Email List Of Business Owners – Where Can I Get It

Email List Of Business Owners

An email list of business owners is a marketing list that includes the contact information of business owners. The contact information includes name, address, phone number, email address, etc. Email marketing is a new marketing trend but it has become a very important part of marketing strategy. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing provides a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the USA.

Where To Find Email List Of Business Owners

If you have an email list of business owners then you can easily reach high-powered decision-makers. You can offer banking and financial services, continual education, healthcare and benefits, insurance, computer hardware and software, office products and supplies, and other services through the email list. There are many ways you can collect an email list. Below are some high-quality email lists of business owners – 

1. Arizent CEO Database

2. BridgeTower Media Business Publications Mailing List

3. Corporate Presidents

4. Emerald CEO/President/Owner Mailing List

5. NAPCO Media Corporate Management Database

6. PMG360 Subscriber Mailing Masterfile

7. ReachBase CEO/President/Owner Masterfile

8. ReachBase Small Business Owners

9. Small Business America

10. Successful Business News Subscriber Mailing List    

Arizent CEO Database

Arizent is a high-quality source for reaching leaders in financial and professional services. If you are looking for key financial, accounting, and general business decision-makers then you can rely on Arizent CEO Database. The Arizent CEO Database is consist of the top executive at companies within the banking, capital markets, investment advisory, accounting, benefits, and technology industries. This database updates quarterly so there is no chance of duplicate database. Arizent’s brands include Accounting Today, Tax Pro Today, American Banker, Credit Union Journal, National Mortgage News, PaymentsSource, ISO & Agent, Mergers & Acquisitions, Asset Securitization Report, The Bond Buyer, Employee Benefit News, Employee Benefit Adviser, Health Data Management, Digital Insurance, Information Management, Financial Planning, On Wall Street, Bank Investment Consultant, Money Management Executive.    

BridgeTower Media Business Publications Mailing List

If you are looking for an email list of Business and Corporate Professionals in the legal, financial, real estate, and construction marketplace then BridgeTower Media Business Publications Mailing List will be a great help for you. This list contains information about active paid subscribers to BridgeTower Media’s regional business publications. BridgeTower Media is a leading business-to-business media company that covers legal, finance, print, and digital publications in more than 20 different U.S. markets. The products of BridgeTower Media Business Publications include:

1. Arizona Capitol Times

2. The Daily Record – Maryland

3. The Mecklenburg Times

4. Idaho Business Review

5. Long Island Business News

6. St. Louis Daily Record

7. The Daily Record – Kansas City

8. St. Charles County Business Record

9. The Daily Reporter, Finance & Commerce

Corporate Presidents

Corporate Presidents provide an email list of professionals who provide leadership to position the company at the forefront of the industry. You can use this email list if you are providing services in strategic planning and execution; contracting; negotiating; analyzing and interpreting financial data; communications and public relations techniques; and many more. Corporate Presidents file is recommended for offers including computer software, computer hardware, educational material, managerial publications, financial offers, training courses, office equipment & supplies, travel, entertainment, publications, seminars, and much more. 

Emerald CEO/President/Owner Mailing List

The Emerald CEO/President/Owner Email Database offers an email list of decision-makers who are subscribers to Emerald’s premier publications. They also provide an email list of trade show attendees of Emerald Expositions global trade shows. With this database, you can easily reach the top executive at companies within many different industries. Emerald is a very popular owner and operator of business-to-business tradeshows, conferences, publications, and websites in the United States. Some of the trade shows of Emerald include ASD, Impressions Expo, Outdoor Retailer, Couture, and RetailX. Their online and print mastheads include Impressions, Hospitality Design, Contract, design, retail, Kitchen and Bath Business, PDN, and Rangefinder. 

NAPCO Media Corporate Management Database

The email database of NAPCO Media Corporate Management will help you reach the top business decision-makers including owners, presidents, VPs, CEOs, CFOs, and directors. This database updates quarterly and provides direct response subscribers from NAPCO Media’s print magazines, websites, eLearning events and newsletters, and many more. The NAPCO Media business includes Printing Impressions, Packaging Impressions, In-plant Impressions, Print + Promo, Promo Marketing, NonProfit PRO, Total Retail, and Book Business.  

PMG360 Subscriber Mailing Masterfile

Business professional subscribes PMG360 for management insight, technology updates, and essential business trends. So from the PMG360 Subscriber, you can get an email list of small and midsized business owners and sales executives in companies with less than 100 employees. You will find an email list of business professionals who make all of the final purchasing decisions for their company. From this database you will find the subscribers from the following publications:

1. Bob Scott’s Insights

2. Fundraising Technology News

3. Successful Business News

4. The Progressive Accountant

5. TPA Tech News

6. Tax Prep News

7. The Progressive Physician

8. Nonprofit Technology News

9. Progressive Financial Advisor

10. Progressive Law Practice

11. Progressive HR Management

12. NonProfit Accounting News

13. The Progressive Builder

14. CMO Technology News

15. Supply Chain Technology News

ReachBase CEO/President/Owner Masterfile

This database will help you target top business executives and key decision-makers with purchasing power. You can reach the country’s top executives across all industries including Fortune 500, and other small to large businesses. You can offer service to C-Level executives, technology professionals, financial executives, architects and contractors, engineers and scientists, sales and marketing managers, etc. You can offer different types of services including hardware/software, training, industry subscriptions, seminar/webinar, office supplies, travel, business services, as well as consumer offers including luxury travel and high ticket items.

ReachBase Small Business Owners

This is a dynamic and multichannel database of small business owners from ReachBase that allows you to target small business owners with purchasing power. You can reach business owners of small companies with an employee size range of 1-99. These business professionals make daily decisions regarding operations, HR, and sales and marketing. You can offer services including mail-order catalogs, hardware/software, training, industry subscriptions, seminar/webinar, office supplies, business services, credit card, financial services, mobile, surveys, electronic gadgets, and many more. The ReachBase database includes Emerald, NAPCO (North American Publishing Company), Putman Media, Crain Communications, PMG360, Techni-Tool, Design-2-Part, Civic Research Institute, etc.

Small Business America

From this list, you will be able to get the email addresses of business owners with less than 100 employees across all business industries. The small business America delivers custom content to its extensive opt-in network of readers therefore this email database has high-level business professionals. With this database, you can reach a highly qualified audience of small business owners, partners, marketing executives, and other management professionals. So if you are looking for an email list of professionals with business operation influence and purchasing power then this is the best database for you.    

Successful Business News Subscriber Mailing List

Successful Business News is very popular for management insight, technology updates, and essential business trends. So many successful business owners subscribe to Successful Business News therefore their mailing list includes small business owners and sales executives. Moreover, this mailing list also includes business owners who make all of the final purchasing decisions for their company. So through this mailing list, you can easily offer a different type of services including banking and financial services, healthcare and benefits, insurance, real estate, transportation and logistics, BPO, computer hardware and software, travel, high ticket gifts, office products, and supplies, fundraising, and many more.  

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