Types Of Business Letters In Business Communication

business letter

To preserve the communication between business parties, business letters are written, typed, and sent. Business letters are sent to recipients outside an organization in an envelope. Business people (managers, employees, entrepreneurs, directors) need to write and send business letters to carry out certain business objectives.

Business Letters

Business Letters

Business letters are a formal way to preserve the relationship between business parties. Business letters bring relatives and friends closer together. The consummate business relationships. Moreover, business letters are a way of self-expression.

They are many types of business letters. They are as follows:

1. Acknowledgment Letters

This type of letter is sent to acknowledge the items or receipt or inquiries from someone involved in a business relationship. This type of letter is called an acknowledgment letter. An acknowledgment letter is a written communication addressed to a company or a person.

#Key Takeaway: acknowledgment letters recognize the existence, authority, right, validity, etc.

2. Apology Letters

It is a type of letter written to say sorry or express regret simply. There may be a past action or occurrence that you regret or feel sorry for. For this reason, you are required to write an apology letter.

#Key Takeaway: apology letters are required to reflect sincerity and honesty.

3. Appreciation Letters

It is a type of letter written by someone superior to someone subordinate. This type of letter is written to express gratitude for someone’s appreciation. Appreciation letters carry a warm and positive expression of goodwill.

4. Circular Letters

Circular letters are widely circulated and sent to a closed group of people. This type of letter is usually sent with the intention of being widely recognized. Usually, circular letters contain advertisements for products or sale promotions.

This type of letter conveys information about new facilities, new products or services. They are useful in reaching potential customers. They serve as important tools for advertising to a large audience.

Circulars can be written and sent for the following occasions:

1. Introduction to new products

2. Expansion of business

3. Marketing

4. Repairing

5. Change of business dimension

6. Providing information on inauguration date and place

7. Announcement of discount

8. Mention of new products or promises

9. Invitation purposes

Types Of Circular Letters

Circular letters can be divided into the following two types:

1. Trade Circular Letter

Trade circular letter is sent for circulating business-related messages. This type of letter is known as a trade circular letter. This type of letter circulates information, related to launching a new business, changing the address of the business, introducing new products, etc.

2. Non-trade Circular Letter

Non-trade circular letters are distributed for the purpose of circulating personal or social information.

5. Cover Letters

When applying for a job position, a candidate is expected to submit a cover letter, along with a curriculum vitae.

Other Types Of Business Letter

Other Types Of Business Letter

1. Sales Letters

2. Standard Letters

3. Order Letters

4. Resignation Letters

5. Payment Request Letters

6. Personal Business Letter

7. Complaint Letters

8. Confirmation Letters

Bottom Line

Business letters are an alternative to face-to-face encounters. For maintaining business relationships, and protecting professional relationships, business letters carry great importance.

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