How Do Employees Call In Sick At Walmart? (All You Need To Know!)

Employees Call In Sick At Walmart

The idea of employees calling in sick at work is not a strange concept as it happens in many companies, and Walmart is not an exception. A Walmart employee can call in sick by calling the Walmart call in sick phone number on 1-800-775-5944.

Key Takeaways

  • As a Walmart employee, you have to provide the WIN (Walmart Identification Number) when you contact Walmart’s call in sick number
  • You also have to provide your birth date if you want to call in sick at Walmart
  • You have to call the Walmart call in sick number at least 3 hours before your shift begins
  • If you call the number after your shift has begun, you may get absence

Things You Will Need To Call In Sick At Walmart

Call In Sick At Walmart

As a Walmart employee, you will need to provide some details when you call the number to ensure that the associates and representative can give you the best help.

Some of the things you will need include:

1. Your WIN: WIN stands for Walmart Identification Number, and it is expected that every Walmart employee has this number. Once you start working at Walmart, you will get a Walmart Identification Number. So, you will need to provide this number when you contact Walmart’s call in sick number. It helps the associate to identify the person calling so that they can effectively help the employee. Suppose you cannot remember your WIN. You can always use the OneWalmart website to check and get your WIN. Unfortunately, you won’t find the calling in sick process easy if you cannot provide your WIN as it proves that you are an actual Walmart employee.

2. Birthdate: Interestingly, we see that a Walmart employee would also have to provide their birth date when they desire to call in sick. Understandably, some people may feel that it isn’t necessary to provide a birth date. However, such a process is important to avoid impersonation. For example, a fellow employee may have your WIN and would want to use your details to call in sick. To avoid such a case, it comes in handy to provide your birth date as it is a verification stage to ensure that no one uses your details. And, of course, we know that it would be impossible to get your birth date wrong. 

3. Store Number: The Walmart call-in sick number is a general number for all Walmart employees and is not unique to any particular store. Of course, we can all agree that there are numerous available Walmart stores, meaning that Walmart has many employees. Thus this comes in handy to ask for the number store as that is how they can connect the employee with their particular store. Once you call the number, you will be asked for your store number to connect you easily to your store manager. Therefore, they eliminate the chances of mistaking an employee for the wrong store location. Knowing your store number as a Walmart employee always comes in handy.

How To Call In Sick As A Walmart Employee

As a Walmart employee, the organization understands that there are times you may need to miss work because of an illness. Therefore, they have Walmart call in sick number 1-800-775-5944 to help employees make the process easier.

However, it is best to note that it is appropriate to contact this number before your shift. If you call the number after your shift has begun, you may get absence points as a consequence. So we advise that you call the number at least 3 hours before your shift begins.

When you call this number, you will be asked for your details like your birth date, WIN and store number. These details are for verification to ensure that they can rightfully help the employee. 

Once everything has been confirmed, the employee will get a confirmation code to connect the employee with their store manager. When the store manager is connected, the manager will request the confirmation code. Therefore, the confirmation code is important. From there, you can explain the details of your situation to your store manager and get a proper permit to be away from work.

Some people often ask if a word of mouth conversation with their colleague will suffice. For example, they told a colleague that they were sick and could not make it to work. So, they want to know if it is still important to call the Walmart sick number.

Allow us to tell you that telling your colleague is not a proper way of taking sick permission. Therefore, you need to call the Walmart sick number and go through due processes.

In addition, the phone line is not always available. So, you need to call when the line is open to speak with an associate. It is important to note that the phone line opens at 8 am and closes at 5 pm. If you call at a time that doesn’t fit this schedule, no one will answer the call.

Others Ways Of Reporting An Absence

Another way of reporting an absence is through the OneWalmart website. OneWalmart is the platform for every Walmart associate, and you can use it also to report an absence.

It makes it easy for those who cannot get through to anyone when they call the call-in sick number. Once you get on the platform, you will see the section to report an absence.

Therefore, a Walmart employee has no excuse for not reporting an absence properly.

Times When You Can Call In Sick

Some of the situations when you can call in sick at Walmart are:

1. When You Are ill: A Walmart employee can call in sick when ill as they would not have the energy to make it to work. It could even be that you are in the hospital and have to stay for some days or weeks. Therefore, you can call in sick to take sick leave permission.

2. When A Family Member Is ill: A Walmart employee can also call in sick if they have a sick family member. Understandably, you could be the one taking care of the sick relative, so you would need time away from work. Walmart doesn’t want a situation where its employees cannot be there for their families. Therefore, you can take sick leave if any of your relative falls ill. 

3. When You Have Been Exposed To A Fast-spreading Disease: We also see that Walmart employees can call in sick if they have been exposed to a fast-spreading disease. For example, Covid has been ravaging society lately, and many people have been exposed to it. Thus, any Walmart employee exposed to Covid can take sick leave as Walmart doesn’t want to infect other employees. It is a safety precaution that they ensure not to compromise.

Walmart Absence Point 

Walmart’s absence point is a system to ensure that Walmart employees do not goes late to work. Therefore, if a person misses their shift or goes late, they would get absence points.

Typically, a Walmart employee can be fired if they earn up to 5 absence points. Most Walmart employees are already familiar with this system as they learn about it during their orientation program. So, they ensure not to earn deduction points. It is always best to place a call across to a store manager, even if you will be running late.

An employee gets half a point if they are 30 minutes late for their shift and gets 1 point if they miss it.

Below are the different caution stages employees will face:

1. Oral Communication: It is the first stage of warning that the employee will face. It could probably be that the store manager decides to orally caution the employee and warn them not to be late or miss their shifts again. Sometimes, the manager may even pardon the employee and not deduct any deduction points.

2. First Written Communication: The next step would be a written warning to the person, and you can tell that it is getting serious at this point. Here, it means that the person continued defaulting even after the oral warning. So, the employee gets a first written warning telling them that there may be dire consequences if they continue.

3. Second Written Communication: If the employee continues defaulting, they will get a second written communication that’s more stern, telling them to quit such action immediately. It is expected to take this warning seriously as their job is already on the line.

4. Termination: At this stage, it is assumed that the employee already has five absence points and they have refused to heed warnings. So, the manager serves them a termination letter according to Walmart rules.


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

How Do I Call In Sick For Walmart Online?

If you prefer to use an online medium to call in sick, you can use OneWalmart. It is the platform for anything Walmart-related and the only platform that enables you to call in sick online.

Can You Get Fired If You Call In Sick

If you follow due procedures to call in sick, you will not get fired. However, if you go against the regular rules, you can get fired.

How Many Absences Are Allowed In Walmart?

As a Walmart employee, you can only get 5 absences within six months. Anything more than that would lead to the termination of the contract.


Walmart employees can always call in sick via 1-800-775-5944 or the OneWalmart platform.


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