Does UPS Job Holders Get Paid Weekly Or Biweekly? (Find Out Today!)

UPS Job Holders Get Paid Weekly Or Biweekly

Yes! UPS employees working at the warehouse get paid on Thursdays via direct deposit. UPS package handlers on average make about $9.50 to |$11:00| hourly. Employees are paid every week, in addition the fact that the payment method is very efficient.

Key Takeaways

  • The average salary of a UPS package handler is approximate $14.50-$15/hr.
  • In Chicago and Seattle, you can earn as much as $24 per hour as a UPS package handler
  • The salary of a UPS package handler depends on quite a few things like seniority, full-time, part-time, location, etc.

UPS Package Handler Pay

Your average UPS package handler will get paid approximately $14.50-$15/hr. The exact number is dependent upon the location in addition to the employee’s experience but generally, this range is what you can expect to make. However, some locations do pay a lot more than $15 for loading and unloading trucks. For example, in Chicago and Seattle, you can earn as much as $24 per hour – boosted from the standard $15 – for carting boxes up onto a truck and then off again.

UPS Job Holders Compensation 

UPS Job Holders Compensation 

UPS hires people for a variety of positions and in different capacities, which requires some transparency from the organization when it comes to paying employees. However, it’s important to understand that UPS also has a tendency to conceal compensation figures at corporate positions due to privacy issues in addition to other laws. 

The company handlers are guaranteed a competitive salary from the $10.00 bracket to the $40.00 bracket, depending upon their seniority and obligation as full-time or part-time workers. Plus, they’re entitled to various healthcare, retirement, and insurance benefits.

UPS Job Holders Benefits 

One thing that really makes UPS unique is its impressive list of employee perks. They offer full-time employees generous vacation packages and insurance coverage for varying needs, as well as supplemental medical services. I was blown away to learn just how much value UPS is dedicated to investing in its workers. It’s definitely something worth considering before choosing a career option because they truly go out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable and secure at work!

From everything we’ve seen, UPS is a wonderful place to work. The tasks are hard, but the pay is good, and the benefits make up for any hardships one might experience at work (along with an occasional workout). It’s well worth every minute of your time.

The Tables Below Include Major Health & Insurance And Financial & Retirement Benefits From UPS To Its Employees. 

Health & Insurance BenefitsFinancial & Retirement Benefits
Health insurance401(k) Plan
Vision insurancePension plan
Dental InsuranceEmployee stock purchase plan
Life insuranceStock options
Disability insuranceSupplemental Workers’ Compensation
Mental health carePerformance bonus

The Table Below Includes The Peaks & Discounts And Professional Support. 

Perks & DiscountsProfessional Support
Employee DiscountTuition Assistance
Mobile Phone DiscountJob Training
Employee Assistance ProgramProfessional Development

The Table Below Contains Family & Parenting Benefits, Vacation & And Time Off. 

Family & Parenting BenefitsVacation & Time Off
Maternity & Paternity LeaveVacation & Paid Time off
Military LeavePaid Holidays
Family Medical LeaveSick Days
Unpaid Extended LeaveBereavement Leave

Both full and part-time package handlers get benefits, such as medical, dental, and vision insurance. This makes UPS one of the rare companies that give benefits to part-time workers.

Although, part-time workers don’t get weekly disability, life insurance, and AD&D insurance.

What Is The Best Job At UPS?

Best Job At UPS

As a permanent employee, the best option at UPS is probably to become a UPS feeder driver. It’s physically preferable, lowers your stress levels, and will pay you better due to less responsibility in most ways. Another good job for those who want to do something different is working as a call-center representative for UPS because you get more regular promotions and a good paycheck. If you’re looking for an even less demanding job, working at home service might be an option but remember that it’s not likely you’ll be promoted the same way as if you worked out of office.

This means going from working throughout the week gradually increasing your number of hours as you build your trustworthiness and value to the company. You can also contact companies by applying directly to their job websites, although this is not always the most effective method of doing so since there’s no guarantee that someone will review your application if it comes straight from their website. A smart bet would be to work at a local shipping company for a while so that you can prove yourself, then apply for jobs at the largest UPS hub possible for positions as feeders or other types of entry-level employees.

How To Get A Feeder Position At UPS

Many people get their start in the shipping and freight business by working as feeder drivers at a UPS stocking facility. You can become a UPS feeder driver if you have 1 year or more of driving experience, plus your commercial driver’s license (CDL). 

However, many experts estimate that each year it takes to get to this level costs new drivers $5,000. It just might take every penny you make during your first few years on the job as a full-time driver to pay for the investment for that CDL. In other words, it could be quite difficult – not to mention expensive – for inexperienced drivers to climb from low-level jobs at places like UPS Freight into the good-paying fulfillment positions at the warehouses.

There are a couple approaches you can take to joining the UPS team. There’s the blue-collar approach: building up experience in different areas of responsibility and proving yourself as dependable. From there, if you have a clear plan for how to make your career track at UPS (rather than jumping around job-to-job), you can send over either a letter of interest or resume to the appropriate department for review; once you’re contacted then set up an interview and show them your skills.

Another more creative way could be by reaching out online via various social media sites and posting about what it is that interests you most about working at UPS, also having set up feeder positions as your long-term goal could help land such a position sooner rather than later! You would then want to begin evaluating how one might better develop themselves professionally by networking with others who will be interested in seeing you succeed.

Is UPS A Good Company To Work For?

If you’re interested in gaining a great career that doesn’t require what would normally be a college degree or formal qualification, but does reward and offers good benefits that are financially beneficial to you, then UPS can offer you a lot of opportunities. Jobs at UPS come with great salaries too, which allows employees to enjoy their lives in line with the expectations of today’s modern workers. 

UPS is extremely busy from an employee’s perspective. They are expected to work hard and perform a variety of tasks under great pressure on any given day – and for many people, this can be very strenuous. One way to avoid some of the physical strain that comes with working here is by applying for a job in the call center which more often than not attracts fewer applicants. 

UPS drivers are paid well. This affords them leading a healthy life in the US, to invest and buy everything from new homes to new cars. Such activity contributes to the growth of the US economy, making this a good company to work for.

Closing Words

UPS employees work at the warehouse and are paid in cash (on Thursdays) via direct deposit. Rates start at $8:00 per hour on average. Employees are paid each week, in addition to being given a weekly allowance for cell phone minutes, internet time, and/or other benefits.


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