What Is CrowdFlower And How It Assists In Business? (Detailed Explanation!)


CrowdFlower is a major firm that operates mostly on crowdsourcing. The technology they utilize here provides good and ensured crowdsourcing on a global scale. The company deals with issues like product sorting, business lead affirmation, and content creation. Their clients range from the smallest enterprises to bigger firms like fortune 500 companies. They mostly stand to gain high-end tranquility, rapid positive changes, and reduced expenses.

Key Takeaways

  • CrowdFlower helps a business collect, examine, clean out, and create huge data packs
  • CrowdFlower helps to clear the space between demand and supply for job security
  • With the help of world-renowned crowdsourcing services, CrowdFlower helps to connect companies to several supporters
  • CrowdFlower majors in performing microtasks thanks to the three million supporters from several countries

What Is CrowdFlower In Business?

What Is CrowdFlower In Business

The company’s crowdsourcing gives the strength to share different assignments to a huge congregation of supporters that has particular administration and quality restraint in such a way that you can streamline numerous large-scale enterprise operations. 

Here is what is done at CrowdFlower, they collect big projects, you know the projects with a lot of information to go through. What they do with this project is that they take that big project and then scatter it so they can have several small projects which will now be shared amongst the available contributors worldwide. 

CrowdFlower’s technology forum utilizes statistical workflow administration is to make sure that everything is done at a high-quality rate that cannot be seen elsewhere. For as long as we have been looking into business strategies, we could confidently say that this is the easiest and most flexible procedure for businesses both big and small. We say this in the sense that it works to amend the workforce, and efficiently finish human tests of business data. 

How Does CrowdFlower Assist In Business? 

How Does CrowdFlower Assist In Business

1. It Helps To Collect, Examine, Clean out, And Create Huge Data Packs

Majorly CrowdFlower is here to help firms that go through issues concerning data and require their problem to get solved. It has a crowd of three million or more supporters coming from all over the world that is ready to help you examine, clean out, and even create huge data packs. Sadly, the unemployment rate is still something that bothers everyone and is mostly what we hear of on the news. 

2. It Helps To Clear The Space Between Demand And Supply For Job Security 

The economies of some countries had been diminishing during these last couple of years and as a result, millions of individuals lost their jobs not because of their poor work ethics but because the company couldn’t keep up. Also, every year people graduate and every year, these countries where companies are now fading product graduates each year just like every other world nation. 

With the development, when graduates leave school, they have to struggle for jobs alongside other graduates and some experienced people. Now, smaller positions are being given to well-educated people with little to no reliable source of money. Even the skilled face these problems too. Additionally, not only do the individuals go through issues when things like this happen, but the company also goes through a lot.

The thing is, workers are laid off because they can’t be afforded this doesn’t mean that they are useless to the company. Remember that this company had a job for the person that was laid off. Now what inevitably starts happening is that the company starts lacking in that area. These companies need something when they go through this issue, what they need is to generate their tasks in the most elegant and manageable way possible. 

Now, CrowdFlower steps in, it comes in with a notion to clear the space between demand and supply. With the help of the world-renowned crowdsourcing services it renders, it helps to connect companies to several supporters. What the forum does is that it utilizes a crowdsourcing strategy whereby a job is usually done by someone or maybe a small group of people and is finished by an implied workforce. 

3. It Helps To Improve Micro Tasks 

CrowdFlower’s firm majors in harboring an implied workforce, collecting sophisticated deals, scattering them, and dividing them into smaller and easy tasks that are now finished by personal supporters. With more than 800 million projects sent in by over three million supporters from several countries, CrowdFlower major in performing microtasks. Do you know what micro-tasking is? Well, it is sharing small, clear projects to numerous online contributors in an orderly fashion. 

4. It helps To Deliver Extra Source Of Income 

CrowdFlower mostly gives freelance jobs for people who want to contribute, it provides salaries for people and also gives them a chance to utilize their skills. What it does for most companies is that it helps them get a forefront in the global market and the best crowd force ever alongside smart workflows and effective quality restraint mechanisms. This is mixed with the high-end results you get and a huge positive turnaround for a minimum amount of money and time. 

5. It is Business-friendly and Versatile 

This forum doesn’t mind if you are unemployed or not, it only cares that you are in search of the advantages gotten from them or you just want to use your skills. CrowdFlower is a good way to certify people by using your skillset and showing the world exactly what you can do. 

Advent Of CrowdFlower In Business 

The man of the moment is Lukas Biewald who was a data scientist at a firm where they dealt with natural language search technology. The firm is called Powerset. He’s didn’t enjoy the job because it involved him packing and cleaning data. This isn’t a smooth process, it means you have to do things like remove duplicates and pick out the not well-sorted elements. 

What he did was that he chose to make his job simple by creating software which he later found out was too good to sit in only his computer. He decided to launch a business with this. As time went on in 2007, he got himself a partner named Chris Van Pelt to create a crowd slower. Chris Van was a mining service and data enrichment, provider. 

At first, they found it hard to get some sponsors because well maybe they were not offering something tangible to the sponsors. And at the time, most sponsors had taken their hands off investing in technological companies. They both saw what was happening but they put their mind on the other thing that could get the money, that is customer payments. They did this to get some capital. 

While they were striving and pushing the business, they found some clients who as time went on became angel investors like Gray Kreyman, CEO of Match.com, and Travis Kalanick, Owner of Uber. Within a period of a year to 18 months, they readily launched their software as a full-service solution. The product used a mixture of human employees and machine learning for its exercises. Based on the developments, they were able to raise 1.2 million dollars. 

Industry Model Of CrowdFlower 

Client Segments 

CrowdFlower has a huge market industry model with no important distinction between client segments. The firm aims its contributions at establishments, new companies, and academic industries both big and small that need their data to be compiled and cleaned. 

Value Proposition 

CrowdFlower gives about six major value propositions like convenience, accessibility, customization, risk reduction, performance, and status. How does the company give convenience? It does it by making customers’ operations easy. It mixes work from human employees and machine learning in one forum that can finish search relevance, conception inquiry, and business data categorization.

The industry generates vulnerability by giving different choices. Data given by clients for enrichment can be in any file form. They could come in images, text, audio, or video. They could even come from common sources or bad schemes of record. Also, customers have utilized its solution for different sizes of applications. 

Starting from examining Twitter sentiment for a brand to the routing of text messages to natural havoc. The company allows customization by giving the clients power to personalize what they want the package to look like. The company has a huge template library where clients can pick from and then generate their design platforms. 

The company decreases the stake by high criteria. The remedy organizes data compilation tasks for the relevant employees and ranks them with their skillsets. Afterward, it examines the workers against common outcomes inside the job. The preciseness at which the employees bring solutions to the questions asked a utilized to check the system’s level of trust in them. 

If the level is good enough, the task can go on, although if the level isn’t good enough, they are not allowed to go on and their operation is pushed aside. 

This is a table showing some companies that have used CrowdFlower and this is how it has helped them.

Company NamePrevious IssuesAfter Using CeowdFlower
AutodeskDifficult CRM systemIt helped improve the CRM system, not just that, the customer records finished data. 
DelectableSlow web servicesIt came in with a solution for the customer service, it took down the time for them to get the information about a wine label that has been updated. 
SkoutLow image efficiency It enhanced the solution of image efficiency through moderation procedures decreasing the time used for content review and also saving 20% for the cost of staff
ArtimysSlow model detection It enhanced its text models, detection strength, and enhanced accuracy. 


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers for better insights into CrowdFlower in Business 

What Does CrowdFlower Operate On?

CrowdFlower is a large forum that has a special feature of collecting clients’ or users’ opinions. What we are trying to say is that it operates on what humans and machines know to get its intelligence. 

Is CrowdFlower Allowed In Most Countries?

Yes! CrowdFlower is completely tested and trusted, its forum is made to be similar to the Azure machine learning technology. It is accepted in the most popular countries in the world today. 


With the beneficial features of this forum called CrowdFlower, you should know how it helps in business. We are talking about features like various data sources, template compilation, machine learning, and enriched data download. 


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