Does Walmart Deliver To Your House? (Well Explained!)

Does Walmart Deliver To Your House

Walmart has made a name for itself as one of the top retail stores, and we see that it steadily gets many customers. However, many of these customers would prefer if Walmart delivered their orders to their houses. And, allow us to tell you that Walmart can deliver to your house.

Key Takeaways

  • In order to use the Walmart delivery service, you have to download the Walmart app
  • You should keep in mind that the worth of your items has to be up to $35 for you to use Walmart delivery
  • If the items are less than $35, you can’t use Walmart’s delivery
  • One of the key advantages of Walmart’s delivery service is, you can order from anywhere at any time
  • With Walmart’s delivery service, you can also enjoy same-day delivery which is very convenient

How To Order With Walmart’s Delivery Service

Walmarts Delivery Service

If you desire to use Walmart’s delivery services, you would need to download the Walmart app as that is the platform that makes online shopping possible.

Then, the steps to follow are:

1. Create An Account: The first step after downloading the app is to create an account, or you cannot have access to the app and what it offers. So, you need to click on ‘sign up’ when you download the app and follow all its prompts. You will need to provide all the information that Walmart desires as that is the only way you can determine if the delivery service is available in your area or not. Walmart has a reputation for having stores across all the states. However, it could be that their delivery does not cover all areas in the states. So, you can check if your area is covered when you create an account after downloading the app.

2. Choose Delivery And Time Slot: After creating an account with Walmart, you will need to change the ‘pickup’ section to ‘delivery’. It helps Walmart understand that you do not want their pickup service. Instead, you want them to deliver the goods to your house. As a first-time user, you will need to input your house address when you change it to delivery, and that is when you can see if they can deliver to your home address. After ascertaining that the delivery can happen, you must choose the delivery time you desire if you are shopping immediately. Or you can save the address and go back to shop later.

3. Start Shopping: Once you have put in your delivery address, you should see a green sign on the page that says ‘delivery available’. It means that they can deliver to your location. So, the next step is to start shopping as you need to add things to your shopping cart. You will see different available options, and all you need to do is pick whatever you desire. You can decide to add them to the cart immediately, or you will favorite the items and later decide if you want to go ahead and get them. The feeling you get from online shopping is usually blissful.

4. Place An Order: Once you have put everything you want on your cart, the next thing should be to click on ‘checkout’ to place your order and let Walmart handle the processes. However, it is important to note that the worth of your item has to be up to $35 for you to use Walmart delivery. If the items are less than $35, you can’t use Walmart delivery. Instead, you would need to go and get the items at a physical store. In addition, it is also important to note that delivery is not free as you would pick a suitable package from the available options. You will also need to enter your credit card details as you check out so that Walmart can get their money.

Pros Of Walmart Delivery

Pros Of Walmart Delivery

Some pros of Walmart Delivery and reasons why people love to use it include:

1. Convenience: We often see many people postponing their shopping days because they cannot go to a physical location to shop. Of course, such people will be happy to have a delivery option when they shop. Therefore, these are the people who will actively patronize Walmart delivery as it will be a convenient shopping option for them. They do not need to bother going out as their orders can get to their house. In addition, they can order from anywhere at any time, which comes as a plus. And, even if a person forgot to add something while shopping, the person can easily add it later with Walmart delivery. But that would not have been the case if there was no Walmart delivery and such a person had to go back to a physical store. Of course, you can tell that the person won’t have the strength to go out again, and Walmart misses out on that shopping experience.

2. No Need For Tips: People often complain that they do not like shopping at physical stores because the cashiers usually harass them for tips. We are not saying that you will have such an experience in all Walmart stores you visit. However, these complaints have been peculiar to retail stores and serve as one of the reasons why people decide to stick to online shopping. For example, it could be that a person went out with a specific amount for shopping and they didn’t have any extra money. In such a case, it becomes embarrassing when the cashier keeps asking for tips, and they cannot give. Thankfully, you will not have such an experience with Walmart delivery as you would not even have any encounter with any cashier. All you will need is your smartphones, and you can get the orders on your doorstep. This option serves as one of the importance of Walmart delivery.

3. Substitution Policy: Sometimes, it could be that what you ordered is out of stock. After all, you do not expect that you are the only one ordering from Walmart delivery in that timeframe. One minute, you can see that an item is available, and it goes out of stock the next minute due to the high inflow of customers. In such a case, Walmart has a policy that allows it to substitute your item with your permission. When such happens, a Walmart associate will call you to ask if you do not mind getting a substitution. If you agree, they help you pick the best option for a lower price. We love that Walmart does not compromise on quality, even when giving a substitute. It is one of the reasons why people would prefer sticking to them and having them deliver their food items and other things.

4. Same-day Delivery: Did you know that you can enjoy same-day delivery with Walmart delivery? Many people are not aware of this feature. However, it classifies under the Walmart express delivery, and we know that it is what many people desire. However, allow us to tell you that you might need to pay an extra fee to enjoy the usage of Walmart express. After all, you cannot expect that delivery of 2 days would be the same as delivery of the same day. Therefore, you should be willing to pay a higher amount if you want to get your items on the same day that you ordered them. It comes in handy for people ordering perishable food items as they do not want their items to be damaged on the way. Instead, they prefer to get it quickly to take it as it is still fresh.

Cons Of Using Walmart Delivery

People often say that anything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage.

So, some of the cons of Walmart delivery are: 

1. Delivery Fee: Some Walmart customers usually complain about the delivery fee. These people do not feel that the delivery fee should be that amount, and they often wonder why it is necessary to pay it. They also say that the amount they could spend on visiting a Walmart physical store may not be even up to the delivery fee that Walmart collects. Understandably, we know that it isn’t feasible for Walmart delivery to operate without payment of a delivery fee. Walmart might decide to tweak the price of the delivery fee, and we will be on the lookout for such changes and update if it happens.

2. Quality: We often get this complaint from those who buy food items through Walmart delivery. Since you are not picking out the food item, you cannot be sure of what they are picking for you. Therefore, it comes as a downside to Walmart delivery as you would be skeptical about the quality of what you are getting. However, Walmart strives to ensure that they do not deliver anything below par.

Below Is A Table Of The Different Packages For Delivery Fees.

Package Cost
Monthly Walmart+ Membership $12.95 monthly 
Annual Walmart+ Membership $98 annually
Individual delivery fee$9.95
Express delivery fee$10


Some of the frequently asked questions about Walmart delivery are: 

Does Walmart Deliver To Your Door?

Yes, Walmart can deliver to your door. When you put in your delivery address, they usually deliver to your doorstep.

How Can I Get Free Delivery From Walmart?

You may qualify for a free Walmart delivery if you shop regularly.

What Is The End Of Day For Walmart Delivery?

10 pm is typically the end time for any Walmart delivery. Any order not gotten by that time will be gotten the next day.


Walmart delivery has more pros than cons. Thus, it is not shocking that many choose this option.


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