How Do I Use A Secure Spend Prepaid Visa Gift Card Online? (Step by Step Guide!)

How Do I Use A Secure Spend Prepaid Visa Gift Card Online

You just have to follow some simple steps. Also, these prepaid gift cards are activated automatically. Therefore, Customers don’t have to go through an activation process. 

The number of people using SecureSpend prepaid gift cards to shop online increases daily. Mainly because it is simple and it is secure. Imagine being able to shop online without having to share any personal information with the merchant. Also, you don’t need any credit check, nor do you need any guaranteed approval. No bank accounts too. You can load any amount within the range of 10 dollars to 5000 dollars. In some cases, you can load more instantly. 

What Is A SecureSpend Card?

What Is A SecureSpend Card

SecureSpend cards are prepaid visa gift cards. These SecureSpend cards are programmed with similar security features that credit cards have. When you buy a SecureSpend card, money can be loaded into it immediately. Without any approvals, you are allowed to purchase things online. Also, you can use it to pay for stuff both online and in stores. 

A SecureSpend card can act as your debit or credit card. However, it is more similar to a credit card. Although, unlike the credit card, you can purchase this card without a credit check and personal information. You don’t need to apply for a SecureSpend card, you can just buy one. Most people enjoy using it online to protect their social security number and credit card information from most websites. 

How To Use A SecureSpend Prepaid Visa Gift Card Online

How To Use A SecureSpend Prepaid Visa Gift Card Online

Firstly, you should know that a SecureSpend visa card is a non-reloadable gift card. It also gives you a sense of certainty that your transactions and privacy are safe. Here are some instructions to follow when using your SecureSpend prepaid visa gift card to purchase items online. 

Firstly, check your card balance to make sure it has more amount of money than the item or items you are purchasing. Also, you have to include the possible 20% charge on your purchase. However, this charge doesn’t affect every purchase. Here are the steps to follow when using your SecureSpend gift card to purchase items online.

  1. Select the item that you want to purchase
  2. Select your payment type as credit or debit card. Do not select gift card even if it were part of the options.
  3. Provide card details as if you were using a credit or debit card. 
  4. Put in your name and address in the space allotted for that information.

How To Gain Access To Your SecureSpend Card Account

  1. Open your web browser and then go to the website’s login page. 
  2. Fill out the details that are required. It is mainly just your Email and password 
  3. Tick the box that says remember me.

How To Create Your SecureSpend Card Account

Everything is so easy with SecureSpend. Creating your account is also one of the easy things to do. Just follow the steps and you can create your SecureSpend account easily. 

  1. Go to the website and then click on create account
  2. Insert your Email and password. You also have to confirm your password in the next space. Also, there are some conditions that your password has to meet. Your password needs to have eight characters, a lowercase character, an uppercase character, a number, and one special character. All of these characters have to be in your password so that it can be confirmed. 
  3. Insert the two security questions and their answers. 
  4. Click next
  5. Add your card details 
  6. Confirm all the details and submit. 

Advantages Of Using A SecureSpend Gift Card

  1. Firstly, this is a prepaid gift card that assures you that all your private details are secured. 
  2. SecureSpend has made paying bills and making purchases much easier for people. 
  3. There is no complication. Just load the card and then use it for what you want. 
  4. It is simple to get and also simple to use.
  5. They are allowed in every store in the United States of America. Also, you can use the card immediately after buying it. 
  6. You don’t have to register anything, therefore, your personal information is secure. 
  7. The total costs of purchase are given to you, plus the charges and everything. This is to make it easy to monitor your balance. 
  8. Their customer service assistance is available 24/7. 

Why You Should Choose SecureSpend

Well, one main reason being that you don’t have to keep giving your social security number or credit card number to online vendors. The SecureSpend card gives you complete control over your finances. Without having to provide any credit check, you can use your SecureSpend card like a credit or debit card. It works with any online merchant in the United States of America. The major reason why people decide to use SecureSpend is that it allows you to shop without any of your personal information being released. Just add funds from any bank account and then start enjoying your card. 

The SecureSpend prepaid gift card works for most people as an alternative credit card. The only difference is that the requirements to get a credit card is more complicated than when you are getting a SecureSpend prepaid gift card. It is safe, and also, there are no fees attached to it. When you use the card, you purchase goods by borrowing money from the company and then pay when the bill is due. This is one of the best credit card services in 2022. 

Here Are Some Useful Information About The Card

  1. This card has become one of the most popular cards in the United States of America. People are acquiring this card because of all the benefits that come with it. Most of the benefits are aligned with using this SecureSpend card to make payments. 
  2. Put your signature on the receipt after clicking credit or debit. If you want to use this card for any debit transactions then you will require a PIN. 
  3. Every time you make a purchase with your card, the full amount is deducted from your money. They don’t make any after purchase deduction so that it doesn’t confuse people. All the charges and fees are also deducted at once. You just have to make sure that you have enough money on the card to pay for that particular purchase. 
  4. There is an option to use two payment methods including your SecureSpend card. However, the vendor has to agree with that method first. 
  5. When you try to make a big purchase, if the money on the card doesn’t cover it then it will be rejected. You either use two payment methods or you just wave the items goodbye. 


What is SecureSpend? 

Well, in a nutshell, SecureSpend is a company that has provided the easiest way to make online payments. The easiest and most secure way. 

Do SecureSpend gift cards work in ATMs?

No. All you have on your SecureSpend prepaid gift card is similar to virtual cash. It cannot work on an ATM. It can only work to purchase things online or in any store. 

How can I make my SecureSpend gift card work?

You just have to make a purchase and then select debit. You will have to insert your PIN after selecting debit. 

Can a SecureSpend prepaid gift card be reloaded?

No. This is the only flaw of this card. It is non-reloadable 

Where can I make use of my SecureSpend prepaid gift card?

You can use it in any store in America. Every store accepts this card, also, every online vendor accepts it. 


After all that has been said, you should be getting a SecureSpend prepaid gift card for yourself now. Well, we hope that we have been able to provide valuable information. You can now use your SecureSpend prepaid gift card to buy things online. The procedure is very simple and straightforward.


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