Can UPS Print A Label For Me? How To Create And Print UPS Shipping Labels?

Can UPS Print A Label For Me

United Parcel Service mostly known as UPS is an American multinational shipping & receiving company. It is the world’s one of largest shipping couriers and it has grown to become a Fortune 500 company. UPS is a modern shipping company and it allows its customers to print their labels at home. It is very convenient to print the label at home however if anyone can’t or won’t print a label then will UPS print the label for the customer? Let’s Find out!

Will UPS Print The Label? 

Will UPS Print The Label

Yes, UPS will print a label for the customer if the customer can’t print the label on their own. But you should know that UPS will charge you a fee if you don’t bring your own label and it might cost you up to $5 in 2022. Moreover, if you can’t visit the UPS store then you can ask the courier to bring the label and shipping paperwork to you when your package is picked up.

From any UPS store, you will be able to select any of the available shipping options that suit your requirement. Then you can ask the authorized person to print a label for you. For a domestic label, it might cost you US$0.50 per label. The cost of an electronic label is US$1.00 per label. On the other hand, the price of print and mail labels is US$2.25 per label. On the other hand, 1 UPS Pickup Attempt will cost you US$5.00 per shipment.

How To Create A UPS Shipping Label

Creating a UPS shipping label is an easy process. Follow the below steps – 

1. First, open a browser on your computer

2. Now visit and wait for the page to load completely

3. Then at the top of, you will find the “Create a Shipment” option

4. Click on the “Create a Shipment” from the shipping tab

5. Now enter your name and address in the “Ship From” section

6. After that enter the name and address of the recipient in the “Ship To” section

7. Then provide other required information about the package you’re shipping

8. Next, select the service options that best match your delivery needs

9. Finally, choose the preferred payment method and print your label

How Do I Print A UPS Label With A Tracking Number?

Print A UPS Label With A Tracking Number

You can print a UPS label with a tracking number. Usually, UPS prints a package’s tracking number on the label. You can find the tracking number above the bigger barcode and under the shipping service that is being used. So, before printing a UPS label with a tracking number you should know that you can only print or reprint a UPS label using the tracking number if you have a UPS My Choice account. When you log into the UPS My Choice account, you will find the package whose tracking number you want to print. Moreover, you can also visit the “Shipment History” and reprint your package’s label from there. Below are the more in-depth instructions on how to reprint a label using the “Shipment History” page on UPS My Choice – 

1. In the Shipment History window:

. If you want to reprint a label for a package then select the package

If you want to reprint labels for an entire shipment then select the shipment

2. On the Printing Activities tab, select Labels and then the type of label that you want to print

If you selected a shipment with a customized consignee label, the Number of Copies to Print window appears. Now select the number of copies you want to print and click the OK button. The label prints

If you selected a shipment without a customized consignee label, the label prints

3. If you previously set up two or more label printers, the Select Label Printer window appears and shows the printer information associated with the shipment

4. Click the down arrow in the Printer ID box and select a different Printer ID as needed. The Printer Name, Label Stock Dimensions, and Extended Area Usage boxes show the information for that printer

5. Click the OK button to print the label    

FAQs About Can UPS Print A Label For Me? How To Create And Print UPS Shipping Labels?

What Shipping Method Requires ASD Label Print?

If you choose domestic shipments using air services then you will need a label printed from an automated shipping system (ASS) or UPS Air Shipping Document (ASD). Specific ASDs are available for:

1. UPS Next Day Air Early

2. UPS Next Day Air (can be used for UPS Worldwide ExpressSM)

3. UPS Next Day Air Saver

4. UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.

5. UPS 2nd Day Air

Do I Need A Username To Order UPS Shipping Supplies?

Yes, you will need a username to order/place UPS shipping supplies.

How Do I Set Up A UPS Pickup?

You can easily set up a UPS pickup. Follow the below steps – 

1. First, log in to your account

2. Now from the profile drop-down menu, select “Payment Options”

3. Then from the available options select your account

4. Next, select “Edit” under Actions, then “Pickup Options”

5. After that choose your option

6. Finally, fill out your preferred pickup times and driver instructions to complete the process

What Is A UPS Prepaid Label?

When you generate a UPS label using an automated UPS shipping solution like UPS Internet Shipping, WorldShip, UPS CampusShip, etc. then it is considered as a UPS prepaid label.

Where Can I Print A Shipping Label If I Don’t Have A Printer?

If you don’t have a printer to print the UPS shipping label then you can easily print the label from anywhere that offers printing services.

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