Due to Operating Conditions Your Package May Be Delayed – Meaning on UPS

Due to Operating Conditions Your Package May Be Delayed - Meaning on UPS

If you have a UPS parcel in transit and when checking the status if you see the message “Due to Operating Conditions, Your Package May Be Delayed” then don’t be panicked. This is a very common message that UPS shows when there is some delay in delivering the parcel because of some environmental and undesirable conditions like server failure, mistyped address, bad weather, shipment cancellation, road blockage, etc. Because of these reasons UPS was not able to deliver the parcel in time.

Reasons you are Seeing the Message “Due to Operating Conditions, Your Package May Be Delayed”

There are some valid reasons you might see this type of message while checking the current status of your UPS package. Let’s check them out below!

  • If you provide a wrong address like road number, apartment number, etc.
  • You have provided the right address but the address was mistyped by a UPS representative
  • You/the recipient was not present when the UPS delivery driver attempted to make a delivery
  • You have provided incorrect information in the UPS order form
  • You changed the delivery address after the order was confirmed
  • There is a delay in the custom because of incorrect or incomplete documentation
  • There were severe weather conditions that the UPS delivery agent was not able to deliver the parcel on time
  • If there is any special instruction to entire to your property but you haven’t provided it or included it in the UPS order form
  • The parcel contains items that are marked as undeliverable by UPS policy; therefore UPS can’t deliver the package
  • There are some unexpected situations like a roadblock or other incidents that are out of UPS’s control
  • If there are any technical issues like a server problem or any other problems

How to Track the Current Status of a Delayed UPS Parcel

There are quite a few ways you can track the current status of your UPS parcel. However, you will need the UPS tracking number to track the parcel. If you don’t have the tracking number then there are a few ways you can get the tracking number. They are –

  • Ask the merchant/shipper to send you the tracking number
  • If you have the UPS receipt then you will find the tracking number on the receipt
  • If you have a UPS account then you can log in to your account and easily find the tracking number

Once you have the tracking number, visit UPS’s tracking page. Then type the tracking number and click on the “Track” button to see the current status of your parcel.

However, if you can’t find/collect the tracking number then “UPS My Choice” is the best way to check the status of your parcel. Some key features of UPS My Choice are –

  • Reroute or reschedule package deliveries
  • Get estimated and confirmed delivery windows
  • Track and manage multiple packages at once
  • Receive real-time delivery alerts
  • Leave driver instructions
  • Plan deliveries around your schedule

You have to open a UPS MY Choice account before you can use this feature. You have to provide your name, username, valid email id, and password to open the account. After opening the account you have to provide other information like address, phone number, etc. After providing this information you have to click on the “Next” button.


Then you have to verify your identity to complete the process.


After completing the account opening process, log in to your UPS MY Choice account and then check the current status of your parcel using the “Follow My Delivery” live map option.

Another way you can track your delayed UPS parcel is UPS InfoNotice. If UPS failed to deliver your parcel to your address then you will receive a UPS InfoNotice. In the InfoNotice you will see a link. Click on the link and then enter the 12-digit number that you will find in the InfoNotice. Enter the number and then click on the “Next” button to see the status of your delayed parcel.

FAQs about Due to Operating Conditions, Your Package May Be Delayed – Meaning on UPS

What happens if your UPS package is delayed?  

The answer to this question depends on the reason for the delay. If the delay is because of you, like you were not present during the delivery time then UPS will again try to deliver your parcel on the next business day. However, if the delay is because of UPS then you are eligible for a complete refund. This is because most UPS services have an on-time delivery guarantee.

How long can UPS delay a package?

If you were not able to receive your UPS package then UPS will try again to deliver your package. If you again fail to receive the package 2nd time then UPS will leave your package in the UPS store or other UPS Access Point locations. Now, if you are a UPS My Choice® member, then the UPS store or other UPS Access Point locations will hold your package for up to seven calendar days. But, if you don’t have a UPS My Choice® membership then the other UPS Access Point locations might hold the package for up to five business days.

What are the possible causes of a delayed UPS delivery?

There are many reasons an Ups delivery can be delayed. They are –

  • Severe weather conditions
  • Incorrect address
  • Recipient unavailability
  • Insufficient documentation
  • Poor carrier performance
  • Delay from the source
  • Shut Down of Terminals
  • Power Outages
  • Limited Capacity
  • Lost Package
  • Failed delivery attempts
  • Inaccessible location
  • Heavy traffic
  • Customs delay
  • Vehicle breakdowns
  • Technical issues

Can UPS open my package?

Yes, UPS can open your package! UPS has the “Right of Inspection” which allows UPS to open a package and inspect it. Usually, UPS doesn’t open every package. If UPS has any suspicion about a package then it will check the package.




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