Can You Return Shoes After Wearing Them On Amazon? (Find Out Now!)

Can You Return Shoes After Wearing Them On Amazon

Yes! If you are not happy with your purchase, we can help! Our customer care representatives will be delighted to take care of any return and help you find an item that is a much better fit. All apparel must be new with tags and in the original condition that was shipped to you. We do not accept worn or damaged merchandise, damaged packaging, or any other products that have been worn and returned without obtaining a Return Merchandise Authorization number from us.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon’s policy for returns of sneakers and heels is similar to their policy on a variety of other products
  • According to Amazon’s shoe return policy, you have 30 days from the product receiving date to return the shoes
  • You should read through the product page thoroughly to gain a complete understanding of the shoe brand’s return policy to avoid complication with Amazon

Amazon Shoe Return Policy

Amazon Shoe Return Policy

Amazon’s policy for returns of sneakers and heels is similar to its policy on a variety of other products. The reasons for return differ based on the type of product being returned, the reason for the purchaser’s original decision to buy it, and the reason for them wanting to return it. Two important factors that go into returning shoes from Amazon that you should be aware of are: what is your reason for wanting to return your purchase and how close were you when you ordered an item versus when you actually wanted to receive it? To help answer these questions, continue reading this article as we explore some frequently asked questions specifically related to Amazon’s shoe policies both online and in-store so that we can help make more informed decisions about buying and returning shoes at Amazon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Have to Return Shoes to Amazon?

Amazon’s shoe return policy is applicable to products they bring in themselves, not ones that come from a third-party seller or through a seller using Amazon merely as a vehicle for better sales (i.e., not fulfilled by Amazon). According to amazon’s 30-Day shoe return policy, customers have 30 days after their shoes have been received to return their new purchase if for whatever reason they were not happy with it. It’s imperative that the manufacturer of the item you’re buying lists their own respective return policy where applicable. Some third party sellers may also use a separate brand that doesn’t use the amazon fulfillment center, which is a service offered by Amazon exclusively for them. 

Therefore, customers are encouraged to read through the product page thoroughly to gain a complete understanding of the shoe brand’s return policy by clicking on the link provided above so that the company may be able to process the return.

Do I Have to Return Shoes to Amazon in the Original Packaging?

Amazon encourages its customers to keep the shoe box and any other packing materials as it can be very helpful in the process of returning a returned item. If someone happens to purchase a pair of shoes from Amazon’s inventory, but they need to return them, then it is imperative that those important items are included with the package since if not then it would not be able to be properly collected and sent back or refunded. For example, if there are no packing materials, how does Amazon know that this happened to be another customer’s purchase?

Customers must note that they have 30 days to request a return via Amazon, or if they purchased their item from another seller, they must report it within 2 days of receiving their package in order to receive a refund. If neither of these requirements are met, then customers will not receive a refund and the process will be unsuccessful.

Do I Have to Pay Shipping for Shoe Returns to Amazon?

Do I Have to Pay Shipping for Shoe Returns to Amazon?

No! Amazon will undertake the shipping costs of returning the faulty shoes as long as it originates out of its warehouses in Logistics Spacehouse Solutions Inc. It’s also important to take note that sometimes people purchase specific kinds of items either online or in one of the stores set up by Zappos themselves and those particular pieces have different rules regarding returns, change, credit and so on – you’ll find all the information you need by checking out this link:

Customers are advised to check product specifications before placing an order because each brand has its own shipping costs, none of which are included in any sale prices.

Can I Return Shoes to Amazon for Any Reason?

Customers are allowed to return their shoes to any Amazon subsidiary store in order to get a refund or exchange. Similarly, customers may request a refund or exchange through discounts should they not feel the style of shoe suits their needs altogether. Alternatively, customers can also return shoes that don’t fit or were damaged by the time you receive them at your doorstep. However, there are strict regulations when it comes to returning shoes that have been worn before which mostly have to do with the signs of wear and tear on the shoes themselves as well as other cosmetic damage such as rips within the material or scuff marks on the soles etc.

Shoes that have minimal cosmetic wear, such as light scuffing or dirt on the outside of the shoe, are not considered to be damaged goods and may still qualify for a return. It is advisable to contact Amazon customer support before returning your shared so they can verify that they can indeed process your return. Shoes returned with significant damage will likely not be accepted or refunded, nor will the customer likely receive any credit for the item purchased.


Amazon provides a shoe return policy within their returns policy for Clothing and Accessories. If a customer is not satisfied with their purchase, they may ship the item back to Amazon any time during the first 30 days after they receive it. The shoes must be in new condition with all of their packaging intact to be eligible for a return, but customers are allowed to return items for any reason at all if they feel as though the product is not right for them despite being in perfect condition.

Customers may have to pay shipping fees, depending on the retailer they purchased their shoes from. Some retailers use a drop-shipment style where the customer will receive an order email and then simply have to click “return shipment” at which point they are responsible for paying return postage. This is different from most Amazon sellers but only because many of them choose not absorb these shipping costs as part of their service since they are often very minimal compared to what these marketplaces charge on average.


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