How Do You Return A Mattress To Costco? (Find Out Today!)

How Do You Return A Mattress To Costco

Costco confirms that they will accept returns of mattresses, memory foam and air mattresses with or without a receipt as of 2022. They guarantee 100% satisfaction for their customers. If the customer is not satisfied with their mattress purchase then they can return it to Costco for an exchange or refund.

Costco is an American multinational retail organization with stores that sell products in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Chile. Originally named Price Club, the company was founded by James Sinegal and Jeffrey H. Brotman in 1983 in California. In 2021, it had $67 billion in revenue which made it the tenth biggest retailer globally just as its US rival Walmart ranked second. It has since expanded from a chain of warehouses to becoming a large-scale retailer of goods including food, clothing & electronics on both wholesale and retail levels which makes it quite convenient for customers to buy stuff at lower costs as well.

Costco is a large retailer that sells a wide variety of products. In fact, you can find furniture for your home there at prices that are really great! Whether you’re working on building up the new house of your dreams or you’re redecorating and need to furnish several rooms simultaneously, Costco will have something to suit your needs. They have available all types of furniture from couches to tables, beds, and mattresses! If you’re not sure whether you want to purchase a mattress at Costco, we’ve even included some information below answering how the Costco mattress return policy works as well.

Costco Mattress Return Policy

Costco Mattress Return Policy

Costco makes it easy for sleeping shoppers to bring a mattress back without an original receipt, as long as the product is unopened and still within the manufacturer’s warranty period. As Costco has 100% customer satisfaction guarantee policy in place, unsatisfied customers can return their mattresses even if they don’t have an original receipt. Jeep reading if you want to know more about Costco’s return policy and how to return mattresses to them.

How Does Costco’s Mattress Return Policy Work? 

Costco has one of the most lenient return policies of big-box stores, and mattresses are no exception. You can return your Costco mattress anytime after purchase if you find that it’s not working out for you. For example, if you realize that you aren’t comfortable on a certain mattress, whether because of size or quality and that it’s just not what you had in mind, it can be returned to Costco by visiting the right department at any given time! Returned mattresses may have some signs of wear or have been disassembled to check for quality problems, but they are still under warranty so you won’t have to worry about replacements costs as is sometimes the case with other types of products bought from big box store chains.

Simply return the mattress back to your local Costco warehouse store and bring your Costco membership card along with you. The returns counter can handle the rest! If you need help, including scheduling removal assistance for large items, contact your local warehouse for assistance.

Can You Return An Opened Mattress To Costco? 

Costco does not have a strict policy about opened mattresses and is fairly lenient about the process for returning an old mattress and getting a new one. Because customers need to be sure that their mattress functions properly and is comfortable for their sleeping needs, returning an old mattress as part of the exchange program can often be difficult when the packaging was thrown out or not kept.

How Long Do You Have To Return A Mattress To Costco?

Costco does not police mattress returns. The store’s return policy for mattresses is to have no time limit on when a customer can return the item after purchase. However, if the mattress is visibly used and was purchased a while ago, the employees at the returns counter (if there are any) may raise their eyebrows when they see you approaching them with such a product. If this happens, it will be up to the discretion of your local store manager to accept such an item back in that instance.

Besides, since this type of mattress takes longer to settle, customers have noticed that Costco’s generous return policy can be incredibly handy in such cases as they might not realize they aren’t satisfied with the product until some time has passed. That’s why Costco customers have been able to make returns up to three months after purchase without any issue.

Will You Be Refunded For Your Mattress Return?

Yes! Costco’s return service should be able to process your refund as quickly as possible. If you have returned the mattress to the store, there will be no delays and it will be processed back to the card originally used for purchase.

You can get your refund either in cash or in the form of Costco cash cards. We prefer our clients to choose card refunds, so that they can spend it on anything they want. However, if you’re itching for something specific, we understand. If you’re returning your purchases online, it will need additional processing time before the refund is issued to a purchasing card. You won’t be able to get it on a card until 30 days after you contact our customer service team and request a refund within 30 days of purchase. In general though, refunds should appear on a purchasing card within 30 days of the request.

Can You Return A Mattress To Costco Online? 

Can You Return A Mattress To Costco Online

Costco has a great return policy. If you are not happy with the mattress that you have received, you have the option to return it without having to pay anything else. Through Costco’s website, there is an option on their main page where you can enter your account ID and request a refund or replacement in-store pickup if needed. It’s also worth noting that when items sit outside your home for too long before pickup extension fees may apply. Also, Costco will give you an email outlining additional instructions for any large or heavy items like refrigerator items for example because those are often done through Large Item Pickup which comes with its own set of specific instructions. All refunds will include all shipping and handling amounts so returning is free!

Can You Return A Mattress To Costco Without A Receipt? 

Yes,  customers are allowed to return any products to Cost-Co without the original receipt, including mattresses. Make sure to bring your membership card with you, as the returns desk will need your member number to look up your purchase history and process your refund. You also don’t need the original packaging to return your mattress to Costco, although all parts and included accessories do need to be present.

Can Someone Else Return Your Mattress To Costco For You? 

No, someone else cannot return mattresses for you. Unless the membership cardholder is a household member, only the original purchaser of the mattress may return it. This is true even if the mattress was purchased as a gift for someone else. In that case, an exception would be made where the recipient can bring back the mattress under a Gift Return. However, they will need to possess the original membership card used at purchase to process this transaction. When applicable, a refund will be granted in Costco cash in addition to any applicable taxes and/or shipping charges on both purchases.

Conclusion – wrapping it up! 

If you want to return a mattress, you can go back either to the store or order one online. There is no time restriction–say, for example, you receive a puncture wound or find some bugs on it and you want to take it back before those critters have burrowed in too deep! You won’t even need your receipt. Just bring your Costco membership card when you are returning the mattress and they will do the rest. If anyone asks why, just say it was defective in some way and you can get a full refund right away.


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