Does Home Depot Pay Weekly? (Plus, The Benefits)

Does Home Depot Pay Weekly

Home depot pays its workers on a bi-weekly basis with a payment period from Monday week one to Sunday week two. However, the payment is made on Friday after the close of the payroll period. For a new employee, it would be best to consult the management to better understand the company’s paycheck. 

Key Takeaways

  • Usually, Home depot processes its payroll after every two weeks
  • The payroll of Home depot is processed on a Sunday, and payment is made on Friday
  • Every employee of Home depot is paid based on rank and whether part-time or full time
  • In Home Depot, a part-time employee enjoys other benefits such as paid vacation, paid sick time, and a (401) k

When Do Home Depot Employees Receive Their Salaries?

Home depot process employees’ salaries bi-weekly. The company disburses salaries on Friday after the close of the payroll period on Sunday. Meaning, you will be receiving a salary after every two weeks, though the closing day and the payday differ. 

How Much Does Home Depot Pay Its Employees?

Every employee is paid based on rank and whether part-time or full time as discussed below:

Part-time Employees

Part-time employees receive $11 per hour with a limit of 15-29 hours per week. Therefore, each employee will receive a different salary at the end of two weeks based on hours worked. 

Apart from the salary, a part-time employee also enjoys other benefits such as paid vacation, paid sick time, and a (401) k. They can also access dental and vision plans. However, since they need to work hard to get a promotion, some employees take fewer sick-off days. 

Again, part-time employees can take advantage of $20,000 insurance cover by forgoing $.95 from biweekly pay. 

Full-time Employees

Full-time employees work for at least 30 hours a week, translating to an average of 130 hours per month. Their minimum hourly salary is $11 per hour, with some earning more based on their position. They also enjoy all the benefits of part-time workers with enhanced sick time and paid vacations. In addition, full-time workers have access to health insurance packages and life insurance policies.

Pay Scale For Various Positions

Store Manager 

Store managers at home depot are paid $83,000 per year. Some high-ranking store managers get up to $100,000 annually. Apart from the salary, store managers also enjoy annual bonuses of around $10,000-$20,000 as they play a key role in the performance of the company. 

Assistant Manager 

Assistant managers receive around $64,500 salary per year. 

Warehouse Supervisor 

Warehouse supervisors receive a salary of about $58,000 per year. But, it can vary and mostly range from $50,000-$60,000. 

Department Manager

Departmental managers receive a payment of $16 per hour that translates to annual pay of $33,300. 

Sales Associate

The starting hourly pay for a sales associate is $11. However, they tend to work for more hours than other employees, getting around $28,000 per year. 

Lot Associate

Lot associates receive a minimum hourly pay of $11 with an average of $11.80 per hour. This translates to $24,600 per year.


Just like the lot and sales associates, the starting hourly salary for cashiers is $11. However, their average is $12 per hour, but they get around $21,000 per year since cashiers work for fewer hours. 

Summary Of Salary Of Home Depot Employees Based On Positions

Position Salary per year 
Store manager $83,000
Assistant manager $64,500
Warehouse supervisor $58,000
Department manager$33,300
Sales associate$28,000
Lot associate$24,600

Does Home Depot Pay A Sales Commission To Its Workers?

No, home depot does not pay workers any commissions on sales. However, there are bonuses paid to workers based on their performance record. This is done through rewards schemes such as ‘Homer Badges.’ 

How Often Do Home Depot Employees Get Breaks?

Home depot permits its employers a paid 15 minutes break at least after 2 hours of working. And, for 8 hours of working, employees receive two 15-minute paid breaks. If workers wish to take lunch breaks, they are allowed unpaid 30 minutes or 60 minutes after working for 6 hours. However, there is a chance to take a shorter lunch break to shorten the work shift. 

The workers do not clock out for regular breaks but clock out and in for lunch breaks to safeguard them.  

Do Home Depot Workers Receive More When They Work On Holidays?

Home Depot stores do not open on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, but local stores may open on other holidays.

When the stores are open on holidays, the workers do not receive more pay and will be paid regular hourly rates based on their positions. 

Can Home Depot Employees Accept Tips?

As a policy, Home Depot does not allow its workers to receive tips from customers. However, third-party employees such as carpet and appliance installers can receive the tips. Customers can only give cash tips between 5% and 10% of the total installation cost. 

Benefits Of Working At Home Depot

Home Depot is a good company to work for. Check the benefits below:

Payment Is Made On A Biweekly Basis

If you are used to being paid weekly, you might not find biweekly payment as an advantage. But, Home Depot is considerate given other companies make payments every month. So, if you need the money regularly, you can be sure to get payment after every two weeks. 

Competitive Hourly Pay

The starting salary at Home Depot is $11 per hour, which is competitive given average hourly pay rate in the US is $11.25. Some other companies even start as low as $8, making Home Depot one of the best-paying companies.

Employees Enjoy A Vacation And Health Insurance Benefits

There are vocational and health benefits you enjoy at home depot, whether on a part-time or full-time basis. This is summarized below:

Employee benefitsPart-time workersFull-time workers
Personal time off/Sick day accrual2 hours per month 4 hours per month 
The short term critical illness protection YesYes
Long Term Critical Illness ProtectionYesYes
Employee stock purchase planYesYes
Dental/Vision YesYes
Health insurance NoYes 
Tuition assistance YesYes
1st/2nd-year vacation accrual 20 hours40 hours
3rd /4th-year vacation accrual40 hour80 hour
5th to 14th-year vacation accrual60 hours120 hours
15th to 19th-year vacation accrual80 hours160 hours
20th year onward vacation accrual100 hours200 hours

Promotions Are Mostly Done From Within

Home depot promotes its hardworking cashiers, sales associates, sales specialists, and lot attendant to management positions whenever a vacancy arises. Those who are promoted are taken through instore training on company’s time, which is a plus. However, once in a while, the company sources managers and supervisors outside when it deems fit.

Flexible Working Hour

If you can’t get daycare or need hours adjusted to fit your school schedule, home depot will work with you. Even weekends off or whenever you need to attend to personal situations, the HR supervisors will accommodate you. 

However, if the management notes you are doing it because of laziness, you miss your shift without notice, or you don’t work hard to learn the ins and out of your position, you might not be given preferential treatment. 

Fair Treatment Based On Religious Beliefs

Home depot respects the employees regardless of their religious beliefs. They respect every worker’s religion, and they will grant off time to attend church, temple, or Mosques. 

Nonetheless, the company does not entertain political ideologies and other personal beliefs that go against the company’s policies. And, you might be dismissed based on such grounds. 

Do You Get Paid Your First Week Of Work At Home Depot?

You are not likely to receive payment at the end of your first week of working at Home Depot. The company is not withholding your check, but processing and verification of payroll take time. Usually, the processing is done biweekly on a Sunday, and payment is made on Friday that follows. The payment for the week will be made on the next pay period. 

Key Insight & Takeaway!

Home Depot is a good company to work for. They accommodate both part-time and full-time workers with a starting salary of $11 per hour. The payments are made on a biweekly basis where processing is done on a Sunday and payment made on the following Friday. Apart from regular payment, as an employee, you get other benefits such as 401 (k), dental and vision plans, paid leave days, and 15-minute paid breaks, among others. 

Most promotions are also done from within, and you must show your worth to be considered. If you want preferential treatment, such as a schedule that fits your school schedule, you should adhere to the company’s policies. Unless you are a third-party employee, you are not allowed to take tips. So, if you have received your letter of employment at Home Depot, be ready to receive your payment in 2-3 weeks. 



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