How Do You Report An Absence In Walmart? (Find Out Today!)

Report An Absence In Walmart

As a Walmart worker, there might be times when you would miss work, and you need to report an absence. Reporting an absence in Walmart is as easy as reporting through Sedgwick or your manager. Walmart understands that situations might spring up, and they do not expect an employee to always be at the store on all days of the year. Therefore, you do not need to fear losing your job if you miss work as long as you report your absence through the appropriate channels. 

Key Takeaways

There are two ways you can report an absence in Walmart:

Way Of Reporting An Absence In Walmart

  • The two ways you can use in reporting an absence in Walmart are: Through your manager and Through “My Sedgwick”
  • Your store manager should be your first contact if you are going to be absent at work
  • If you do not report to your store manager, there might be dire consequences
  • My Sedgwick is a platform for Walmart workers where the workers can report absences
  • If you do not report your absence to Walmart then you will be met with negative consequences

1. Through your manager: Your store manager should be your first contact if you are going to be absent at work. Sometimes, you may know that you won’t make it to the office for some days. Therefore, it is right to report to your store manager. After all, your store manager is in charge of all the affairs in the store, including the employees, and the store manager has the power to approve or reject absence requests. However, if you do not report to your store manager, there might be dire consequences, and it is best to avoid having such issues. It would come in handy to have a good working relationship with your store manager.

2. Through My Sedgwick: My Sedgwick is a platform for Walmart workers, allowing them to report absences. It usually comes in handy when the worker cannot reach the store manager. It is a policy that a Walmart employee gives a minimum of two days’ notice of absence, even when reporting through this platform. People in charge of this platform monitor these requests and approve them. However, your request can be declined if you do not give the appropriate notice. If you have issues using the platform, you can call Sedgwick on 800-492-5678  and they will be a connecting associate to help with your request.   


What Happens When I Don’t Report An Absence In Walmart?

There are always consequences for every action, and these consequences may either be good or bad. As a Walmart employee, if you do not report your absence, you will be met with negative consequences, as it goes against the organization’s policy. 

For every unreported absence, you will earn an occurrence. And as the occurrences increase, your chances of losing the job also increase. Typically, you will get into trouble after four occurrences and may lose your job. 

Sometimes there are exceptions if your manager feels you had a valid reason to be absent. However, the policy states that you must report every absence. 

Official Types Of Walmart Leave 

Walmart has three types of official leaves, and they are:

1. FMLA Leave: This leave falls under the Family and Medical Leave Act. It enables people to take leaves from work for medical conditions. For example, if you feel sick and need a medical checkup, you can apply for this leave and be absent from work for a certain duration. It could also be that you have just given birth and need time away from work. You can also decide to use this leave type when applying for absence,. This type of leave can also be applied when adopting a child or new family member. After all, you are getting an addition to your family, and it can also be classified as giving birth or a family situation. So, you are entitled to some time away from work. According to the Family and Medical Leave Act if you have cases that can classify as a family or medical emergency, you can also be away from work. 

2. Personal Leave: Did you know that you do not always need to have a serious reason before you can be absent from work? For example, it could be that you have been working hard all year and believe that you need a break. Your body and mind are tired, and you do not want to break down. However, it is bound to happen if you continue working, so you can apply for a leave of absence. Such a situation can classify as personal leave, and you can use it to get approval for an absence in Walmart. In addition, it might also be that you or a member of your family has a medical emergency. Of course, such a situation is personal to you and can also classify as personal leave. It is an available type of leave that comes in handy for many Walmart workers, and they do not fail to utilize its usage in a year. 

3. Military Leave: Did you know that you can be a military worker and a Walmart employee? We often see people working various jobs, and this also happens with Walmart employees. Some Walmart workers work and school simultaneously. Therefore, it is not out of place to see someone who works with the military also working at Walmart. And Walmart is considerate of this factor which is why there is the option of Military leave. Therefore, if you need time away from work to carry out your military duties, you can apply for military leave. However, it is best to know that you may need to provide proof of being in the military for verification. Sometimes, people try to misuse this leave, lying that they are a part of the military to be absent from work. Thus, Walmart does a background check before approving a military leave for people. 

Other Times To Report An Absence In Walmart 

Other conditions that let you be absent from work in Walmart include:

1. When You Are Running Late: Walmart does not accept lateness from its employees. Therefore, you need to send a message when you are running late. Yes, there is nothing wrong with dropping a message or calling Sedgwick to inform them that you will be late or calling your store manager. Unfortunately, we see that many people overlook this factor, making them earn occurrences that could make them lose their jobs. So, the next time you are running late, one of the first things on your mind should be reaching out to Sedgwick or your store manager to inform them so that you can avoid any negative consequences. 

2. Impromptu Conditions: Understandably, unplanned situations can happen to anyone at any time. Thus, the best thing to do is call your manager or Sedgwick and inform them of the situation. For example, it could be that your car broke down on your way to work, and you will be absent for the day. It is best to reach out to them immediately to make them aware of what is happening instead of waiting until the next day or whenever you are at the office. In addition, you show that you are a serious and compliant employee when you inform them of what is happening. 

Timing Of Leaves At Walmart 

Below are some of the leave timings are Walmart:

1. Reduced Hours: One might decide to apply for a leave absence that involves them working for reduced hours that day or some days. For example, it could be that your child had an emergency and you need to rush back home. Thus, you can’t work for complete hours. It would be wrong to leave the office without informing anyone in such a case. Therefore, Walmart allows you to apply for reduced work, and it will not affect your regular working schedule or activities.

2. Continuous Leave: We can say that it refers to a process of taking a long leave from work. It could be that you want to use all your leave days of the year at work, so you decide to apply for continuous leave. Here, the person is taking a back-to-back leave. In such a case, you would see that someone would not work for about 21 working days a week. 

3. Intermittent Leave: In this case, the person takes leave at intervals. For example, a Walmart worker applies for some days off in March and for off days in October. Here, you can see that the person did not use all their leave days. Instead, the person has spread it out, which refers to intermittent leave. And, we see that some people refer to this leave timing as you it helps them report at absence at different times. 

Below is a table showing the duration of a Walmart leaves for an eligible employee across different states.

California Six to eight weeks of paid leave
ConnecticutTwelve weeks of paid leave
HawaiiUp to twenty-six weeks in cases of a serious injury or illness.
New Jersey Six to eight weeks of paid leave


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

How Do I Extend My Leave At Walmart?

If you are currently on leave and wish to extend it, you need to notify Sedgwick before the end of your current leave and put in a new request for approval. 

How Many Points Is A No-Call No-Show At Walmart?

According to the policy, a no-call no-show is 4 points, and you stand the risk of losing your job. 


You can report an absence in Walmart by calling your manager or through the Sedgwick platform. 


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