Can Amazon Staff See What Is In A Package At An Amazon Hub Counter?

Amazon Hub Counter

Literally no! Amazon’s mode of operations is discreet and the user’s privacy is given the utmost priority. The innovation of hub counters by Amazon is to provide a convenient pick up of orders at strategic locations, usually grocery stores or pharmacies for safety and security purposes. To fulfill general shipping and packaging requirements, Amazon provides basic information like the name and address on the pouch or delivery box. This inventory is aimed at providing a convenient pickup service for shoppers who put in their home addresses for the delivery of their orders. Such orders can be picked up at a convenient place and time to erase the risk of leaving your packages at the mercy of porch thieves.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon hub counters are an extended initiative by Amazon, designed for customers to have a shopping experience with flexibility and convenience
  • Amazon Hub counters service is free and incurred no service charges which is very convenient
  • Amazon Hubs are available in four types: locker, locker plus, apartment locker, and counter
  • For, hub locker plus, you have 15 days to receive the product before the product will be sent back to Amazon

What Are Amazon Hub Counters?

Amazon hub counters are part of a network of locations where shoppers pick up and return packages with relative ease. It is an extended initiative by Amazon, designed for customers to have a shopping experience with flexibility and convenience. This is achieved by a partnership between Amazon and retail stores where shoppers can pick their ordered packages with ease and at a convenient time. Packages shipped to a hub counter rather than your home address would be safely kept until the buyer went for pick up at a convenient time, usually between 14 days. Amazon Hub counters service is free and incurred no service charges. Amazon hub counters receive only Amazon packages but can be used by shoppers for package delivery. 

How To Use Amazon Counter Location For Package Delivery In Steps

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use Amazon hub counter location for package delivery

Step 1

Use the Amazon hub locator search bar to find a counter location close to you and add it to your address book.

Step 2

Add the location to your Amazon address book by clicking on your preferred location out of the searched results.

Step 3

Add more hub counter locations for multiple options.

Step 4

As your shipping address, select a hub counter location from your address book during checkout. Your selected address is where your order will be shipped. A delivery confirmation email will be sent to you. Proceed to the hub counter location and follow the prompts as instructed in your email.

Are There Other Hubs On Amazon Aside From Hub Counters

Amazon Hubs are of four different types and they all differ in features and service rendered. These hubs are locations created to ease the process of package pickups and return on Amazon. As successful as Amazon is with its shipping system, the unpleasant experience of shoppers when it’s time to receive their orders was a big challenge. The creation of Amazon hubs was to address this problem and this invention has seamlessly provided solutions. All Amazon hubs locations can be used for both package pick up and return and the service is free of charge.

The four types of hubs are listed and discussed below

1. Locker

2. Locker plus

 3. Apartment locker        

4. Counter

1. Amazon Hub Locker

Hub lockers are exclusively self-service hub locations that are usually situated in third-party malls or retail stores. This can be used for package delivery but only receives packages directly from Amazon. With the shipping label properly attached and packed up, return items can be dropped off at these locations by shoppers. The only major downturn of this hub is that they are completely unstaffed.

2. Amazon Hub Locker Plus

This is a slight upgrade to the Amazon hub locker. Hub locker plus are usually stationed inside designated locations. They provide both assisted and self-service and are completely staffed by Amazon associates. Return items can be dropped off by shoppers at this location but not necessarily with an attached shipping label as there are staffs that can help out with that.

Similarities And Differences Between Amazon Hub Locker And Amazon Hub Locker Plus

hub lockerHub locker plus
Opening hours for some are 24hours while some close at night.They all close at night.
Hub lockers are stationed in malls and retail stores.They are usually stationed in designated lockers and stores.
Hub locker is completely unstaffed.Hub locker plus is adequately staffed by Amazon associates.
Expected days pick up the package before it is sent back is usually 3days.Days to pick up the package before it is sent back is typically 15days.
Shipping labels must be attached to all return packages.Shipping labels are not required for return packages.

3. Hub Apartment Lockers

This hub location is usually situated in a complex building or apartment. The service is only available to the apartment occupants for package delivery and receiving packages from both Amazon and third parties.

They are completely unstaffed and do not accept return items.

4. Hub Counters

There are typically stationed inside retail stores with adequate staff employed by the host retail store. this location can for package delivery but only receives Amazon packages. 


Below are the frequently asked questions on whether staff can see what is in a package at an Amazon hub counter. Let’s take a look at them.

What Happens If You Don’t Pick Up Your Package At The Amazon Hub Counter?

In most cases, Amazon will take back the package and give you a refund if you don’t collect the package within the stipulated period.

What Is A Hub Counter At Amazon?

Amazon hub counters are strategically located pick-up points designed to enable a hassle-free pick-up of packages at a convenient time.

 Who Can See My Purchases On Amazon?

The privacy of customers on Amazon is prioritized and all purchased items will remain confidential between the shopper and Amazon. 

How Does Hub Counter Work?

Hub counters are designed to give shoppers a flexible experience of pick up and delivery of their ordered packages. It is an assisted pick-up service for Amazon customers where they can pick up their packages at a nearby location at a convenient time.

Closing Words

Hub centers are one of the innovative ways designed by Amazon for shoppers to ship and receive their orders conveniently. Orders are well packaged with only the delivery address printed on the bill attached to the package for reference purposes.

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