How Do I Find Businesses That Don’t Have Websites?

Businesses That Don't Have Websites

A website is very important for a business. Though some statistics show from 44% to 51% of small businesses do not have a website. The number is huge and there are many ways you can find a business that doesn’t have websites. They are –

  • Using Google places or yellow pages scraper
  • Search in Google with the business name and see if the website appears
  • You can visit the businesses physically and ask them
  • You can also try Google Maps
  • Check the local business directory
  • Buy a list of business registrations of a targeted area

Top 8 Businesses That Need A Website

Regardless of your profession or business, you must have a website because the website generates opportunities. With a website, you can create prospects for both service providers and customers. There are some businesses that might not require a website but there are some industries/businesses that can’t operate without a website. Here is the list of industries that really need a website:

1. E-Commerce Business

2. Education

3. Travel Agencies

4. The Hospitality Industry

5. The Health Industry

6. The Food Industry

7. Construction & Building

8. Niche Businesses

E-Commerce Business

You can’t think of an E-Commerce business without a website. An e-commerce business totally relies on the internet for customers and sales. So you obviously need a website in order to sell the products. Nowadays physical stores also have a website to catch online customers. It shows the importance of a website for an e-commerce business.    


With the coronavirus, the scenario has completely changed for the education industry. Now educational institutes are more focusing on online activities than before. Now educational institutes are using online platforms to communicate with parents, send emergency messages, conducting classes, taking online exams, and many more. So, a website is required to maintain everything.

Travel Agencies

There were times when travel agencies could work offline and they were completely fine with it. But with the development of technology things have changed in this industry. Now travel agencies are more focusing on online presence to attract customers. Travelers around the world use mobile phones, laptops, or other devices to look for travel agents so if your travel agency doesn’t have a website then you are losing lots of potential customers. A proper travel website will make your agency as a reliable tour provider as well as ensure your agency remain open 24/7 to the clients.

The Hospitality Industry

You might wonder why hospitals require a website, right. Well, obviously the first reason is the Coronavirus. People now like to check everything before coming out of the house. So a hospital with a website means the customer/patient can check the website and find out whether he/she will get the service from that hospital. So it makes the process convenient for the patient. The second reason is a website will be very helpful for people who live far away from the hospital. Moreover, if you are looking for customers over 500 miles away from your location or foreign patient then there is no alternative to a website.

The Health Industry

If you are a medical professional and you want to support your community in this pandemic then a website can put you into contact with your entire neighborhood. Moreover, if you have a business related to the health industry then a website will help you contact with potential customers. With a website, you can easily attract people who require medical assistance the most.

The Food Industry

It’s been a while since the food industry is focusing on online presence but the COVID-19 situation makes it a must for the hotel and restaurants to go online fully. Because of the pandemic people now like to order foods online than to visit the shop physically. In normal circumstances, if your hotel or restaurant doesn’t feature in Google Maps then there are chances people won’t visit your restaurant and taste your food.

Niche Businesses

If you have a unique business then a website is very important for you. In order to promote your business to your client base, you have to send a clear message. You won’t find a better option than a website to convey the message. In fact, a website is the best, fastest, and easiest method to send a message via the internet. You can use the internet and website to reach out to people around the world.

The Importance Of Website For Small Business

A small business with a website helps its owners promote and sell the products and services as well as distinguish their business from the competitors. Moreover, if a business heavily relies on online customers then there is no alternative to a website. Below are some key points that make a website important for small businesses.

Find New Customers

A recent survey shows that 88 percent of U.S. small businesses with a website aggress that a website makes it easier to get new customers. Nowadays, customers are using online platforms to find businesses so a website enables them to find your company and learn about your business and what type of product or service you are offering.

Build Credibility

With a website, you can easily build a brand presence for your business on social media. Usually, for social media platforms, there are restrictions in terms of design, process, and technology. So you can use a website to overcome these barriers and build credibility for your business. According to a recent survey, 84% of U.S. consumers believe a business with a website is more credible than a business that doesn’t have a website.

Grow The Business

You can use a website to bring new customers to your business and develop your business rapidly. For small businesses “word of mouth” plays a very important role in the growth of the business and a website can be the “pass your card out” to the thousands of online users. If your business is selling different types of products then you can build an e-commerce website to showcase the products.

Gain Competitive Advantages

About 93% of U.S consumers use the Internet to research the product before purchasing it. So it’s clear the customers want to be informed about their purchasing decisions. Therefore, if your business doesn’t have a website then you are at risk of losing lots of potential customers. A well-designed and well-managed website will give you a competitive advantage against other businesses in your industry. So if you are in direct competition with another business that doesn’t have a website then you have a clear advantage.



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