Hotel School Vatel, France

Hotel School Vatel, France

First hotel school Vatel, created in 1981 in France, Vatel Paris capitalizes more than 30 years of experience and more than 8,000 students. It is located in the heart of the major Parisian urban development project. Now it has become one of the best institutions along with 35 campuses worldwide, located on 4 continents. Vatel’s group is the world’s leading Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

You know Paris is considered the most beautiful place in the world and remains unique and eternal. And the Hotel School Vatel is the most prestigious signs are all represented here. Paris was the first Vatel School. Today, it’s come with a unique and basic educational method: having theoretical courses followed by a professional experience.

Popular Courses

  • Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management
  • MBA in International Hotel Management

Main Campus Address

Hotel School Vatel,
122 rue Nollet 75017,
Paris (FR)
Email: [email protected]

Training Provision

  • 10 classrooms equipped with audiovisual equipment
  • A computer room
  • A plenary room equipped with audiovisual equipment

To achieve your desire training, each Vatel School had:

  • An application restaurant and/or hotel right on the Campus where students could check their knowledge
  • An application bar
  • Reception rooms
  • An application kitchen
  • A pastry shop
  • An application reception
  • And the Vatel Cafe, with a range of fresh, light meals and more.



Vatel’s School is internationally recognized by professionals in the field. In 2016, the institution won the legend of ʺBest Hospitality Management Schoolʺ, given by an international panel of judges from the business, tourism and communications sectors, at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards.

Vatel School now has 31 Schools, 8,000 students and 29,000 alumni around the world and also receive the same training based on a calculated and controlled balance between theory and professional experience. Most of the student, who are breathing a standard of the success of its teaching concept and make up the 1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

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