How Do I Find My Schedule From Walmart? (Find Out Now!)

Find My Schedule From Walmart

As a Walmart employee, the organization usually releases a working schedule two weeks before. You can find it on the OneWalmart website or the My Walmart Schedule app.

Key Takeaways

  • you can find your schedule from Walmart through the OneWalmart website or by downing the My Walmart Schedule application
  • According to the feedback of many Walmart employees, the My Walmart Schedule application has a boring interface
  • Walmart employees usually have a flexible working schedule
  • Walmart promises to donate up to $5000 to an employee who adopts a new family member

Why Is The My Walmart Schedule Application Not As Popular As OneWalmart?

Whenever we tell people that they can get their schedule from the My Walmart Schedule application or OneWalmart, they are usually confused. It could be the first time they hear about the My Walmart Schedule application. 

Yes, this application isn’t as popular as the OneWalmart website. After all, the OneWalmart website concerns itself with everything about Walmart, while the My Walmart Schedule application is for only employees’ schedules. 

However, other reasons why the application isn’t as popular include:

1. It often crashes: Everyone agrees that it is frustrating when an app crashes always. People will say that the application isn’t reliable when such always happens. Over time, many people about this application always crashing, saying it was not a reliable way of always accessing the schedule. Therefore, people tend to ignore it and not recognize the application as a place to get the schedule. Due to such a negative portrayal, we saw that the popularity of this application was reduced. Even until now, there are still issues with the application sometimes. Therefore, Walmart must ensure consistency with this application to rise back to its status. 

2. It has a boring interface: Many people also complain that the My Walmart Schedule application has a boring interface. Thus, they cannot recommend it for others to use. When people go on this application, there is no interesting factor to keep them hooked. Most times, they end up closing the application and not even doing what took them there in the first place. In addition, they also say it is hard and confusing to navigate the application. These are complaints that many people hope Walmart rectifies. Once all these are in place, we are sure that more people will know about this application and utilize it effectively. 

As you can see, it is easier going on the OneWalmart website. However, both options are effective for getting your Walmart schedule. 

Benefits Of Working At Walmart 

Benefits Of Working At Walmart 

Walmart employees usually enjoy numerous benefits that aren’t limited to having a flexible working schedule. Other benefits which they enjoy include: 

1. Training Support: The world is moving training, and it is always best to get on this train and get along with the program. Many people complain that they cannot keep up with the world’s technological advancement due to their busy schedules as their work doesn’t give them enough time. However, you cannot get such a complaint from a Walmart employee as the organization concerns itself with the growth of its employees. We often see that Walmart brings in experts to train their employees and update them with the latest technological means. It is impossible to work at Walmart and not learn something new regularly. Augmented Reality (AR), In-store practice, Machine Learning, and AI, Microlearning, and Virtual Reality (VR) are some aspects they cover in the training. And, you can agree that these are some of the top technology aspects people are aiming to learn globally. 

2. Paid Leave Periods: It is normal to see people going on leave in many organizations. After all, you cannot expect a worker to work round the clock annually without taking a break, and the person will not break down. So, it is normal for offices to let their employees go on leave. But sadly, we see that not all organizations pay their employees during their leave periods. These organizations believe that the employees should not be paid since they are not working during their period. However, Walmart isn’t like these organizations as Walmart lets its employees enjoy free leave periods. In addition, we see that they also give maternal and parental leave to their employees. For example, a new mother is eligible for up to 16 weeks of paid leave, and they also give parental paid leave irrespective of gender. Walmart also promises to refund up to $5000 for an employee who adopts a new family member. 

3. Healthcare Plans: Are you under any healthcare insurance plan? If not, allow us to tell you that you can enjoy healthcare coverage as a Walmart employee. Walmart strives to provide healthcare assistance to its employees and their families. Such healthcare plans include access to nurse care managers and healthcare advisors. We see that they also engage some of the best hospitals as their partners. Therefore, you can be sure of receiving high-quality healthcare management. John Hopkins hospital and Mayo clinic are some of their partners. Some people say that healthcare plans from organizations usually do not have wide coverage. However, we see that Walmart’s healthcare plans cover even surgeries, depending on your situation. Company-paid life insurance, accidental death dismemberment insurance, critical illness insurance, short- and long-term disability insurance, and business travel accident insurance are also some of the benefits under the healthcare plans. 

4. Financial Stability: The same way Walmart concerns itself with the healthcare of its employees is the same way it is concerned about the finances of its employees. Of course, one might want to argue and ask what else Walmart can do. After all, it pays its employees their salaries when due. However, allow us to tell you that this organization goes out of its way for its employees. Therefore, we see they offer a 10% shopping discount to employees on some selected items. In emergencies, it is also possible for employees to get their paycheck ahead of the stipulated time. In addition, there is also a 6% 401(k) match to all employees, including hourly workers, after one year. Some people say that Walmart employees enjoy it, and we agree with this claim. The organization also provides discounts to its employees on their travel and cellphone expenses and even lets them buy company stocks. 

5. Access To Opportunities: Walmart gives opportunities to its employees in different ways. One way we see it play out is during their transition programs. We see that they accept people of all backgrounds, irrespective of their level of education or experience, and these people are also classified as their employees. With time, they train these people and allow them to transition to higher roles within the organization. Therefore, it isn’t inappropriate to say that Walmart gives its employees access to opportunities. Walmart isn’t a company that puts barriers on its employees, and it also allows for career advancement. It is one of the reasons why many people wish to work in the organization. 

6. Learning Of Values: Every company has its values, and Walmart isn’t an exception. Therefore, you get to learn and imbibe some values when you are a Walmart employee. We are not saying that you won’t have values already as an individual. However, you get to learn and live by more values when you are a Walmart employee, which helps in self-development. You will see that you will become a better person and more valuable to society. Walmart has changed the lives of many employees through its value system, and they are proud of it. They ensure to work with these values to serve customers effectively. 

Below Is A Table Of Some Terminologies You Should Be Familiar With As A Walmart Employee

Walmart Terminologies Meaning
Morning report It is a daily performance report usually presented by various departments in the mornings. 
Cust It is a term Walmart employees use within themselves to describe customers. 
Wire Walmart wire is a platform for employees that contains all information relating to the organization. 
DMIt is a term for the departmental managers who present the morning reports. 


Commonly asked questions about Walmart schedule are:

What is the new Walmart Schedule App? 

The My Walmart Schedule app is the new Walmart schedule app, and you can use it to find your schedule as an employee. 

How can I change my availability schedule at Walmart?

You would need to discuss this with the manager or HR, and most times, there is a form you need to fill out. 

Can Walmart Schedule Me Out Of My Availability? 

Walmart will not schedule you out of your availability. However, they can ask you if you can work out of your availability. But they will not impose it on you. 


As a Walmart employee, you can find your schedule from Walmart through the My Walmart Schedule app or the OneWalmart website. 


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