Does Target Drug Test? (All You Need to Know)

Does Target Drug Test

Target Corporation is one of the largest retail companies in the USA. In fact, it is the 8th largest retailer in the United States and a component of the S&P 500 Index. It has stores all over the USA and more than 350,000 employees work in Target. Target offers a drug-free workplace to keep staff and customers safe. So, it means Target workers can’t bring alcohol, drugs, or tobacco in their workplace. However, does Target Drug test potential employees before offering the Job?

If you’re thinking about getting a job at Target then you should know that Target conducts a variety of drug tests on employees. Depending on the circumstance, Target can conduct blood, urine, and breath tests. Usually, these tests are conducted in facilities that are close to Target stores and managed by a third-party company.

When Do Target Drug Tests?

When Do Target Drug Tests

There are quite a few reasons Target might conduct drug tests on its employees. The three main reasons are – 

1. Pre-Employment

2. After an Accident

3. Reasonable Cause

1. Pre-Employment

If you have been picked by Target then the target will conduct a pre-employment drug test of yours. This is a condition of your job offer and you have to pass the test to be hired. Though, the pre-enrollment test is not done for all Target employees; usually done for those who operate machinery or have applied for roles such as Managers or Team Leaders.   

2. After An Accident

If there is an accident at Target where an employee has caused significant damage to the store or the customer then Target will conduct a drug test. Target does this test to keep employees safe and ensure the incident will not be repeated.

3. Reasonable Cause

If there is any valid reason then Target can also perform drug tests on its employees. If Target thinks that an employee could be using, distributing, or under the influence of prohibited drugs during work time then Target can ask the employee to take a drug test. Here, Target can’t randomly select an employee to take the drug test. Instead, Target must have a valid reason to suspect the employee like erratic behavior, accidents, witnessing drug use, etc. to ask a specific employee to take the drug test.

What Type Of Drugs Do Target Test For?

Type Of Drugs Do Target Test For

Usually, Target does drug tests to identify if any of their workers have used any of the following drugs recently: 

1. Heroin

2. Cocaine

3. Marijuana

4. Synthetic drugs

Target conducts the tests to analysis that whether it is a risk to employees and customers. In many states, Marijuana use is legalized for medical and recreational use so in this type of situation, the target will advise you what to do if you are a user. In general, Target conduct blood, urine, and breath tests but in some rare case Target might use hair testing to identify the detection span of the drug.

Does Target Drug Test In 2022?

Yes, Target does a drug test in 2022. A drug test is Target’s one of the important policies to keep the workplace safe for the employees as well as for the customers. It’s mandatory for every employee to take a drug test and pass the test within 24 hours. Moreover, if you have applied for a job at Target then you also have to take a drug test. It is a job requirement and the test will be managed off-site by the company’s Accurate background.

How To Process Target Drug Test?

The drug test process of the target is very simple. When an employee joins a Target store or applies to work then the target will ask the employee to take a drug test from a third-party company. When you go to the interview Target will ask are you interested in a drug test to join your workplace? Moreover, when you are going to work with machinery or vehicles, Target will also ask you to take a drug test before joining. When you pass the drug test you will be able to join the workplace. When you get the job offer you have to take the drug test within 24 hours. You have to provide all the documents and a valid photo ID to confirm your identity at the test center.

What Happens If Employees Fail A Drug Test At Target?

It is a general rule of thumb that you have to obey all the rules of the company where you work. Target has a policy for a drug-free workplace so you have to obey that if you work in Target. So, if you Disobey the policy, you will face suspension or job loss. Therefore, if you fail a drug test then it means you have disobeyed the company policy. You have to face the consequences of the failure result like a suspension or job loss by the manager.

FAQs About Does Target Drug Test

Who Does Target Drug Test?

Usually, Accurate Background company does the Target drug test. It is a third-party company that provides service and technology for better employment background checks. It also offers optimized screening programs according to the company’s needs.

How Often Does Target Drug Test?

Target only does drug tests when a new employee joins the company or if there is an accident or other valid reason to conduct the test. Apart from that, Target doesn’t ask the employees to take the drug test.

Does Target Drug Test For Orientation?

Yes, Target drug test for orientation and drug test every applicant. If an applicant fails the drug test then it will result in immediate termination.

Does Target Drug Test For Alcohol?

Yes, target drug test for alcohol as well as other drugs of abuse and steroids such as amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, Phencyclidine (PCP), etc. Target also drug test for Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana, Synthetic drugs, etc.

Does Target Drug Test In NJ?

Yes, the target does drug tests in NJ. In fact, the target does drug tests in all their stores around the USA. Target is a drug-free environment but they won’t ask you to take a drug test unless you give them a reason.



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