to the mouth. Oral communication takes place in conversation, speech. On the other hand, Verbal Communication pertains to words, whether spoken or written.

Simply put, Oral Communication is performed with spoken words. Verbal Communication can be anything expressed in words. The expression can be written or spoken.

Bottom Line

Communication is the lifeblood of management. Business Communication is important, since the basic functions of Management cannot be done without the establishment of effective communication.

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