Do People Really Copy Paste Job Description From Company Page To Their Resume To Get An Interview Call

Copy Paste Job Description

Yes, many people really copy and paste job descriptions into their resumes to get an interview call. It’s a very big mistake to copy the job description to the resume. What job seekers can do is optimize their resumes according to the job description or the position they are applying for. 

Key Takeaways

  • People copy and paste job descriptions to their resumes because they think it will cover every aspect of the job requirement
  • Coping the job description is a very big mistake because it won’t impress the employers
  • Coping the job description makes the candidate looks lazy
  • Employers always look for employees who are creative and have the skills to do something new for the company

Why Copy and Paste Job Description A Mistake?

 Copy Paste Job Description Is A Mistake

Many job seekers copy and paste job descriptions to their resumes thinking that including every job’s task will impress employers and they will have the upper hand for the interview call. But this is a big mistake made by the job seekers because copying the job description won’t impress the employers. The main reason is; duties listed on the job description usually vary from company to company. For example, the duties of a production manager in one firm are going to be totally different from another firm. So copying every job responsibility does absolutely nothing to make you stand out to the employers.

Moreover, when you copy past job descriptions to your resume, it makes you look lazy. Employers always look for employees who are creative and have the skills to do something new for the company. Anyone can copy past content so those people who copy the job description to their resume immediately lose a point in an employer’s eye. If you want to impress employers then you should monetize your resume with the duties/tasks and focus on your actions and results. A well-composed resume tells the employer – 

1. Why they should hire you

2. What you did and more importantly how you did it

3. The results and outcomes from your past roles

Moreover, you should include what role you have played in your previous jobs instead of the list of duties and tasks. You can use some bullet points like – 

You don’t need to list duties and tasks: you should summarize your role by way of explanation and then focus on your results. Using a few key bullet points you can show the employer:

1. What you have done and what you can do

2. How you have improved the service or sales of the previous company

3. How you have improved the efficiencies of production or contributed to a project

4. How you have completed the sales, production, or safety targets

5. How you went above and beyond to meet a deadline

6. Any awards or accolades you have received from your previous jobs

Why Copy Past Job Description Won’t Give You A Job?

Many people include their current job description on their resume. But it is a bad practice because the present rule for resumes in the job market is to include all your achievements and accomplishments as a list but not the job duties. In fact, the job description has very little to do with what you actually do and what you have achieved so far in your career. Moreover, many people who are looking for a job include the description of the job they want. This might help them get past the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) system but when an employer will check the resume he/she prefer you because copying has no creativity. Moreover, many people take it too far by copying and pasting the job description with “invisible” text. Well, the text might remain invisible to Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) but trust me; it won’t remain invincible to human eyes. So when you will get caught for trying to play the system it will create a bad impression about yourself and the employers won’t consider you as the right person for the job. Therefore, it is clear as daylight that copies and paste the job description in the resume won’t give you a job.

Tips On Writing ATS-Compatible Resumes

Nowadays many companies use the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to check the resumes before they call the candidate for an interview. Therefore you must optimize your resume for both the ATS and human employers. Here are some important tips on writing ATS-compatible resumes. Let’s check them out!

1. Use keywords that match the important job description keywords

2. Use the related keywords in the context of the resume and in the experience section

3. Make sure you put the keywords on the first page of the resume and at the top of the other pages

4. Don’t use the same keyword over and over or a different version of the same keyword

5. You can use abbreviations on your resume like “MBA” or M.B.A

6. Include the exact expertise with the specific program like typing with MS Word but not MS Office

7. You can use any type of font and style as long as the resume looks professional

8. You can submit the resume as an MS-Word or PDF document

9. Don’t use the Colum feature and text boxes because those won’t be read

10. You can use the table format if it has only one column

11. You must include your contact information in the main body of the resume

12. If you have credentials then you can use them on your resume as long as you precede them with a coma

13. It’s not good to use the charts and graphs in the resume because employers won’t have much time to closely look at them

14. Use sufficient spaces between every section so that all sections remain separate and easy to notice

15. You can include the company name, job titles, and dates of your previous jobs in the resume

16. Don’t combine two or three sections together, and use one or two words as the section header

17. Don’t forget to include the dates and duration of your previous jobs because positions won’t be read or counted unless it has dates and durations

18. You can list the same company name multiple times if you have held more positions in the same company

19. Don’t make the first page of your resume the cover later, must use a separate cover later

Final Thought

Finally, when you are composing a resume try to remain honest and include what information is true and correct. Don’t copy and paste the job description into the resume and avoid proving yourself a lazy person. The uniqueness and creativeness in your resume will get you an interview call.



Last Updated on October 22, 2022 by Magalie D.

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