How Do I Get My WIN Number For Walmart? (All You Need To Know!)

WIN Number For Walmart

 You can get your WIN number for Walmart by visiting and logging in with your credentials. After that, click “View Full Profile” under your name. Then, click the “Edit Profile & Security Settings” button. You’ll see your WIN number for Walmart under the “Login Information” section. 

Key Takeaways

  • A Walmart identification number, also known as WIN, is a special identification code that Walmart assigns to you when you start working with them
  • You can easily find the Walmart Identification Number or WIN on your registration receipt
  • Sedgwick’s automated phone system (800-492-5678) will help switch you to the associate information line which helps you report the absence to Walmart

How Do I Find My Win Number For Walmart Without Contacting Them 

Basically, you’ll be able to find your Walmart Identification Number or WIN on your registration receipt. The receipt we’re talking about will be given during your registration as an employee at Walmart. A standard registration receipt for employees at Walmart has the following information; Full name: Email: And contact Number: But in asterisk Customer ID: Walmart Identification Number(WIN). As an employee, it is ideal to contact Walmart to get the WIN if you’ve misplaced your receipt. By the way, Walmart has your personal information and account number, so it will be easier for them to create a WIN number for you. For faster transactions, go to the store or call them on phone. 

Walmart has a regular routing number which is 084003997, and you can locate it at the back of the card. If you want to request your routing number and the account number on the card, you’ll need to call customer service through a contact number found on Walmart’s webpage. Login to with your credentials. There, you’ll find your routing number and the account number. 

How Do I Call In Sick At Walmart Without The Number?

Call In Sick At Walmart Without The Number

Generally, we’re all humans and it’s normal to miss work occasionally due to some ongoing medical treatments, medical conditions, and other unforeseen circumstances. Walmart provides its employee with intermittent leave which determines the duration of the anticipated absences. It helps the company to know the length of each absence, whether it will be once each week for up to two days or how often you may be away from work. Besides, there are instances where an intermittent leave specifies reduced hours of work. 

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) offers some employees up to two months of unpaid, job-protected leave per year. However, you need to be eligible for FMLA to enjoy an intermittent leave under the leave of absence policy of most organizations in the United States. Regardless, your eligibility for an intermittent leave will be unsuccessful if you’re not qualified for FMLA. 

Nevertheless, it is still very possible to submit a request to the ASC, meaning, Accommodation Service Center, to be considered for a short intermittent leave from work under the accommodation in employment scheme in the United States. The eligibility for your request will be reviewed and assessed by the Accommodation Service Center. You may be approved for the leave, and that’s if you’re suffering from certain medical conditions. It is advisable to Sign up for 2-step verification at work before your leave of absence. So, while you’re away, you’ll be able to have secure and quick access to your payroll information, benefits, and claims. 

What You Need To Do While On Intermittent LOA At Walmart Without WIN

Firstly, make sure you make a statement about your absence from work to Sedgwick and your manager. Let your manager be aware of the scheduled time for your intermittent leave. Also, any scheduled time you miss due to your intermittent leave should be reported. This can be done by calling Sedgwick at 800-492-5678 at any time on business days or through mySedgwick.

Sedgwick’s automated phone system will help switch you to the associate information line which helps you report the absence to Walmart. If you don’t want Sedgwick to deny your absence, you have to report an absence to Sworstck for an intermittent leave within two calendar days of the absence. Keep in mind that you’ll be held accountable if Sedgwick denies your absence. 

Recertify Your Health Condition

To update your medical information, you might be asked to do a recertification. Furthermore, the frequency and durations reported in your original medical certification aren’t supposed to be exceeded. But if worse comes to worst, you’ll then have to resort to recertification. The good thing is that Sedgwick will send you a request when recertification is required. The request sent by Sedgwick to your doctor should be filled and returned to Sedgwick within 3 weeks. 

Reduced Hours Leave

You might be required to only work a part of your shift for a while as per your health conditions. Besides, the number of hours or shifts you can work per day or week will be specified by a reduced-hour leave. You must report any time you missed from your “reduced” schedule to Sedgwick. 


We’ve made a list of the frequently asked questions and answers about the WIN number for Walmart. Let’s check them out for a better understanding of the topic. 

How Many Points Is Calling In At Walmart?

An absence means working less than half of your scheduled shift according to Walmart. Besides, one unauthorized absence is one point. It is not advisable to call in so many times at Walmart. 

What’s My Walmart Employer Code?

As an employer at Walmart, your Wal-Mart Company code = 10108 Page 2 2. 

Is Your WIN Number On Your Badge?

Yes. A lot of employees at Walmart wonder if their WIN numbers are on their badges. Well, it is! If you scan the time clock barcode on the back of your badge and remove the last number and the first two numbers, you’ll be left with your WIN number. Try this out and you’ll be surprised at the result. 

How Many Digits Is The WIN Number Walmart?

The WIN number for Walmart has 9 digits. You should know there’s an error when the number is less or more than 9 digits. 

How Do I Find My Walmart Start Date?

As a new employee, you need to locate your start date at Walmart. To know your hire date, the number of your write-ups, and overall performance, then go to the Wire > Me @ Walmart > Career Preferences > My info. 

How Do I Call Walmart Without My WIN Number?

What you need to do is ask for a manager when you contact the store. The manager will help you get your WIN. Perhaps, we suggest you contact the IVR to actually call out. Besides, if you’re already signed up, you won’t need a WIN to call in while using WalmartOne to call out. 

How Do I Sign Up For 2 Step Verification At Walmart?

To sign up for 2 step verification at Walmart, click the Walmart Spark that’s placed at the top-left corner of the page. After that, you’ll be required to follow the 2-Step Verification process to log in. Besides, signing up for 2 step verification requires you to be at a Walmart location. So, find a Walmart location in your city when signing up for 2 step verification at Walmart. 

How Late Can You Call In At Walmart?

You can only call in late at Walmart before 5 pm. Besides, you can call in to report an absence in the following ways: seeing the HR one-on-one and reporting the situation directly or calling the store/store manager to report an absence. Furthermore, you can only get across the store/store manager or the HR when you call between 9 Am and 5 Pm. To phone them, call the official “Walmart Associate Hotline”. 

How Do I Get My WIN Number For Walmart? 

You can get your WIN number for Walmart by visiting and log in your credentials. After that, click the “View Full Profile” under your name. Then, click the “Edit Profile & Security Settings” button. You’ll see your WIN number for Walmart under the “Login Information” section. 

How Many Times Can You Call In Sick At Walmart?

In your first 6 months of hire, you’re only given 4 occurrences. Besides, a call-in is an occurrence. However, an employee is given 9 occurrences after the first 6 months of hire. Walmart might terminate your employment contract if you go over the 9 occurrences. 

Closing Thoughts 

A WIN number is a unique identification code that Walmart allocates to their employees when they start working with them. The WIN number helps to protect employees’ personal information. Just like we said earlier, you can get your WIN number for Walmart by following the steps listed in the body of this article. We’ve reached the final session of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know how to get your WIN number for Walmart. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!



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