Can You Return To Kohl’s Without Receipt? (Find Out Today!) 

Can You Return To Kohl's Without Receipt

Yes! The Kohl’s Return Policy allows you to get a refund if – for some reason – you receive your shipment and decide that it’s just not the item you wanted. The product may be returned with the original invoice automatically considered as valid proof of purchase or without it, up to 180 days after the product is purchased. 

Key Takeaways

  • Kohl’s has a great return policy and the process is much easier compared to other stores
  • Kohl’s has a 180-day return policy from the purchase date and you can return a product as long as the product is unused
  • You must return the product in its original packaging in order to receive a full refund
  • If the product is used or damaged then you won’t be able to return the product at Kohl’s

What is Kohl’s Return Policy?

What is Kohl’s Return Policy

Kohl’s has a great return policy. It’s fairly standard to most major retailers or department stores, but with Kohl’s it’s even easier to process a refund because it can be done in-store at any of their nationwide locations as long as the item is still unused and unopened – just bring your receipt! Many other reputable retail chains have 90 day policies, but if you go above that time frame, you may not be able to return the item at all. But with Kohl’s there are no questions asked or second guesses about whether or not your purchase falls within the return policy. 

Kohl’s provides a 180-day return policy for most purchases made at, its specialty stores and at outlets. The item(s) must be unused and in their original packaging in order to receive a full refund; damage or wear may result in denied refund claims. Proof of purchase is required during the return process. Kohl’s recommends keeping all receipts to ensure that you do not lose your right to refunds if you are requesting one with any other order information besides what was originally purchased.

What Is Kohl’s Return Policy Without A Receipt?

As of 2022, the major department store chain Kohl’s does not require customers without receipts to exchange or return items. If you do not have a receipt, Exchanges can be given store credit and some items cannot be returned with a receipt. If you want to get a complete summary of everything you need to know about returning merchandise without a receipt at Kohl’s, read more below!

Can You Exchange Clothing At Kohl’s Without A Receipt?

Can You Exchange Clothing At Kohl’s Without A Receipt

Yes! For a very long time now, Kohl’s has provided customers with a hassle-free, easy return policy in which you can exchange or return items using their store credit. If you are able to locate your order details with their detailed description of the clothing you purchased, this will prove helpful when making an exchange. However, if you cannot find your purchase order number, Kohl’s would be happy to replace the original item for another piece of equivalent value instead. Note that Kohl’s may ask for a valid government-issued photo ID when processing the credit for return merchandise so customers should make sure to have one handy.

Can You Return Clothing To Kohl’s Via Mail Without A Receipt?

Yes! To ensure they recognize the items that are sent back to them, Kohl’s requires any item being returned via mail must include an order invoice. Additionally, Kohl’s only allows returns for items purchased online through their website at You can take advantage of this option up to 90 days after the original purchase date and products bought at a physical store location must be returned to one of those same locations in person.

Can You Return Electronics To Kohl’s Without A Receipt?

Not really! Kohl’s rolled out a new policy that reads as follows: Customers who want to return electronics items will be required to show their receipt for their most recent purchase. Furthermore, Kohl’s only offers a 30-day window for returns on electronics. If an item is returned without the original packaging and with no receipt, the store doesn’t offer customers any refund options that include cash or gift cards.

Which Kohl’s Products Do Not Qualify For Non-Receipt Returns?

Watches, like electronics that have been purchased at Kohl’s also can’t be returned or exchanged. Returns or exchanges of these items will not be allowed unless the receipt for the item is presented to the store clerk. In order for an individual to return a watch back to Kohl’s, it needs to be returned within 30 days of the original purchase and in its original packaging. Like with other items that are returned, if there is no receipt then the customer will have to call or bring in any order confirmation email receipts that they may have had previously issued from their online shopping history listing everything they’ve purchased during a specific time frame so that Kohl’s will know which item(s) you are returning.

Do You Need A Gift Receipt To Return Gifts To Kohl’s?

Kohl’s again provides customers with a hassle-free return policy that allows them to return an item they received as a gift. If a customer wishes to get rid of their item, one does not have to have the gift receipt anymore, but can just simply return the product and get credit back in store. Note that this doesn’t matter whether the customer purchased their gift in-store or online since either way, Kohl’s will place the refund on store credit free of cost.

Will Kohl’s Fully Refund You With Merchandise Credit?

Kohl’s has a price adjustment policy that is designed to provide the best refund for their consumers. As part of this policy, if customers receive store credit when returning merchandise due to overpayment or not liking an item and there has been no more than 13 weeks elapsed since the receipt was generated, Kohl’s will use the lowest cost from the last 13 weeks when determining how much store credit is given back. So if you paid more than the lowest cost in that period, you will not receive every dollar spent back. It’s highly emphasized for consumers to make sure they either keep their receipts alerting them of items purchased within the last 13 weeks or get a credit card that has all items listed on it instead so as to avoid this situation while still making a profit off your investment in clothes!

Can You Make A Non-Receipt Return At Kohl’s During The Holidays?

Kohl’s has some special holiday return policies that most retailers do not. Typically, Kohl’s will not accept returns during the holiday season unless it’s been within a year from purchase with a receipt or valid method of account lookup. If the customer does not have either one of these then they cannot return their merchandise if the item is in original packaging and the tags are intact. The only exception is when returning home goods like decorative objects, bedding accessories, glassware, kitchen utensils, holiday decorating supplies and other seasonal items that are marked down by 50% or more off of regular prices but still have original packaging and tags intact.

Kohl’s Exchange Policy

When the Customer Service representative accepts your return request, you can choose an alternative product in exchange. If a purchase has been made once, refunds and exchanges are only possible once. According to Kohl’s Return policy, items can be exchanged within 90 days at any of their department stores worldwide. However it must be remembered that overly worn or torn items cannot be used for exchange.

Kohl’s Refund Policy

Kohl’s provides refunds or exchanges for items purchased with a receipt within 45 days of purchase. If you do not have a receipt, Kohl’s will give you a gift card for the lowest value. Normally your refund will take 14-15 business days to appear in your account after your return is processed. You may be eligible to receive an instant eGift card refund on approved returns and you will be notified if applicable according to Kohl’s policy. Your Kohl’s cash and rewards may be canceled if you return without a receipt because Kohl’s cannot track whether or not that is your original purchase. However, when returning items with a receipt, the amount required for the original purchase will be deducted from your Kohl’s cash and rewards redeemable at checkout through the app.


Kohl’s is known for not just its huge assortment of clothing but also its awesome return policy. Companies like Kohl’s (and even Amazon!) will allow their customers to return items without a receipt as long as they can look up their orders through the database. If Kohl’s happens not to have the order in its database, then it will issue a store credit instead of a refund. Most of the time this works out really nice for everyone because Kohl’s customers can get a lot more money back than just by using cash or checks unlike if they were going to have to go back to the original place of purchase before.


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