Highest paying GIG Economy Jobs | List in USA with details

highest paying GIG Economy Jobs

The gig economy jobs is nothing but the employees can work on their flexible hours from anywhere at their own comfort zone and now a days the gig economy is attracting many USA people. There are 56.7 million users are working as a freelancers in the United States and according to the 2018 survey it is found that 6,000 USA workers up work as a freelancers where this represents that one in three U.S employees  35% of the numbers increased by 3.7 million in 5 years. Moreover the freelancers also tend to prioritize their lifestyle and culture according to their earnings where they have changed their lifestyle based on to their budget and this has been known in the survey that 64% of people live in this way.

Comparing to other jobs the gig economy jobs is found to be more in the USA country and it workers of this field job gets highest paying salary where they can lead a happy life. The working time is also less in this gig economy jobs moreover you can work anywhere at your own comfort where this is the benefit of the gig economy job. Due to this flexible nature of the working field has attracted the people of USA to work as a freelancer in the various digital technology fields.

Top highest paying GIG economy jobs in USA

Beyond just figuring out the lifestyle priorities and to be a successful gig economy workers or freelancer you must need to cultivate the right skills in you according to your job profile. Many of those skills just revolve around the technology and in order to pin point this you need to seek the skills of the workers who works as a freelancers. In general the small business analyzed data from the freelancing websites just includes the freelancer, guru, upwork, hubstaff and people per hour just to uncover the highest paying gig economy jobs. Following are the top 10 highest paying gig economy jobs available in the USA and here the workers work as a freelancer. They are.

  • Deep learning jobs/Artificial intelligence
  • Block chain architecture
  • Robotics
  • Ethical hacking
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Amazon web services lambda coding
  • Virtual reality
  • React.js developers
  • Final cut pro editors
  • Instagram marketing

 In addition to the above gig economy jobs there are also other kinds of gig economy jobs namely airbnb hosts and uber drivers where they will be earning the alary on the per hour basis where this is a effective one. As per the survey made it is found that the most of gig economy jobs focuses on finance, marketing, artificial intelligence and robotics where the number one job in the above top list of gig economy jobs is AI/deep learning that holds the average annual income of $239, 325 which is 4 times the USA country median household income of $59.039. In which the annual income of the lowest gig economy job on the list is $64,958 where thee freelancers working in the above gig economy jobs field can earn a great living.

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