How Do You Activate A Paycheck Plus Elite Visa Payroll Card? (Well Explained!)

How Do You Activate A Paycheck Plus Elite Visa Payroll Card

If you follow the instructions that came with the Paycheck Plus Elite Visa Payroll Card, you can get it done without stress. The card comes with a label that carries a toll-free number that you can call. The automated voice will ask for some personal information to confirm your identity. Afterward, you can go ahead and request the activation of your Paycheck Plus Elite Visa Payroll Card. 

Key Takeaways

  • Employers prefer Paycheck Plus Elite Visa Payroll Card because it makes employee payments easier
  • The best part of the Paycheck Plus Elite Visa Payroll Card is, you won’t need a bank account to get the card
  • There are two ways you can activate this card: by phone call or from the website
  • You can use the Payroll card to pay the bills and make various payments which are very conveninet

How To Activate A Paycheck Plus Elite Visa Payroll Card

How To Activate A Paycheck Plus Elite Visa Payroll Card

You can either activate your paycheck plus elite visa payroll card via phone call or the website. 

Phone Call: 

  1. Dial the toll free number on the label that comes with the card. 
  2. Input your date of birth using two digits. 
  3. Request for your card to be activated. 


  1. Navigate to paycheck plus website.
  2. Log in or create an account.
  3. Navigate to card activation.
  4. Insert all necessary information.

After activation of the card, the cardholder is obligated to call the payroll office so that electronic deposit of funds can be activated. 

What Is A Payroll Card?

A payroll card is a prepaid card used to hold your paycheck. Also, a payroll card can be used to pay bills and withdraw money from the ATM. Not everyone uses a payroll card. The fact is that most people don’t even know what it is. However, the population of payroll card users are growing drastically. According to some research, the growth would draft billions in the nearest future.

Furthermore, just because payroll card isn’t necessarily used by people with bank accounts, people think that it is meant for those with lower income. Well, that isn’t true. Mercator Advisory Group has done an investigation that shows that some payroll card users earn 200k dollars or more. Although this is just 18% in 2019. Some payroll card users earn lesser and higher than 200 thousand dollars a year. The card isn’t meant for people with low income, it is for everyone. 

How Does A Payroll Card Function?

Well, as we said, this card is used mainly by employees and employers. Employers pay their employees by loading their payroll cards. Instead of a paycheck deposited into the employee’s bank account, it is loaded into the plastic card. A payroll card can be used to pay for anything, this means that the employee doesn’t lose at all. 

Every expense and bill can be covered using the payroll card. It is just like having money in your bank account and then using your debit card to pay for stuff. Another similarity between a payroll card and a debit card is the fact that a payroll card can also withdraw money from an ATM. 

Advantages Of A Payroll Card For Employers

Advantages Of A Payroll Card For Employers

A payroll card is beneficial for employers and also employees. As an employer, here are some reasons why you should enroll in a payroll card program. 

Reduces Cost

The cost of printing paper checks for employees is reduced when using a payroll card program. Without having to write checks for your employees, you get to eliminate the cost of ink, envelope, and paper checks. 


You have deposited the money electronically, therefore, you are sure that it is there. Paper checks can get damaged by anything. Sometimes, it could get lost. Now, an employee that you thought had been paid hasn’t received his or her money. Although the only solution is to issue another check, it is less stressful when you can rely on payroll card program. 

Advantages Of A Payroll Card For Employees

The employer benefits are definitely lesser than the benefits of the employee. This is a more enjoyable program for the employee most times. 


A payroll card gives you access to your money as soon as it gets deposited. Unlike the paycheck where you have to suffer from the bank hassling. As soon as your money has been deposited, you can easily withdraw and also spend it. Paper paychecks are no longer in style for employees because of access. 

The paper is in your hand but you can’t use the money yet until you are in the bank. Sometimes because of the number of check withdrawals from one account, it could take up to three business days before your money is in your hands. 

Ease Of Use

Unlike the debit cards that we know of, you don’t need a bank account before you are allowed to use a payroll card. It functions as a debit card but this time, your money is on your card. Also, with the help of a payroll card, you don’t carry a check with a huge amount around. You can pay for stuff using the payroll card and withdraw some of it if you want to. 

Any place that accepts a debit card will definitely accept a payroll card. Stores, retail outlets, gas stations, wherever. Also, your payroll card can purchase goods for you online.  


How can I check my elite paycheck plus card balance?

Well, it is just like your bank account. The most convenient way is text alert. Also, you can opt for email alerts. Another way is to get up-to-the-minute balance information by sending a text to 90831. Just text BAL to 90831 and your balance information will appear. 

Can you put money on your payroll card? 

Yes, it doesn’t necessarily have to be payroll money put in by your employer. There is no limit, you can also add funds if you want. 

Can your payroll card be replaced?

Yes. You can replace your payroll card in an event of any mishap. 

Can I transfer money from my payroll card to my bank account?

Yes. You can transfer money from your card to your bank account. However, you might have to talk to your bank officer and your employer. It is very possible but you will have to pay a fee for the transfer. 

Is your payroll card a debit card?

Yes. It is an employer-issued debit card. Your payroll card is programmed to receive worker’s wages from payroll. Employees have access to their money from this card. It is used exactly like a debit card. It can be used to pay for stuff, withdraw from an ATM, and also shop online. 

Is it possible to overdraft on an elite paycheck plus payroll card? 

No. This is something you cannot do. Although you are allowed to have a negative balance on your payroll card only if it was a transaction fee that caused the negative balance. Money will definitely be replaced if funds are deposited back. 

How do I get money from my payroll card?

Just like a debit card, you can only get cash from your payroll card by withdrawing from an ATM. 


Activation of a paycheck plus elite payroll card is a good idea because it helps with payments and management of funds.


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