How Do I Stop Getting Capital One Offers in the Mail – The Details

How Do I Stop Getting Capital One Offers in the Mail

Pre Approval credit card offers are very common but it can become a very annoying thing when you receive a bulk amount of this type of email daily. So, if you are tired of spending your valuable time sorting Capital One offers in the mail then the below information will be very helpful for you. Below I have shared a few proven methods that will help you stop getting Capital One offers in the mail. Let’s check them out!

6 Ways to Stop Getting Capital One Offers in the Mail

Ways to Stop Getting Capital One Offers in the Mail

Filling your inbox with spam emails or various offer mails is very frustrating but you will be very happy to hear that there are six great options available to stop Capital One offers or any other spam mails. They are – 

  • Call the Opt-Out Number
  • Notify the Major Credit Bureaus
  • Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service
  • DMA’s Email Preference Service
  • Contact the FTC if Mail Doesn’t Stop
  • Use a Nonprofit Service

1. Call the Opt-Out Number

There is an option where you can opt-out of receiving credit card offers in the mail. According to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Report, credit bureaus provide a toll-free number where you can call and stop receiving various offer mails. The number is (1-888-5-OPTOUT (567-8688) and you can call this number to opt out of pre-approved credit offers. Moreover, you can also opt-out online at This is the official credit bureau opt-out site. When you visit the website, you have to click the “Click Here to Opt-In or Opt-Out” button and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

While opting-out using the number or website, you have to keep in mind that opting out only last for five years. After that, you will again start receiving pre-screened credit offers. If you want to permanently stop receiving offer mails then you have to fill up the printable “Opt-Out Form” from the website and then print it and mail it to the credit bureaus.      

2. Notify the Major Credit Bureaus

This is another great option to stop receiving Capital One offers in the mail. You can send a letter to the three major credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, Inc. stating that you don’t want to receive promotional emails as well as don’t want your personal information shared for promotional databases or direct mailing lists. While sending out the letter you should include your current mailing address, full name, social security number, date of birth, etc. Moreover, you should keep a copy of the letter that you have sent for future use.    

3. Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service

You can also consider using Direct Marketing Association’s mail preference service to stop receiving Capital One offer mails. The Mail preference service from Direct Marketing Association costs only $1 and when you subscribe to this service they put your name on a “do not mail” list. So, those who are on Direct Marketing Association, won’t send you any mail. Though, not all direct-mail marketers subscribe to the DMA’s service; but according to lots of mailing list compilers do subscribe to the DMA’s list. So, it is a guarantee that you will see a significant drop in the number of Preapproval credit card offering emails in your mailbox.         

4. DMA’s Email Preference Service

You can also use DMA’s Email Preference Service and it will deal with a flood of pre-screened credit card offers in your inbox. According to this service, you will be able to add up to three email addresses at a time. So, you will only receive emails from the three email addresses and the rest of the emails will be filtered out.     

5. Contact the FTC if Mail Doesn’t Stop

After applying the above four methods, if you still receive Capital One offers in the mail then you can contact the Federal Trade Commission to solve this problem. You can complain to the Federal Trade Commission. But before lodging a complaint you should keep in mind that most companies only update their mailing lists quarterly. Therefore, you should wait at least three months for your junk mailbox to shrink before lodging a complaint.       

6. Use a Nonprofit Service 

Various Nonprofit organizations offer non-profit services for a small fee and work on behalf of you to remove your name from various mailing lists. So, you can use a nonprofit service and easily remove your email from various credit card companies and other direct-mail marketers. is such a nonprofit service provider that claims to reduce 80% to 95% of junk mail. It offers a service to remove credit cards offering mails and junk mails for 5 years at a one-time fee of $41. Private Citizen also offers a similar kind of service for a $10 annual fee.

FAQs about How Do I Stop Getting Capital One Offers in the Mail

How long does it take before I stop getting prescreened offers?      

If you opt-out of mail by phone or online then it will take at least five business days or less to remove your name from the credit bureaus’ firm offer consumer list. So, you can expect to stop receiving prescreened offers within five days. However, there are chances that you might receive some emails for several weeks because some credit card issuers update their email list quarterly.

Does opting out of prescreened offers hurt my credit score?

No, opting out of prescreened offers won’t hurt your credit score in any way. Moreover, it won’t prevent you from browsing various credit products online. Apart from that, you won’t face any problem applying for a new credit card.

Why am I getting credit card offers in the mail?       

This is a very common question and the answer to this question is also very simple. Every credit card company wants new customers. Prescreening is a very important tool for credit card companies to find new customers. Therefore, most credit card companies buy lists of borrowers who have taken their criteria from the three major credit bureaus. This is the main reason you receive credit card offers from various companies in the mail.

Why does Capital One keep sending me credit card offers?

There are many reasons, Capital One might keep sending you various credit card offers. One main reason is, that you might be a great match for Capital One’s products or any new offers. Therefore, capital One keeps sending you emails to see whether you are interested in their product or any offers.

What does it mean to opt-out of credit card offers?

Opt-out of the credit card offers means you will no longer receive pre-screened offers in your mailbox. You can easily opt out of the credit card offers online, by phone, or by mail.

How do I change my Capital One email?

In order to change your Capital One email, you have to follow the below steps – 

  • First, open a browser on your computer
  • Next visit Capitalone.Com
  • Once the page loads, login to your Capital One online account using the username and password
  • Now click on your name from the top right corner
  • Then from the available options, click on “Profile” and then select edit
  • Finally, change your Capital One email

Does Capital One have an email address?

Yes, Capital One has an email address. You can send mail to Capital One at [email protected]


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