Proven Tips to Increase Guests Reviews for Your Hotel

How to get more guest reviews for hotel

Do you want to get more guest reviews?

Are you looking for the most effective ways to improve your hotel reviews as well?

Online reputation is the key for any hotel trying to attract more guests. And, guest reviews play an important role in your online success. As a result, the majority of hotel owners now seek to manage their property’s online reputation.

Today, travelers increasingly turn to online reviews when deciding where they should spend their holidays at.

A TripAdvisor study finds, “93% of travelers confirm that online reviews impact their booking decisions.” It further notes, “53% of travelers won’t book a hotel that doesn’t have any online reviews.”

As you can see from the statistics above, it’s crucial to have as many guests as possible leave reviews on many popular travel guide websites. In this article, I listed some proven ways you can be able to do so:

  1. Seek Reviews on Social Media – nowadays almost everyone has a profile on various social media sites. Ask people on social networking sites to leave their reviews and experiences about your hotel on popular travel guide sites. In exchange for their feedback, don’t forget to thank them. If you have a certain review website you’d like your guests to leave a review, specify it.
  2. QR Code QR code (Quick Response code) will allow a user to scan an obscure image. Upon scanning, it will send the user a website. A QR code is useful for people who do not bother typing in the website address. Put the QR code on your receipts, marketing collateral and paperwork.
  3. Ask Guests to Email – you may ask your guests to leave a post-visit email. Politely ask your guests to share feedback about their stay at your hotel. Once you have received their emails, you can ask their permission to publish feedback.
  4. Leave a Hotel Guest-Book Open – if someone leaves feedback in a hotel guestbook or a card, don’t keep the feedback where it is. Contact the guest by telephone or email and ask them to share their feedback with others online.
  5. Add Calls to Action – the guest reviews page on your website offer an excellent opportunity to add reviews about your hotel. Moreover, adding a call to action button prompt your guests to leave reviews.
  6. Ask Directly – don’t ever hesitate to ask your guests to leave reviews on the channels or websites that are important to you. Requesting a review at check-out is the perfect time to ask for reviews.
  7. Ask for Reviews through Online Travel Agencies and Social Media – Engage with your followers on social media channels and ask what kind of experiences they have with your hotel. Respond to those reviews ask them if they’d sharing positive feedback on a review site.
  8. Respond to Reviews Even When Negative – respond to guest reviews either publicly or privately. Even when you have an unhappy guest, respond to the person in a serious, but constructive way. Try to solve their issue or improve their experience as much as possible.
  9. Avoid Combative Replies – responding to a disgruntled guest will damage your hotel’s reputation. It may further alienate would-be guests. If possible, try to follow up with the unhappy guest offline.
  10. Do Not Incentivize Reviews – many hotel owners resort to offering some sort of incentive or reward in exchange of positive reviews, the tactic is highly discouraged. If revealed, review websites may flag your hotel.

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Guest reviews start to value more increasingly as they are impacting reservations. Guest reviews are really important as they can gain you a new guest or push one away too. In the article, I listed the proven tips you can implement to attract guest reviews.

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