Ecole Hôtelière De Lausanne (EHL)

Ecole Hôtelière De Lausanne (EHL)

What Would The First Hotel Management School Look Like?

It Would Look Like EHL?

Yes, today the article I’m writing concerns the school, which is the first hotel school to be founded in the world. The school was established in 1893. And, it is located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Boasting a remarkable heritage of top-notch hospitality management education, the school draws in students from around the world. Every year the school enrolls more than 2,600 students, arriving in Switzerland from 107 different countries.

Top-quality hospitality management education all around, combined with skilled staff; EHL is widely acclaimed as the best hotel management school in the world.


The school prepares students for international careers through five university-level academic programs. And, they are:

1. Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management

2. Master of Science in Global Hospitality Business

3. MBA in Hospitality

4. Executive MBA in Hospitality Administration

5. Master Class in Culinary Arts


Bachelor’s Program Admission

Students seeking admission for the Bachelor’s Program are required to go through three steps of the Selection Process: Initial Evaluation, Online Assessment, and Final Selection. The Selection Committee of EHL will review your application and determine your eligibility for analytical and quantitative tests. Moreover, you need to demonstrate a strong command of the English or French Language. Since the International Hospitality Management degree is delivered in either of those languages.

The Bachelor’s Program introduces students to the hospitality industry, business management topics, internships, and consulting mandates. A preparatory course on the hospitality industry lasts a year. Business management coursework lasts three years. After completing four years of the degree successfully, you’ll have to take two six-month internships and a 10-week consulting mandate.

Master’s Program Admission

To be able to enroll in the Master’s Program at EHL, you must have a recognized Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality or Tourism. And, your overall academic record should speak highly of you. Moreover, a year-long working experience in the hospitality or tourism industry is a requirement.

Campus Life

The EHL premises are laden with numerous restaurants and bars that will provide all the training and education on hospitality management. Besides studying and learning, you can chill there in the evening. An attractive nightlife will get your degree completed as exuberant as possible. Since Lausanne is where the International Olympic Committee is headquartered, you can also show off your athletic skills. The world-class sporting facilities keep the students competitive as well.

Faculty & Staff

The faculty members have strong commands in everything from hospitality management to marketing and finance. They are highly professional. The faculty members come from 31 different countries and are passionate about what they do.


EHL features a full-fledged research center. Since 2014, the research center (in Partnership with STR Global) has become the most important source of research and development in the International Hospitality field. The researchers at the school studied the changes and upcoming challenges of the restaurant industry.


The EHL Library has a galactic collection of 34,000 books. The library can house 260 students. It also gives the students access to over 100 databases, containing more than 103,000 valuable documents.


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100 Lausanne 25





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