How Do You Get Your Walmart W 2 Forms Online? (All You Need To Know!)

Walmart W 2 Forms Online

You can get your Walmart W 2 forms online by visiting either OneWalmart or the Tax Form Management website. These two websites are helpful for anyone, especially employees or past employees of Walmart, seeking to get the Walmart W 2 form. 

If you are confused, the W 2 form is a tax form issued by almost all organizations. This form records the income you’ve earned from your employer, the amount of taxes withheld from your paycheck, benefits provided, and more. And, it is essential for all workers as you can use it to file either state or federal taxes.

How To Get Your Walmart W 2 Forms Online

How To Get Your Walmart W 2 Forms Online

Are you looking to get your Walmart W 2 forms online? Here is how to go about it. 

1. OneWalmart: As the name implies, you can see that this platform or company has affiliations with Walmart. It typically deals with things that concern Walmart and all its brands. So, it is only fitting that you can get your Walmart W 2 forms through this website. Once you go on the website (, you will see links that direct you to get this form. The website has two links, depending on your category. There is a link for current employees and another link for past employees. We can assure you of enjoying a seamless process when using OneWalmart’s website to get your Walmart W 2 forms. 

2. Tax Form Management: You can also get your Walmart W 2 forms from this website by going to As the name implies, this website is for all tax matters. So, you can get various tax forms from it. In addition, the website isn’t limited to only Walmart, as you can also get forms for other organizations from it. However, to access your W 2 forms, you will need to input your organization’s name or code. Therefore, you must know Walmart’s code to get your Walmart W 2 forms through this website. And Walmart’s code for this website is 10108. 

The W 2 Forms 

Below is a table showing the summary of things on the W 2 forms. 

Box NameMeaning 
Box ASocial security number 
Box B Employer identification number
Box CEmployer name and address
Box DControl number, if any
Box EYour name 
Box F Your address
Box 1Wages and tips
Box 2Federal income tax withheld
Box 3Social security wages 
Box 4Social security tax withheld 
Box 5Medical wages and tips 
Box 6Medical taxes withheld
Box 7Social security tips 
Box 8 Allocated tips
Box 9 Any employer benefits enjoyed that no longer exist. 
Box 10Dependent care benefits 
Box 11Non qualified plans
Box 12Compensations or reductions to your taxable income
Box 13Statutory employee, retirement plan, third-party sick pay
Box 14Other tax information 
Box 15Employer’s state ID number
Box 16State wages, tips, etc.
Box 17 State income tax
Box 18 Local wages, tips, etc.
Box 19 Local income tax
Box 20Locality name

Why Every Walmart Employee Needs Their Walmart W 2 Forms

 Walmart W 2 Forms

Whether you are a past or current employee of Walmart, you would always need your W 2 forms as it plays a huge role in your tax payment. 

But, some people may be wondering the importance of paying taxes or even getting the W 2 forms. So, we will highlight some of the importance. 

In no particular order, they are:

1. To avoid issues with the authorities: Are you a consistent taxpayer? If not, allow us to tell you that it could get you in trouble with the authorities. It is a legal offense to evade paying taxes, and you would be doing so if you refused to get your Walmart W 2 form. And the last thing you would want is for the authorities to be on you for tax evasion as it would dent your reputation. Typically, we see that the punishment for tax evasion starts with a warning and could further progress into paying fines. But if you consistently evade paying tax, you might spend some time in prison. As an employee, there is no reason why you should run away from paying your taxes. After all, you are earning income, and it is only a little part that you have to give back to the government. We always advocate that people are law-abiding citizens. And you can do it by paying your taxes and getting your Walmart W 2 forms. 

2. Improving economic development: Did you know that the government uses your taxes for economic development? We often see people wondering why they have to pay taxes or what the government uses the money to do. However, allow us to tell you that your government goes a long way into funding government projects. Of course, there are some things you wish the government could do, and it is a part of your taxes that makes these projects feasible. For example, you have wished for smoother and better roads. Therefore, the government uses taxes to complete these projects, ensuring everyone is happy. However, if you evade paying these taxes, these projects will not be possible. And you would see that you are also affected as you would not get the projects you desire. So, you will be doing more harm than good to yourself. For example, do you want the government to build new hospitals? Of course, your taxes would also go a long way in sponsoring these projects. So, you are affecting the healthcare sector when you do not pay taxes. Now, you can see how your actions will affect various sectors. So, imagine if many other people have the same mindset as you do. Then, of course, the economy will go down the drain.

3. Payment of government workers: Have you ever thought about how the government pays its workers? Of course, it only makes sense that a part of your taxes goes into government workers’ salaries. For example, how do you think the government gets money to pay firefighters? These people are busy saving lives, and they have to be paid for their service. So, it is only fair that a portion of taxes goes into their salaries. In addition, we also see that police officer get their salaries from taxes. Therefore, if you refuse to pay your taxes, you starve many homes that depend on these salaries. Now that you know how it works, we are sure that your conscience won’t let you rest if you decide to evade taxes. Thus, it would be best to waste no time getting your Walmart W 2 forms yearly. And, since you can get them online, you do not have any excuse anymore. 

4. Funding Of Government Initiatives: The government can also decide to have initiatives to help the less privileged. However, they cannot sponsor it independently and will need support. So, your taxes serve as the needed support to sustain the initiative. For example, you might be thinking that the government should provide free maternity services. Of course, they might consider doing it. However, they would need the cooperation of everyone in paying taxes as that is where they can get money for funding. In addition, some people may be thinking of getting involved in positive initiatives. However, allow us to tell you that you are already involved in them if you consistently pay your taxes. Another example of a government initiative could be giving scholarships to underprivileged kids. Now, you can see that society will be a better place if we all work together to make it happen. Of course, it would not have in a day. But, things will get better with consistency. 

5. To Avoid Added Interest: Some people avoid paying taxes because they are trying to use the money for other things. However, the more you miss paying your taxes; it keeps increasing, as interest adds to it. So, won’t it be better to pay the taxes and be free? We see that added interest is one of the penalties for not paying your taxes. We advise people to pay their tax when it is due so that they do not experience the issue of added interest, as we know how it can be frustrating. So, if you have been complaining about money before, the complaints will be worst now as you need to pay more. It would be best to request an extension if you cannot pay your taxes on time than delay without notifying the relevant authorities. An extension helps avoid getting added interest. 


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

What Is A W2 Form?

It is a form that has all your tax information as an employee. It also includes details of your employer and other necessary information for verification purposes.

Can I Get My Walmart W 2 Forms Through OneWalmart?

Yes, you can get your Walmart W 2 forms through OneWalmart. After all, the platform is for everything that concerns Walmart. 

Can I Get My Walmart W 2 Form As An Ex-employee?

Yes, you can get your Walmart W 2 form even as an ex-employee of Walmart. 


If you want to get your Walmart W 2 forms online, you can get them through OneWalmart or the Tax Form Management websites. 


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