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UPS doesn’t require a signature for every parcel. Usually, UPS sends a mail containing information about the parcel. They also include if the parcel requires a signature from the recipient during the delivery time. If there is no information about the signature then it means the parcel won’t require a signature. UPS will take the signature of the recipient if required and send the printed copy of the signature to the sender as proof of delivery.

United Parcel Service, shortly know as UPS is American multinational shipping, receiving, and supply chain management company. This is a private company established in 1907. UPS offers logistics services, courier express, and freight forwarding with world-class security. One of their parcel security protocols is a signature from the parcel recipient to ensure the parcel is delivered successfully to the right recipient.

What Is “UPS Signature Required”?

UPS Signature Required is a value-added service from United Parcel Service. In this service, it requires the recipient to sign for a parcel before it is released into their possession. So, it’s a delivery confirmation service and with this service, both you and the customer can have peace of mind that the parcel will have a successful delivery. Moreover, according to this service, the recipient has to be physically present to receive their package. Until there is a valid signature from the recipient, UPS won’t drop off the package.

You can avail of this delivery confirmation service for all types of common couriers. This is a very necessary service because package security and guaranteed delivery are important for both merchants and customers. You can use this service if you are sending or receiving high-value, precious, or dangerous items. When you purchase your shipping label, you can add this value-added service to the delivery process. If the parcel that requires a signature is not signed then it will be returned to the local delivery hub. The delivery person will leave a notice paper and an online notification will be sent regarding the failed delivery attempted.

Types Of UPS Delivery Confirmation Services

 There are three types of UPS delivery confirmation services available. They are:

1. UPS Signature Required

2. UPS Adult Signature Required

3. UPS Delivery Confirmation     

UPS Signature Required

Here, the UPS delivery person collects the signature of the recipient. In this service, the sender will receive a confirmation notice for a completed delivery. You will be able to see/check the recipient’s signature or electronic acknowledgment of receipt on the UPS tracking page that corresponds to the shipment. This delivery confirmation service is available for both domestic and international shipments.

UPS Adult Signature Required

According to this UPS delivery confirmation service, someone at least 21 years of age have to sign the parcel or the parcel won’t be delivered. Therefore, the parcel recipient has to provide a government-issued photo ID to confirm their age. After receiving the adult signature the UPS delivery person will hand over the package and the shipper will receive the notification. Moreover, the shipper can check the signature and delivery details on the shipment tracking page. All the packages that contain alcoholic beverages or firearms are required to use the UPS Adult Signature service. This service is also available on domestic and international shipments.

UPS Delivery Confirmation     

In this service, the UPS will provide the complete delivery details to the shipper. The delivery details include the delivery date, time, and name on the package. In this service, a signature is not required. If a package is returned then the UPS Delivery Confirmation service will provide the return date and the reason for the return on the tracking page. So the shipper can easily check the information. This service is only available for US-domestic shipments.

The Cost Of UPS Delivery Confirmation Services      

The UPS delivery confirmation services are paid services. The cost depends on the option you select for your parcel. The cost of UPS delivery confirmation services are as follows:

1. UPS Signature Required: $5.55 per parcel

2. UPS Adult Signature Required: $6.70 per parcel

3. UPS Delivery Confirmation: $2 per parcel  

There is also verbal confirmation of the delivery system available and the fee of this service is $3 per parcel. This confirmation service is only available with UPS Next Day Air Early.

Restrictions Of UPS Delivery Confirmation Services

UPS delivery confirmation services are available for most shipments but not for all shipments. Usually, UPS Signature Required and other delivery confirmation services are available for the following domestic and international delivery services:


1. UPS Next Day Air

2. UPS Next Day Air Saver

3. UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.

4. UPS 2nd Day Air

5. UPS 3 Day Select

6. UPS Ground


1. UPS Worldwide Express Plus

2. UPS Worldwide Express

3. UPS Worldwide Saver

4. UPS Worldwide Expedited

5. UPS Standard

However, there are some restrictions available for UPS delivery confirmation services and you should be aware of them before shipping any parcel. The restrictions are – 

1. If you send alcohol or firearms then you have to purchase an Adult Signature Required parcel. Moreover, you might have to ship via UPS Next Day Air delivery service, which can be costly.

2. After purchasing a shipping label, if you request a signature confirmation service then you have to pay a surcharge.

3. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions and to make the delivery contactless, the UPS delivery confirmation services don’t require a signature until further notice.    

FAQs About UPS Delivery Confirmation Services

1. What Happens If The Recipient Is Not Home To Sign For UPS?

If the recipient is not home during the time of delivery, the UPS delivery person will leave an “Info Notice” at the residence of the recipient. The notice contains information regarding the next scheduled delivery attempt or from where to collect the parcel. If there are three unsuccessful delivery attempts then the package will be sent back to the shipper.

2. Can I Leave A Note For UPS If A Signature Is Required?

If a signature is required to collect the parcel and if you won’t be available to sign and collect the parcel then you can leave a note directing UPS to have the package signed by a neighbor or to deliver the package to a new address. You should remember that UPS Signature Required packages cannot be delivered unsigned.

3. How Many Attempts Do UPS Make For Parcel Delivery?

Usually, UPS makes three delivery attempts for parcel delivery. After three delivery attempts have been made, UPS reserves the right to return the package to the shipper.

4. Can Anyone Sign For A UPS Package?

Yes, anyone can sign a UPS package. However, if the package is UPS Adult Signature Required service enabled then it requires a signature from a person who is at least 21 years old. The person has to show a Government Issue photo id as proof of age.

5. Will UPS Leave The Package At Door?

UPS parcels that don’t require a signature from the recipient might be left at door or in a safe place, out of sight and out of the weather. 

6. Why Won’t UPS Leave My Package?

UPS delivery person won’t be able to leave a package if it requires a signature from the recipient. If the parcel doesn’t require a signature and the delivery person doesn’t leave the parcel then it means the area might not be safe to leave the parcel.

7. Can I Contact The UPS Driver?

You can’t contact a UPS driver but you can call customer service toll-free at 1-800-742-5877. There will always be representatives available seven days a week to answer your questions.

8. Does UPS Run On Sunday?

In normal circumstances, UPS doesn’t deliver the parcel on Sunday. However, if you use their Express Critical Care Packages service, then you can request time-sensitive shipments like delivery on Sunday. The Express Critical Care Packages service is only available for domestic-US parcels.

9. Can I Pick Up My UPS Package Before Delivery?

Yes, you can pick up your UPS package before the delivery time. But, in that case, you have to pick up the package from UPS’s office.

10. Can I Know/ Check The Estimated Delivery Time Of A UPS Package?

Yes, you can check the estimated delivery time of a UPS package. Just visit and enter your tracking number for package status and you will see the estimated delivery information. UPS allows you to add up to 25 tracking numbers at a time.

11. What Happens If You Miss The UPS Signature?

If a UPS package requires a signature then UPS won’t deliver the package as long as someone provides the signature. So if you miss UPS signature then UPS will hold your package at a nearby UPS facility for 3-5 business days. So you can visit the nearby UPS facility to collect your package.

12. What Happens If I Miss 3 UPS Delivery Attempts?

If you miss three UPS delivery attempts then UPS will hold the parcel for five business days at the nearest UPS center. If the recipient doesn’t collect the parcel within five days then UPS will return the parcel to the sender.

13. How Many Attempts Does UPS Make In A Day?

UPS only makes one delivery attempt in a day. If you miss the delivery then UPS will make 2nd delivery attempt on the next business day and the 3rd delivery attempt on the following business day.   



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