House Cleaning Business Cards – How To Distribute Cleaning Business Cards

House Cleaning Business Cards

House cleaning is a very lucrative and rewarding business therefore many people are now joining this business. The number of cleaning companies is increasing rapidly and so does the competition. Moreover, trust is a very important factor of this business hence it is quite easy to attract people of your city towards your business. When it comes to introducing your business, there is no better way than a business card. If you are wondering how to distribute cleaning business cards then keep reading this article.

There are many ways you can distribute cleaning business cards. You can give your business cards to past clients for future reference. You can also give cards to malls and food courts because these are crowded places and many people visit there. You can also contact the local book stores and slip your business card into books and magazines that are popular. You can also display your cards to common places like grocery stores, community centers, churches, etc.

What Is A Business Card?

What Is A Business Card

A business card is a type of printed card that contains some information about a business. Usually, a business card bears information about a company or individual. The information includes the name of the company/individual, professional occupation, company position, business address, phone number, email address, website address, etc. The main purpose of a business card is to represent the company brand. A business card not only conveys important personal contact information but is also the first exposure to the overall image of the business.

Importance Of Business Card For House Cleaning Business

For a house cleaning business, a business card works better than a brochure. Usually, it is better to give a business card to people you don’t know and haven’t asked for your expertise than a brochure. A business card makes a mental connection between the business, its brand, and contact information. In fact, a business card is the best way of introduction in personal situations. Moreover, business cards are the most effective direct marketing tool. Moreover, email marketing, search engine optimization, etc. might bring more leads but they still aren’t as effective as an in-person meeting with a business card exchange. If you are new in house cleaning business then a business card will be the first impression of your brand. You should try to make a creative business card because a creative business card will create a great impression and it is likely that people might show the card to others and your business will get free marketing.

How To Distribute House Cleaning Business Cards

Distribute House Cleaning Business Cards

Now that we know the importance of business cards for house cleaning business let’s check how we can distribute the business cards for maximum engagement. Designing and printing business cards won’t bring you any leads or new customers unless you distribute them properly. Below are some effective ways of distributing house cleaning business cards.

1. Past Clients

If your business has past clients then you should distribute business cards to them. Past clients are the perfect ambassadors to give out cards because they have received your service and there are chances they will refer your business to others. It is very tough to control word-of-mouth marketing but you can increase the effectiveness by distributing business cards. You can also keep track of which clients repeatedly send referrals your way so that you can give them more business cards to pass along to friends and family.

2. Malls And Food Courts

Many house cleaning business owners find it very difficult to find an audience to promote their business. But, with business cards, you can easily promote your business to a large audience from the malls or food court. These types of locations draw diverse crowds which are excellent for your cleaning business. People sit, stroll, and hang out in malls and food courts so they are more likely to stop and read your card during idle moments. Therefore, you should try to look for spots where people frequently rest or gather. For example, seating areas, food court tables, and condiment counters are great places to distribute your house cleaning business cards.

3. Books And Magazines Stores

You can also leave your cleaning business cards at the local books stalls. Usually, books and magazines are smart tools to connect with a highly focused audience. You can visit the local bookstalls or stores and find popular titles related to your industry and slip your business card into books and magazines. This is a great way to market your cleaning business.

4. Affiliate Businesses

You can make partnerships with various businesses and spread your business. You can contact small business owners related to your industry and create affiliate partnerships with them. You should research the market and identify non-competing partners who share your customer base and then swap cards to give one another referrals.

5. Public Bulletin Boards

Find the public bulletin boards in your area where people and business share their information. You can display a business card in places like – 

1. Grocery stores

2. mmunity centers

3. Libraries

4. College campuses

5. Churches

6. Chambers of Commerce

7. Gyms and recreational centers

8. Laundromats                 

6. Banks And ATMs

Banks And ATMs

You might find it a bit odd, but trust me banks and ATMs are also great places to distribute your house cleaning business cards and grow your business. Usually, these places have high traffic and draw people from a wide range of backgrounds. You can ask the bank manager if you can put a small stack of cards on lobby tables and check desks. Usually, people stand at check desks to fill out forms which are a great opportunity to share your business details.

7. Waiting Rooms

People wait in waiting rooms; it means this is also a great opportunity for you to distribute your business cards and attract new customers. People in waiting rooms are basically a captive audience so use these audiences to your advantage and put business cards on lobby tables and inside magazines. You can leave the business cards in waiting rooms that include – 

1. Doctors’ and vets’ offices

2. Hospitals

3. Restaurants

4. Airports and hotels

5. Train and bus stations

6. Hair and nail salons

7. Bookstore lounges

8. Retirement homes

9. Auto repair shops

10. Employment agencies

11. Local government buildings, etc.

8. Industry-specific Places

Every business has a different audience so every marketing idea might not work for all types of business. Therefore, you should try to identify the industry-specific places to target the right audience. For example, if you are a home cleaning business owner then you should target furniture, HVAC, or home improvement industry, etc. You can also target the real estate offices because they are a perfect fit to reach property owners in the market for your services. Moreover, you should distribute business cards in locations that produce great results to develop a long-lasting marketing strategy.

How To Design An Effective House Cleaning Business Card

A creative and effective business card will boost your company brand and attract more customers. Therefore, while designing your business card you should check the basic principles and elements of the card.

1. Card Design

This is a very important part of a business card because an attractive design will create a good first impression for your business. Try to pick a unique and creative design for your house cleaning business card. If you fail to grasp the attention of the card reader then your business card will be meaningless.

2. Card Sections

Usually, a business card has three main elements. They are the heading, middle and lower torso. So, you have three sections to convey the message and attract potential customers. Try to get more attraction for your card by making your card’s layout more unique.

3. Keep The Design Simple

Simple is best therefore don’t make your business card complex and try to include only the most important information. People don’t want to know what you are selling; they only want to know how you can help them. Therefore, include information that the customer wants to know and makes them want to call you. 

4. Include The Website And Social Media

Now people check everything online. Therefore, you should include your website and other social media profile to make your business more trustable. This information will tell the potential customers where to go to get more information about your house cleaning business.

5. Use Both Card Sides

You should use both sides of your business card to provide full contact information of your business, share some features of your business and also include special offers of your various services. Don’t waste the space of your business card because it is a valuable marketing tool that will convince potential customers to call you.

Final Thoughts

Finally, a unique and well-designed business card showcases your business as a professional business and provides a way for you to sell your services wherever you are. You can follow the above tricks to distribute your house cleaning business cards effectively and quickly grow your house cleaning business!



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