How Do I Get A Copy Of A Pay Stub From Walmart? (All You Need To Know!)

Pay Stub From Walmart

Walmart makes it easy for its employees to get a copy of a pay stub from the OneWalmart website. The idea here is to ensure transparency between the employer (Walmart) and the employees. 

Key Takeaways

  • If you want to get a copy of a Pay Stub then you have to visit to get access to your pay stub
  • Some companies ask for Pay Stub for the verification process
  • If you are planning to move from Walmart to a new company then you might have to provide the Walmart Pay Stub for the documentation process
  • The Pay Stub is important for both employees and employers

How To Get A Pay Stub From Walmart 

Pay Stub From Walmart 

Employees and even past employees of Walmart usually ask how they can get their Pay Stub from Walmart. We often have them ask if they need to go to a Walmart store for the pay stub or get it online. 

So, allow us to tell you that you can get your Pay Stub online from the comfort of your homes. Yes, you do not need to stress before getting your Pay Stub. 

All you need to do is go on the OneWalmart website, and you can access your pay stub. There, you will see links directing you to get the pay stub.

It is always best to remember that OneWalmart is for everything that concerns Walmart and its associates. 

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Pay Stub 

It is always best to have a copy of your pay stub. Some of the reasons why you should get your pay stub are:

1. For Documentation Purposes: A pay stub is a document that an employer gives to employees. So, it is best to have records of your documents as you can never tell when a need for it will arise. Typically, people are always advised to keep records of all their documents carefully, and a pay stub is not an exception. The idea here is to ensure that you do not go around panicking when there is a demand for the pay stub. For example, a new organization asks to see the pay stub of your previous company (Walmart). It would be best if you already have this document to easily present. But if you do not have it down, you will start panicking and looking for how to get it, which might be stressful. Fortunately, Walmart has made it easy for its employees to easily get this document from the OneWalmart website whenever they desire. 

2. For Verification Purposes: Have you ever been in doubt about the pay you received from your employer? How did you resolve it? We often see that some employees have a book where they record their earnings, and they use it to confirm what they get paid at the end of the month. However, you can also use your pay stub for verification as it has all the information you need. If you think that you were underpaid from your calculations, you can use a pay stub to get more clarity. For example, you think your pay for the month was $100 less than what you were supposed to get. When you check your pay stub, you might see a certain tax you were supposed to pay that you forgot to include in your calculation. Therefore, a pay stub is always there to give employees clarity. 

3. For Tax Purposes: People often make the mistake of assuming that a pay stub is only useful to employees. Of course, a pay stub is a document that an employer presents to employees. However, it is important to note that the pay stub always comes in handy for employers. The same way a pay stub is important to employees is the same way it is important to employers. If you are confused, allow us to explain how it works. The idea here is that the employer can use the pay stub for tax purposes. After all, it should be common knowledge that a company or organization has to pay tax, and there would be a need for certain documents. For example, the tax body could ask for all the employees’ pay stubs, and the employer has to provide the documents. So, employers also make use of pay stubs for tax purposes. 

4. It Serves As Proof Of Income: Understandably, there are times when you might need to present proof of income or employment. You can use a pay stub to run the verification in such cases. For example, you are trying to apply for a loan, and they ask you to provide proof of employment. Of course, you cannot expect that they will give you the loan without verifying an income or employment means as they want to ensure that you can pay back the loan. So, if you are a Walmart employee in such a situation, you can give them your pay stub as proof. You do not need to worry anymore when people ask you for proof of income or employment, as your pay stub will always come in handy. At first, a pay stub might not seem important. However, you can now see how it is helpful, especially in times of distress.

5. It Is Informative: Some employees might never know how much they pay on tax, contributions, and other contributions during their work period. And, such is not recommended as it is always good to be knowledgeable. Sadly, we see that some employees work and wait for their pay monthly. Then, when the money gets in, they are comfortable with the amount and do not care how much was deducted to land at the present paid amount. For example, your employer is supposed to pay you $500 monthly. However, you get $380 monthly. Are you not curious to know what happened and the deductions made? Of course, it won’t be appropriate to confront your employer about it as there is a document called a pay stub. Instead, you need to consult your pay stub and check through all the items. From there, you can tell how much was deducted and what it covered. 

Understanding Your Pay Stub 

Below are some of the items contained in a pay stub:

1. Net Pay: The employees’ net pay will always be on the pay stub. We can even say it is one of the top essentials on the pay stub, or the document will be invalid. Net pay refers to the employees’ money after everything has been deducted. Recall we gave an example of someone supposed to earn $500 monthly but gets $380. The $380, in this case, is the person’s net pay and you can also call it the take-home pay. It is the amount left after the employer has made all the necessary deductions. 

2. Insurance: The concept of insurance isn’t strange to anyone, and we see that most people pay for insurance in one way or another. For some employees, we see that their employer provides an insurance plan for them. So, the employer deducts the amount for the insurance from their pay. Therefore, it will also reflect on the pay stub as there has to be a record of the amount they are paying for the insurance. The insurance plan an employer can provide for employees varies, so we cannot generalize. However, medical, automobile, life, and dental insurance are some of the commonest you will get within organizations. 

3. Retirement Savings: Of course, you do not expect to work forever as you will have to retire at a point. However, what is your plan for retirement? It is always right to have a retirement savings plan while working. So, we see employees signing up for some retirement savings plans, opting for the amount to be deducted from their pretax. Therefore, there will also be a record of this on a pay stub to show why a certain sum or amount is not a part of your pay. Some common retirement savings plans are traditional IRAs and 401(k)s.

Below Is A Table Summarizing Other Items You Can Find On A Pay Stub.

Gross Pay It is the salary amount agreed between an employer and an employee. Therefore, it is the amount payable before deductions are made. 
Total HoursYou will see that the total hours worked by an employee are always recorded on a pay stub. It helps show transparency and accountability. 
TaxesA pay stub usually has records of an employee’s taxes. Some of these taxes include federal, state, and local taxes. 


Some of the frequently asked questions about Walmart pay stubs are:

Can I Get My Walmart Pay Stub Online?

Yes, you can get your Walmart to pay stub online by going on the OneWalmart website. You will see links that direct you to get the pay stub.

How Do I Get My Walmart Pay Stub If I Do Not Work There Anymore? 

Even if you are not a current Walmart employee, you can get your pay stub from the OneWalmart website. It is available to both present and past employees. 

When Can You See Your Walmart Pay Stub? 

Typically, you get to see it after it is processed. So, your paystub for the month is available on OneWalmart 72 hours after payday. 


Getting your Walmart to pay stub is easy as all you need to do is go on the OneWalmart website. 


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