How To Get Hulu Free Trial Without A Credit Card? 10 Plus Options!


You can use alternative payment methods than a credit card to get Hulu’s 30 days free trial. For example, you can use your PayPal account to get the Hulu free trial. You can also use the Hulu gift cards instead of a credit card. You can also sign up for Disney+ and enjoy the 30 days free trial of Hulu.

Key Takeaways

  • In order to enjoy the 30-day free trial, you have to sign up for a Hulu plan
  • Hulu has three plans: No Commercials, Limited Commercials, Hulu with Live TV
  • Hulu has a monthly subscription of more than 12 million
  • There is no way you can enjoy the Hulu 30-day free trial without giving any payment information
  • You can sign up for a Spotify premium student account and enjoy the Hulu 30-day free trial

Overview of Hulu Plans

Hulu is one of the leading American premium streaming services with over 12 million monthly subscribers. They offer licensed on-demand TV shows, series, kids’ shows, movies, premium add-ons, and original content. It’s owned by The Walt Disney Company and Comcast and is available to watch on various devices.

To access Hulu, you have to sign up for one of its three plans:

1. No Commercials and get the first month free, then $11.99/month

2. Limited Commercials and get the first month free then $5.99/month for 12 months

3. Hulu with Live TV and get the first week free, then $39.99/month 

Can I Get A Hulu Free Trial Without My Credit Card Information?

 Hulu Free Trial

Just like most subscription services or other digital services nowadays, Hulu gives its customers a one-month trial for free.

So, you can take advantage of Hulu’s free 30-day trial before you commit through a subscription. 

After a month, if you have not canceled the subscription, you will be charged the regular rate per your chosen plan.

Unfortunately, you can’t get the free trial services without giving Hulu your payment information. The company mainly requires payment information to charge you once your free trial periods end, not unless you have to cancel before that time.

However, you don’t need to use a credit card if you are not comfortable with it. You can opt for one of the Express pay options provided when you sign up for the complimentary trials.

One of the options is PayPal; if you feel comfortable with your PayPal account, well and good, use it.

If you decide to cancel and don’t want to keep the free Hulu account after the trial, you’ll still have access to your tests before the period ends.

But we highly advise you not to do so. Since it can prevent you from getting the Hulu account in the future, plus if they catch you onto your trick, which is likely, you’ll have to set up your Hulu account every single month! 

This can be annoying and pretty tedious, especially when you want to get to your favorite movies and shows.

The free trials are an excellent idea to give your experience of services before you pay for Hulu Plus subscriptions. 

Important: You have to be eligible and new customers to access Hulu free trials. Meaning you need to be over 13 years and sign up with new emails that have never been used for these services.

10 Plus Options To Get Free Hulu Trial Without Credit Card

Apart from signing in to a new account by using other payment options provided such as PayPal to get a free Hulu trial, here are other options you can use without a credit card;

Option 1: Ask For Hulu Gift Cards

Are you aware that Hulu sells gift cards for its services? You can get them in places like Walmart, Walgreens, and Best Buy. Why don’t you ask your family and friends for Hulu gift cards for special occasions like your birthday if you want to have Hulu services for free?

Once you got a gift card, visit and enter the code, and hit redeem. You will create the Hulu account without linking your credit card to that account. Then log in to Hulu on your devices and start enjoying Hulu services.

Option 2: Share An Account With Your Friend

You’ll be surprised to know how many people get free streaming services since they choose to share accounts with their friends. You can also get this with Hulu! You may decide to share your Hulu and Netflix accounts. You’ll pay for Netflix while your friend pays for Hulu and vice versa. With that, you will get one of the services free either way.

The challenge only comes when you opt for the cheapest plan because you can only stream Hulu on one device at a time. Meaning you will not be able to watch something on Hulu at the same time as your friend. Unless now you come up with a schedule for watching that’s fair between you two or sign up for Hulu live plan that allows streaming two devices at a time.

Option 3: Sign Up For Disney +

If you like to get Disney + – Disney’s New Streaming Services with many Disney movies, TV classics, originals, plus the newest hits, then you can get your Hulu account for free.

You might be asking yourself how? As a new customer, when you sign up for Disney+, please take advantage of its new incredible bundle that offers Disney service plus Hulu and ESPN+! It will cost you $ 12.99 for all three. Separately, these services can cost you upto$17.97 per month. It seems you are almost getting Hulu for free when you bundle up. 

The exciting part is that Disney enables you to use a current Hulu account to get the deal. But if you’ve Hulu, pay whatever average charge you have for the bundle less your Hulu services. For even more savings, sign up for the bundle via inbox dollars if you have an account there and get $10! That’s equally an entire month bundle for free.

Option 4: Watch Hulu With Viggle

You will love Viggle if you like streaming Hulu. The free app will allow you to stream your favorite shows even on your top streaming networks such as Hulu and Netflix to earn rewards.

Turn on Viggle, watch whatever you like, and eventually, you will see your points rack up. As you watch Hulu, too, you will be earning rewards that feed your Hulu interest. Also, the app offers some features shows that you can watch for bonus points.

Option 5: Swagbucks

Swagbuck is where you earn money on many different online tasks, like shopping and playing games. They offer Hulu gift cards as one of their rewards. The reward of 2500 SBs available is a $25 Hulu card. You can earn that much in two months from Swagbucks via back shopping, surveys, or paid emails.

Earning such an amount at the same rate means you could quickly end up with a free subscription to Hulu every month with the plan for $ 7.99 or the program at $ 11.99. Apart from that, Swagbucks offers deals on its reward, enabling you to save even more while allowing you to get tips faster.

Option 6: Prize Rebel

This is yet another online common online reward site that pays in free Hulu gift cards if you choose it. Other prizes include steam cards, PayPal cash, visa rewards cards, plus 500 more if you don’t want Hulu cards at the moment. You can sign up for a free account and get rewards from things like paid offers, surveys, or referrals.

Option 7: Ebates

Ebates, also known as Rakuten, is a different site that works similarly to Swagbucks. They offer you Hulu deals which you can manage to get free of charge for a few months. The site provides a method to save, which is slightly different from Swagbucks.

Rather than giving you a Hulu card as a reward, they will provide you with a cashback upon signing up for the Hulu Plus subscription. Before signing up for free trials, visit Ebates first and click the partner link. It will direct you to Hulu, where you’ll sign up for an account. At the moment, the set is offering up to $25 cashback for a Hulu subscription.

Option 8: Sign Up For Spotify Premium Student

Students with premium Spotify premium can take advantage of a free Hulu account with their subscription. It’s a fantastic way for students to enjoy music and shows while saving money in the process.

A free trial of Spotify premium is available for a month for all students before subscription. After that, you pay $4.99 for Spotify premium and get Hulu plus SHOWTIME for free.

Option 9: Switch To Sprint Unlimited

Considers switching to sprint unlimited and getting Hulu if you are not 100% tied to your current phone plan and company. Apart from endless talking, and texting, you will also get a Mobile hotspot, HD video streaming, and a free Hulu account. However, it only works with Hulu’s primary version; any premium features such as Hulu live need extra cash.

Option 10: Coupons.Com is among the top popular online deals site, offering coupons on your favorite restaurants, retailers, and so on.  Sometimes the site offers promotional or discount codes for free trials of Hulu. Just bookmark Hulu on the site and be checking once in a while to see if there is anything new.

Other Options

1. Gamer Changer- reward sites

2. Groupon- discount sites

3. Fetch Rewards- an app

4. Idle Empire- Reward site

5. Coupon chief- similar to

6. RetailMeNot- offer coupons

7. Collect Microsoft rewards- reward sites

8. Try New App with FreeMyApps

9. Get a Hulu card cheaper using Microsoft rewards

10. Earn cashback with Ibotta

11. Use honey to get cashback with Hulu

12. Get a Blue cash reward card from American Express


Hulu is a premium streaming service with different options for the whole family. Its price, features, and content make it the top choice streaming service. Regularly, Hulu offers special discount events, and you can snatch it up at that bargain price. However, the 30-day free trial is a generous offer; you will not want to miss it with or without a credit card. Try the options provided and experience the Hulu services before you can commit through subscriptions. 



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