What Is The Dress Code In The Amazon Fulfillment Center? (Explained!)

Amazon Fulfillment Center

There is no dress code per se at the company but employees are asked to wear anything from a t-shirt and jeans fit to a casual business suit. Anyone who has to make deliveries or go outside into inclement weather needs to ensure that their clothing is appropriate for the climate.

Amazon is the world’s largest shopping platform, divided into multiple subsidiaries including Amazon Warehouse, where all purchases are shipped from when sold off their marketplace. This warehouse handles a large volume of products and boasts a very high number of customers ready to shop at any given time. It also has many different orders placed every day, with shipping plans depending on the value of each order.

Employees who are getting tasks done in the warehouse, especially jobs that require and consist of lifting a lot of things, should wear safety boots on their feet. But if you’re not into wearing safety boots, at least there are pieces of clothing with thicker material to protect you from all the work-related injuries that could ensue. 

Although we are not saying Amazon employees have dress codes, what we would like to say is that everyone should have a sense of responsibility towards his or her wellbeing, but Amazon employees should be cautious because there are certain uniform requirements that can prevent them from experimenting with erring fashion trends at work and involve footwear safer than others.

The Table Below Is A Summary Of The Amazon Warehouse Dress Code. It Includes What Clothing Is Allowed And The Ones That Are Not Allowed. 

Clothing AllowedNot allowed
head scarfs
hoodies (with the hood off)
baseball caps
face masks
neck masks
long hair(longer than shoulder height should be tied into ponytail)
long beard (should be tied up)
hoodies (with the hood on)
Torsosafety vests
tank tops
wife beaters
low hanging necklaces
baggy shirts
Handsprotective gloves
yoga pants
gym leggings
short shorts
baggy pants
tennis shoes
running shoes
flip flops

Is There A Dress Code For Amazon Warehouse Employees?

Dress Code For Amazon Warehouse Employees

Amazon warehouses staff are permitted to wear comfortable clothing because the job is physically demanding. The fact that you mostly move around and transport heavy packages from one place to another all day requires a lot of stamina. Also, moving cases and bins around can be really tiring so it’s important for personnel to work comfortably in whatever attire they’re most comfortable but as these positions require a uniform anyway, we suggest wearing the standard Amazon-branded torn jeans.

When it comes to hiring the right people for any given job, especially in a tough industry like warehousing, it’s often important that you find someone willing to adhere to given requirements within their dress code. Amazon happens to be very clear on its expectations when it comes down to how warehouse workers should present themselves at work.

What Are The Dress Code Requirements?

In the Amazon employee handbook, a dress code is defined simply as guidelines on how to present oneself to others while working at or representing the company. The Amazon dress code, therefore, encompasses many particulars of an employee’s appearance and possessions, including clothing and accessories, any jewelry that may be worn inside the warehouse, and the items carried into work by employees consisting of anything from purses and cell phones to umbrellas, pens, and backpacks.

Amazon’s great for all the cool stuff you can get there, but it’s a hard place to work at. Think of everything that workers have to deal with: temperature extremes, an inability to leave until their shift is over, etc. It’s important for warehouse staff to always remain as comfortable as possible and avoid getting in the way of business operations whenever possible. This can be accomplished by dressing appropriately and grooming themselves and their accessories accordingly so they don’t accidentally tangle themselves up while performing their jobs… no one wants a manager who looks like a cartoon character! Particularly, the Amazon fulfillment center doesn’t allow its workers to we’re the following items of apparel. 

Safety Equipment:  With the use of robots quickly growing in fulfillment centers, Amazon has implemented additional safety measures to prevent disasters. Employees are provided with vests and helmets that are bright and made specifically to be seen by humans and robots alike so that they can safely navigate around each other in a warehouse environment. The vest includes lights on the back as well as lights that light up when someone is near your robot holding a flashlight or wearing an electric vest.

Shoes: When the goods need to be loaded and unloaded on a daily basis, it can be exhausting work. Back pain is a common problem amongst individuals performing such tasks. To ease back pain issues and make sure that an individual is comfortable while working, we recommend they wear work shoes that have a good grip on them as well as provide insulation from shocks that result from carrying heavy loads.

Hair And Nails: Employees at Amazon warehouses have to be careful that they don’t get trapped in machines or shipments due to long hair. There are no specific limitations on the length of the nails other than they should adhere to safety standards. Managers also don’t allow their employees to wear nail extensions while they are working because they are fully aware that these could end up getting in the way of the process at some point or another (since there is heavy machinery involved).

Tops: Amazon has strict clothing guidelines in place for warehouses and other staff within the company. Wearing excessively revealing clothing such as crop tops, booty shorts, or low-rise pants is forbidden. Additionally, the staff must not wear indecent slogans on their t-shirts.

Bottoms: Amazon has recently changed its policy regarding warehouse attire. From now on, employees are allowed to wear jeans as opposed to the more formal khaki pants that were previously required. However, there are still a few rules about proper dress attire that employees must adhere to most of them in order to protect themselves from potential dangers on the job and for other practical reasons.

Sagging jeans or pants with a loose fit (e.g., tom-boy style) is prohibited because of potential safety hazards involved with wearing something that might get caught in heavy machinery at work. * Employees will no longer be able to accessorize with dangling items such as necklaces since they can pose a threat while doing certain tasks like machine operation or unloading stock from trucks.

Other Accessories:  Amazon doesn’t allow warehouse employees to wear earrings that might get caught in merchandise. Amazon also disallows workers from bringing in or storing any accessories or personal items like phones on the premises. Warehouse employees are permitted to take their cell phones outside for breaks, but only during the designated window of time. These policies are important because if workers had jewelry or accessories around the facility, Amazon’s inventory would be at risk for damage and loss.

Are Fulfillment Center Employees Punished For Dress Code Violations?

Fulfillment Center Employees Punished For Dress Code Violations

Amazon Warehousing employees earn their working credit using a points system. The point allotment differs according to how egregious the infraction is in comparison to the previously mentioned dress code. This encourages Amazon workers to pay close attention to what they wear so as not to get docked for any mistakes relating to the matter of dress codes for the workplace. A fulfillment center employee will be dismissed once he or she reaches six points. Employees are advised not to breach any rigidly applied dress code requirements.


Amazon has a relaxed dress code that isn’t too difficult to follow. All you need to remember is to dress comfortably with the customer in mind above all else. Certain departments may have specific restrictions—Full-time drivers, for example, are required to wear uniforms. Wearing something that may be distracting or hazardous for you or others will also be frowned upon. If you’re not sure about the kinds of clothing that are allowed at work, ask your manager what they think as they will be able to advise you on an acceptable outfit.

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