How Can I Contact Amazon Human Resources (Find Out Now!)

Contact Amazon Human Resources

To contact an Amazon HR department directly, dial the number (888) 829-7180. Also, you can get in touch through the e-mail address [email protected]. You can directly discuss this with a member of the HR department. For any query, dial 1-800-372-8066, and Amazon will give you access to HR customer service. 

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon’s HR department strives to set up a productive working environment and it is one of the most important parts of Amazon’s business setup
  • The main goal of Amazon’s HR managers is to create a healthy relationship between the company and its workers by providing them with a workplace where they feel respected
  • Amazon has an Employee Resource Center (ERC) that every Amazon worker can use
  • You can know more about Amazon’s human resources from

How Amazon Human Resource Department Works?

Amazon Human Resource Department

The human resource department is the most vital part of any business, as it has a direct impact on the success of your company. If a company’s human resource department isn’t working efficiently, then there could be serious issues such as a significant amount of expenditures being wasted on hiring costs and valuable time being squandered due to improper administration. The primary functions of Amazon’s HR department include; 

1. Compensation management

2. Maintenance of good relationships among employees

3. Selection and recruitment

4. Training and development

5. Maintaining legal and ethical compliance

Amazon’s HR department strives to set up a productive working environment and to help the company succeed it is important to hire and maintain employees who are passionate about what they do. The goal of Amazon’s HR managers is to create a healthy relationship between the company and its workers by providing them with a workplace where they feel respected. They seek to maintain this bond and strive for an environment that supports employee autonomy, health, and learning.

In addition to creating and updating overall job market trends within the company, the Amazon HR department is also responsible for finding new opportunities in a fluctuating market. They work as agents of change and hire people with an attitude that reflects what is needed in the current market. It’s not just about hiring employees but also training them further and educating them on various topics based on their role in the company and how it fits into our goals as a company. 

A company needs to be more than just concerned about correct hiring – it needs to also make sure it looks after its people by providing useful information and support training opportunities that ultimately make employees far more productive for the company both now, and in the future.

What Is Amazon’s HR System?

What Is Amazons HR System

You’ll find all the support you need if you’re working for Amazon. Not only does Amazon have several recruitment options for people who have a genuine interest in finding work with them but the company has also recently taken on a partnership that promises to help anyone keen and looking to find a way into employment with the top brand in today’s business industry. They offer dedicated customer service through their own Employee Resource Centre, ensuring that each and every one of Amazon’s current employees – as well as any former members who remain interested in becoming active again – gets access to everything they need to carry out their role, including any kind of ongoing training related specifically when it comes down to their specific job role!

You can learn a lot about working for the company by visiting their official job website: Amazon. jobs/ even if some information about Amazon’s HR policies and systems are kept private to protect employees.

Amazon has an Employee Resource Center (ERC) that every Amazon worker can use. It’s also broken down into different teams that specialize in different areas such as program management and corporate growth. This means there are resources for all Amazon workers, whether they are just starting on a delivery route or working in customer service – no matter where they’re based in located!

Amazon Have An HR Department And What is Amazon’s HR Policy In 2022?

Yes! Some say that Amazon does have an HR department, but it looks a bit more unique than the ones found at most other businesses. Amazon is a big company with lots of employees, which means there’s a lot of important work to do when it comes to giving people the support they need to do their best. Amazon itself has an internal HR department that offers various services for its employees (which we will cover in another post) but also from third-party providers such as the Employee Resource Center.

 The center offers advice and guidance for Amazon employees on health benefits, retirement planning, and even how to live more sustainably. With the ever-elusive job market in mind, transitions between jobs can sometimes be difficult – which is where the Employee Resource Center can help. Even if you don’t work at Amazon, this is definitely worth checking out!

Amazon provides many online and virtual help options. An online resource center fills in as an extension of HR to provide information for employees. Employees at Amazon can contact the 24/7 hotline to discuss matters related to their human resources. After employees are hired at Amazon, they receive further details on the Employee Resource Center so they can contact it via phone or through one of their local workplace centers if there is something about work that needs attention.

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon HR?

All employees have interacted with HR at some point and some departments may be better to work with than others. As a retailer, Amazon understands the importance of supporting its workforce’s needs because if their employees are not happy and taken care of, it will impact the way they interact with Amazon’s customers.

Many employees like having a large pool of resources where they can receive quick feedback on everything from the hiring process to vacation time, sick leave to pay raises, and much more.

Amazon is one of the most popular tech companies in the world today, and that popularity has led many employees to come forward with positive testimonials about their experiences working there. It’s known for being very welcoming and helpful to new employees. For example, they have an Employee Resource Center (ERC) available especially for newbies which helps them adapt more easily to their respective teams.



We’ve prepared a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Amazon human resource. Let’s check them out! 

Who Is The HR Of Amazon?

Beth Galetti is the current HR head of Amazon. She is a senior vice president of the human resource department. Beth is responsible to oversees 1.2 million employees as the main pillar of amazon HR. 

What Is Amazon ERC?

Amazon ERC refers to the Employment resource center. Amazon’s employee resource center has many different facets from providing resources to employees, resolving queries, questions or even resolving cases. They assist their employees through the ERC number is (888) 892-7180.

What Are The Other Ways To Contact With Amazon Recruiter?

These are the ways where you can contact an Amazon recruiter. They include; 

1. Searching on LinkedIn for mutual connection

2. Get in touch with friends who are employees at Amazon

3. Visit Amazon on-campus or alumni events.

4. Attend networking events


As one of the leading employers in the U.S., Amazon is responsible for setting up and maintaining employee policies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and ensure a comfortable work environment for all. They do this through their devoted Employee Resource Center where thousands of HR specialists can help navigate your hiring with guidance on signs to look for at an interview, evaluating offers, and preparing for the first day on the job.

Any questions you have relating to Amazon’s HR Department such as questions about the application process, queries about working for Amazon, or simply needing to update your CV can be answered by the HR department through email at [email protected], or by calling them at (888) 829-7180 .


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