How To Find Geico NAIC Number On Geico Insurance?

Geico NAIC Number On Geico Insurance

If you are a Geico car insurance holder then there are various ways you can find the Geico NAIC number. For example, you can Google it to know the number. You can also visit the state insurance commissioner’s website or directly call the Geico insurance customer service number to know the NAIC number. Moreover, you can easily find the Geico NAIC number from your policy declarations page and your insurance ID card.

Key Takeaways

  • Geico insurance is the 2nd largest auto insurance company in the USA
  • You can use the Geico NAIC number to identify the car insurance provider of yours
  • You can easily find the Geico NAIC number on the insurance ID card
  • You can also find the Geico NAIC number online by visiting
  • The NAIC number of Geico is 22063

What is a Geico Insurance?

The Government Employees Insurance Company mostly known as Geico insurance is a very renowned American auto insurance company. Geico Insurance was first established in 1936 and currently, it is the 2nd largest auto insurance company in the USA after State Farm. In the USA auto insurance is a must if you want to drive your car. Moreover, if you require to file an insurance claim or a Department of Motor Vehicles report then you have to provide the Geico NAIC number to identify the company that holds your insurance policy.

What Is An NAIC Number?

NAIC stands for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. NAIC is an industry-specific organization and its main duty is to provide standard-setting and regulatory support. This organization was created and governed by the chief insurance regulators from the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners assigns a number to each individual underwriting company and this number is known as NAIC Number. The NAIC number is also known as “Company Number”.

How Can I Find The Geico NAIC Number On Geico Insurance?

Geico Insurance

It is not very difficult to find the Geico NAIC number on Geico Insurance. There are many ways you can find the number. The simplest way is to look for the number on the policy declaration page or on the insurance ID card. If you don’t have these documents then you can search the number on Google. For example, you can search “GEICO NAIC number” in Google and get the NAIC number. You can also visit from your computer browser. On the website, there is a search box. You can type the company name into that search box, select the business type, then click “Find a Company”. If you search for GEICO then the search will return multiple companies, including GEICO Advantage Ins. Co (# 14138), GEICO Secure Ins Co (# 14137), and Government Employees Ins Co (# 22063). From the answer, you have to find the required number of yours. Geico offers various policies, including property insurance, business insurance, car insurance, etc. Therefore, you have to make sure that you choose the right company and the number that corresponds to your auto insurance policy. If the above steps seem difficult for you then you can simply contact your car insurer and ask what their number is.

Geico NAIC Numbers

Company NameNAIC Number
Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO)22063
GEICO General Insurance Company35882
GEICO Indemnity Company22055
GEICO Casualty Company41491
GEICO Advantage Insurance Company14138
GEICO Choice Insurance Company14139
GEICO Secure Insurance Company14137
GEICO County Mutual Insurance Company29181
GEICO Marine Insurance Company37923

NAIC Numbers Of Top Insurance Companies

Company NameNAIC Number
21st Century Advantage Insurance Company25232
Erie Insurance26263
Farmers Insurance Exchange21652
Federal Insurance Company20281
First Liberty Insurance Corporation33588
GEICO General Insurance Company35882
Government Employees Insurance Company22063
Liberty Mutual23043
State Farm25178

Why Is The NAIC Number Important?

In many countries around the world, insurance companies are bound by either state standards or a basic set of federal regulations. In both cases, antitrust measures are already in place but some insurance is required to come from one provider. In the USA, Federal Corporation is the crown corporation and there is no substitute for car and motorcycle insurance. Having the NAIC number means there won’t be any state-level monopoly exists in the United States. Here the purpose of NAIC is to identify the companies’ rules and regulations that the companies need to comply with. Moreover, NAIC numbers are used to expedite the initiation of insurance claims. If you need to submit a DMV report or fill out a claim then you have to provide your insurance company’s NAIC number. This number allows the legal agency such as the police, DMV, or the other insurer, to simply enter the number in the procedure file to collect all relevant information about that insurer. So, the NAIC number makes the work easy for the insurance bearer, insurance claimer, legal agencies, etc.

FAQs About How To Find Geico NAIC Number On Geico Insurance

What Information Is Included In An Insurance Declaration?

Usually, the information on an insurance declaration page varies depending on the insurance company. However, there is some common information that you will find on each insurance declaration. They are – 

1. The name and address of the policyholder
2. The name and address of the insurer
3. Further details on how to contact the insurer
4. Type of the policy and what is covered under the policy
5. The validity period of the policy
6. Endorsements, additions, changes, and discounts of the policy

Is The Declaration Page Proof Of My Insurance?

Yes, the declaration page is proof of your insurance but you will also be sent an insurance card as proof that you can carry with you.

What Is The NAIC Code For Geico?

“35882” is the NAIC code for Geico.

Where Do I Find My NAIC Number On My Insurance Card?

The NAIC is a 5-digit number and you will find it on the insurance card. Usually, this number is not labeled but easily be spotted.

What Is The ADOT Insurance Code?

The ADOT insurance code identifies your insurance company to the state. If you need more information then you have to contact the insurance company.

What Is The Geico Insurance Code?

The Geico insurance code is 41491.

What Is A Progressive 5-digit ID Number?

The main Progressive NAIC number (5-digit ID number) is 24260.            

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