How Can I Get The Mage Bank In RuneScape?

Mage Bank In RuneScape

In RuneScape, if you reach level 60, then you will be able to access the Mage Arena. There is a Mage Bank available in Mage Arena and you will find it north of Lava Maze and west of Deserted Keep. If you travel north of the Mage Arena, then you will find a little broken-down house. It’s the Mage Bank. Make sure you approach the bank carefully because there might be player killers waiting. Remove all the waves in the house and pull the lever on the wall of the house and you will be teleported into a small cave. The small cave is referred to as the Mage Bank.

Key Takeaways

  • RuneScape also known as RuneScape 3 is a very popular and unique Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) role-playing game developed and published by Jagex
  • RuneScape supports various platforms including a Web browser, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Java, iOS, Android, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems
  • In the North of Mage Arena, there is a bank and it is known as Mage Bank
  • The best part of Mage Arena is, it is a single-combat zone
  • If you have level 60 or higher magic then you can enter the Mage Arena

Details Of Mage Arena

The Mage Arena is a Free-to-Play mini-game of RuneScape where the players have to fight Kolodion, the master of battle magic. The Mage Arena has many player killers and when you are fighting with Kolodion, you are not safe from PKers. The best part of Mage Arena is, it is a single-combat zone so as long as you are fighting Kolodion, there is nothing to worry about. However, it is strongly recommended that you should bank all the items first and then travel to the Mage Arena. This way, if you die in the Mage Arena won’t lose valuable items.

Requirements To Enter Mage Arena

If you have level 60 or higher magic then you can begin the Mage Arena. To start, head out into level 53 Wilderness and watch out for player killers. You can use the Ardougne Teleport Lever or Edgeville Teleport lever to teleport to the Deserted Keep and this way you will be able to save some time. When entering Mage Arena make sure you have – 

1. An inventory of high-healing food as well as a few prayer potions

2. You must have at least 37+ prayer

3. Use an Avernic wand because of its attack speed and unlimited air rune supply

4. You need 60+ Magic to participate in Mage Arena

5. If you have a magic level of 80+ and a polypore staff, then you can use cheap prayer equipment

Details Of Mage Bank

The Mage Bank is located at the north of the Mage Arena and there is a rune store run by Lundail, a bank run by Gundai, and Kolodion. Kolodion is a non-player character who must be talked to in order to start the Mage Arena minigame. First, you have to talk with Kolodion and after a long dialog you will end up fighting him. As long as you are in the cave, you will remain safe from Player Killers and can teleport. While visiting Mage Bank, it is highly recommended to take:

1. Mystic Top and/or bottom OR Splitbark and/or a Farseer helm or any other mage boosting armor

2. Air staff (Staff of air, Air battle staff, or Mystic air staff)

3. 15 lobsters

4. 100 Death runes will do

5. A weapon with Slash Attack

6. Elemental runes to cast the spell 

7. 1 defense potion and 1 prayer potion

If you do not have Mystic, Splitbark, or a Farseer helm, then you should bring the following armor:

1. Hat (Canifis) (or Gnome hat; both have better magic stat than Wizard)

2. Blue wizard shirt (or Zamorak robe top)

3. Zamorak skirt

4. Leather gloves (or armored gloves if you have them)

5. Leather boots (or Wizard boots if you have them) 

Quick Overview Of Mage Bank

Start PointTalk to Kolodion at the Mage Arena bank located in level 53 Wilderness.
Official DifficultyExperienced
Official LengthMedium
Requirements60 Magic
Items requiredRunes to fight Kolodion
Enemies to defeatKolodion in the form of a Black Demon (level 112)
Ironman concernsThis quest requires travel to the deep, level 56 Wilderness

FAQs About How Can I Get The Mage Bank In RuneScape?

Is There A Bank In Mage Arena?

Yes, there is a bank in Mage Arena and it is known as Mage Bank. It is one of two banks in the entire Wilderness. The other bank is located in the Ferox Enclave. The Mage Bank is one of the few areas in the Wilderness where players cannot attack other players.

Can You Be Attacked In Mage Arena?

The Mage Arena is a single combat zone therefore if you are fighting a mage then you’re safe. Moreover, if you are casting the spells then you won’t be attacked by the god’s cape you are wearing.

Is The Mage Arena Safe?

No, the Mage Arena is not safe. There are many player killers available so you have to be careful about them while you entire in the Mage Arena.

What Level Should I Be For Mage Arena 2?

If you want to entire Mage Arena 2, then you must have a magic level of 75. Moreover, you must have the ability to cast Saradomin Strike, Flames of Zamorak, and Claws of Guthix.

How Do You Get God Staff Osrs?

In order to get the God Staff Osrs, you have to defeat Kolodion the mage in all of his forms. Then you have to pick a god to worship to receive a cape and the staff corresponding to that god. If you choose another god then you can purchase the staff from the Chamber Guardian for 80,000 coins.

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