How Do You Change State Farm Insurance Agents?

How Do You Change State Farm Insurance Agents

State Farm is a very renowned insurance company that has offices throughout the United States. This insurance company was established in 1922 and since then it has become a pioneer in the huge insurance industry of the USA. However, there are many reasons people might want to change State Farm insurance agent. But is it really possible to change State Farm insurance agent? If so, then what is the procedure to replace a State Farm insurance agent with another insurance agent? Let’s find out below!

Reasons to Change State Farm Insurance Agent

Reasons to Change State Farm Insurance Agent

Though State Farm is the leading insurance company in the USA but there are many reasons you might want to change the insurance agent. Some key reasons are – 

1. Dreadful Customer Service and Poor Availability

This is the most common reason people want to change the state farm insurance agent. There are complaints about some State Farm agents not offering the standard of service that people expect from State Farm. Therefore, many people consider changing their State Farm insurance agents. Moreover, poor availability is another important factor people might want to change their insurance agent.   

2. Personality Conflicts

Sometimes two people just don’t get along and if it is the case for you then you might want to change your State Farm insurance agent. If you have any personal problem with the State Farm agent then you can contact the State farm customer service to change the individual agent. If that is not possible then you can State Farm Company and move to a new insurance company.   

3. Moving within Your State

Not every time moving requires changing your insurance company or the agent. But sometimes it becomes mandatory to change the insurance agent. For example, if you move to a place where your agent or carrier is not licensed to operate then there is no option left for you but to change the insurance company. If such a situation arises then you should speak with your insurance agent first and see if there is any solution to your problem. If there is no solution to this problem then you can move to another insurance company that best suits your requirement.

Is It Possible to Switch State Farm Agents?

Yes, it is totally possible to switch State Farm Agents whenever you want. However, it is not wiser to change your insurance agent every now and then. You should only change the insurance agent if there is no option left for you than changing the agent. If your insurance agent delivers satisfactory service then there is no need to change the agent. If you are moving to another state then it doesn’t mean you have to change the agent. In fact, your current agent might be working in the state where you are moving. So, consult with your current insurance agent and share your plan with him. If the agent can’t help, then change the insurance agent.

How to Change State Farm Agents

How to Change State Farm Agents

If changing the State Farm agent is the only solution to your problem then you can follow the below steps to change your State Farm agent. Changing State Farm agent is very simple. State Farm has a live chat option, where you can easily communicate with a customer agent. Log in to your online account and make a formal request for a new agent. A customer service agent will be available to chat and attend to your request. Now follow the below steps – 

1. Contact your Current Agent

After contacting the customer agent you should contact your current agent. Trust me, no State Farm agent won’t be happy to let a customer go. You should tell your current agent about your intentions to move to a new agent. But, if you are not satisfied with the current agent then you should approach it differently rather than letting the present agent know the actual reason for your change.

2. Contact the New Agent

If you have decided to work with a particular State Farm agent then you should personally contact the agent and tell him that you want him as your new insurance agent. In fact, you can ask the new agent to contact your old agent on behalf of you and make the necessary changes. But if you are not sure about your new agent then State farm customer service can come in very handy for you to find a new agent.

Benefits of Switching State Farm Agent

There are some benefits of changing State farm agents. You should understand that insurance is a very important financial product. You can insure your life, car, home, children, etc. But having insurance means you have to make monthly payments. This is where a State farm agent can come in very handy. A motivated insurance agent can make sure you enjoy all the facilities of your insurance coverage. If the insurance agent is not serious about customer service then you might miss out on many benefits. So changing a State Farm insurance agent means you have switched to someone who is more attentive to guide you. But you should understand that changing an insurance agent won’t get you a much better price unless you change your insurance policy. Below are some common duties of a State farm Agent – 

  • A State Farm agent has to offer insurance information. Here the agent will help the customer understand various risks attacked to insurance and how they could save themselves.
  • An insurance agent can help the customer pick the best insurance policy that suits his/her requirements. So, regardless of what insurance you need a State farm agent can help the customer make the right choice.
  • A state farm agent will provide details information on various State Farm products including deposit and loan products. So that, you can easily pick the best insurance coverage for you.

FAQs about How Do You Change State Farm Insurance Agents

Can I switch from one State Farm agent to another?

Yes, you can switch from one State farm agent to another. However, while changing an insurance agent make sure the new agent is licensed and authorized to provide service in your state.

Can you switch agents within the same insurance company?

Yes, you can switch agents within the same insurance company. If you decided to stay in the same company then you can change an insurance agent any time you want and transfer your policy to the new agent. But, if you want to change the insurance company then you have to cancel the insurance policy.

Do different State Farm agents give different quotes?

No, different State farm agents don’t give different quotes. This is because the rates of different insurance policies are set based on classes of underwriting risk therefore, all the insurance agents will give the same rate regardless of what state they are in.

Is there a penalty for Cancelling State Farm insurance?

No, there is no penalty for canceling state farm insurance. If you cancel your State Farm insurance then you don’t have to pay any cancelation fees. If there are any pre-paid premiums left then State Farm will refund the full unused balance.

Does State Farm have a cancellation policy?

Yes, State Farm has a cancelation policy. If you want to cancel your policy then you have to contact your insurance agent and explain that you’d like to cancel the policy. You have to provide your insurance number, name, and date of birth as well as the reasons you want to cancel the policy. For example, if you want to cancel your auto loan because you have sold the vehicle then you have to provide some proof like your vehicle’s plate forfeiture or a bill of sale. You can also call 800-STATEFARM for auto policy cancellations. Moreover, depending on what state you live in, you might have to inform the DMV when you cancel your auto insurance. Therefore, you should check your State’s guidelines before canceling the auto insurance.

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