Does T-Mobile Report To Credit Bureaus – A Complete Guide

T Mobile Report To Credit Bureaus

When you are applying for T-Mobile, there will be a credit check but usually, T-Mobile does not report to the three national credit bureaus every month. However, T-Mobile does report to credit bureaus about your account’s delinquencies. So, if you have payment issues then T-Mobile will be reported to the credit bureaus and it will appear on your credit reports.

Key Takeaways

  • There are more than 86 million subscribers of T-Mobile available in the USA
  • T-Mobile check the credit score and report to credit bureaus
  • If you fail to make the payments then T-Mobile will report to credit bureaus about your account’s delinquencies
  • T-Mobile mostly uses the Equifax but it can also uses other agencies for various reasons

Does T-Mobile Report To Credit Bureaus?

Does T Mobile Report To Credit Bureaus

The straightforward answer to this question is “Yes.” Just like any other service providers T-Mobile check the credit score and history to know the credit status of their clients. However, if you fail to make payments for the account and if it is placed in collections or charged-off then T-Mobile will report it to the credit bureaus. For example, if you forgot to cancel your T-Mobile plan and didn’t pay the bill for more than three months, or if you intentionally kept missing your bills then T-Mobile will report it to authorized agencies. Therefore, you should try to make the payments in time if you are using T-Mobile. Though timely payments won’t increase your credit report if you fail to make payments in time then it will badly affect your credit score.

What Credit Bureau Does T-Mobile Use?

So, T-Mobile does a credit check and report for late payments but what credit bureau do they use? Moreover, does T-Mobile use one bureau or do they utilize different agencies to be at par with other industries as well? Well, T-Mobile usually uses Equifax and many people thought that this is the only bureau T-Mobile is using. But along with Equifax, T-Mobile also uses other agencies because of breaches, changes, regional law, and many other reasons. So, T-Mobile’s options in using credit bureaus aren’t just limited to one alone. T-Mobile doesn’t quote which agencies they are using but they give a hint that they use the top bureaus, which include Equifax, TransUnion, Experian, and Innovis.

How To Stop T-Mobile From Reporting To Credit Bureaus

Stop T Mobile From Reporting To Credit Bureaus

If you are worrying about T-Mobile submitting negative reports to credit agencies and it will decrease your credit scores then there are some simple ways you can easily stop T-Mobile from reporting to credit bureaus. Let’s check them out!

1. Check Your Credit Report for Errors

The very first thing you should do is to check your credit report for any type of errors. You should understand that not all credit reports are perfect and as a matter of fact, most of them would have errors. This is also true for all the major credit bureaus. So, make sure you check your credit report every month and give a clean and thorough look through it. Check if all the information is valid.

2. Settle Delinquencies

T-Mobile Reports delinquencies therefore you should settle delinquencies if you have any. You might have delinquencies for your credit card, your phone line, or even some subscriptions. If the delinquencies have already been there for months then it can badly affect your overall credit score. Moreover, you might not be able to use the services any longer if you don’t settle the delinquencies.

3. Clear All Payments In Time

If you want to have a good credit score then you should try to make it a habit to pay all your fees in time. If you manage to keep zero delinquencies or slowly settle the delinquencies then you will be able to pay all your current bills in time. You can follow a payment schedule to help you lessen the impact that you have on your bills.

How To Remover T-Mobile Collection Agency From The Credit Report

If the T-Mobile collection agency is hurting your credit report then you can easily remove the T-Mobile collection agency by calling 855-577-2276 for your free collections evaluation. In that case, you might have more than one negative account on your credit report. When you call T-Mobile they will help you understand if you are eligible to remove the T-Mobile collection agency from your report. Usually, removing the T-Mobile collection agency from your credit report can improve your score by over 30+ points or more!

FAQs About Does T-Mobile Report To Credit Bureaus

Does A New Cellphone Application Hurt The Credit Score?

Mobile service providers like T-Mobile does a credit check while you are applying for a new service and it can affect your credit score. Usually, credit inquiries are 10% of your credit scores and it will affect your credit for 12 months. After two years, inquiries will completely fall off your credit report.

Which Credit Reports Are Pulled By U.S. Mobile Carriers?

Usually, the mobile carriers of the USA might pull a credit report from any or all of the three credit bureaus. However, each mobile carrier has its own favorite credit agencies. For Example – 

CarrierPreferred Credit Bureau
SprintEquifax and Experian
T-MobileEquifax and TransUnion

Do Mobile Carriers Make Hard Or Soft Pulls?

Mobiles carriers might make hard or soft pulls when you try to sign up for their services. However, it is very difficult to anticipate what type of pull will be made by the mobile carrier. Most of the time it is a hard pull from the carrier therefore it is best to assume that it will be a hard pull. The main purpose of mobile carriers to make credit checks is to find out whether you will be able to pay a new bill each month.

Do Mobile Phone Carriers Offer Options For People With Poor Credit?

Yes, mobile phone carriers have alternative options for people with poor credit. You can find a suitable plan from the below options – 

1. Sign-up for a prepaid plan

2. Place a security deposit for various services

3. Use a co-signer to get post-paid plans

Is T Mobile Collection Agency A Real Company, Or A Scam?

The T-Mobile collection agency is a real company. It is not a scam. They are a small collection agency in the USA.

Should I Negotiate A Settlement Or Pay The T-Mobile Collection Agency?

The settlement won’t be the best option for you because it won’t help your credit. If a collection account is added to your credit report then your credit score will be damaged for seven years regardless of payment.

Can I Get T-Mobile If I Owe Them Money From Years Ago?

Yes, you can apply for a new T-Mobile account if you owe them money from years ago. But, in that case, your old account will be closed and you have to pay a reactivation fee. But, you should understand that your outstanding debt won’t go away.

Does T Mobile Report To Credit Bureaus?                 

Yes, T-Mobile reports to credit bureaus and they only do it if an account has been sent to collections. Otherwise, T-Mobile doesn’t report to credit bureaus.

Do Phone Payments Build Credit Scores?

Unfortunately, timely phone payments do not have a positive impact on your credit report and they won’t increase your credit score. However, if you make late payments to your phone payments then it will badly affect your credit score.                          



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