How Does Humble Bundle Make Money?

Humble Bundle Make Money

You have to understand that Humble Bundle is a distribution company, not a developer company. So they make most of the profit from the sales of various products. Humble Bundle generates most of the revenue from the sales commission. They took a 25% commission from game sales. The commission from other sales depends on the product types, models, etc.            

Key Takeaways

  • Humble Bundle was established in 2010 and it is a very popular digital storefront for video games lover
  • Humble Bundle is a Steam games vendor, and here you will find various types of high-price games at an affordable price
  • Humble Bundle sells DRM-free products and makes money from subscription services, commissions from the sale, etc.
  • At Humble Bundle, you will find more than 9,000 steam games

What Is A Humble Bundle?

Basically, Humble Bundle is a Steam games vendor, and it sells various types of high price games at an affordable price. The price in Humble Bundle is very low compared to the original price; for example, if the original price of a game is $200 then you can buy it from Humble Bundle at $20-$25. Humble Bundle has a large collection of games, books, software, and many more. As a customer, you can decide what you want to buy because Humble Bundle offers customizable bundles.

How Does Humble Bundle Make Money

Humble Bundle has several different ways to make money. The products that Humble Bundle sells are DRM-free therefore, they can sell products worldwide. This platform has several different ways to make money. They are:

1. Bundles

2. Humble Choice

3. Humble Store


Humble Bundle offers various types of bundles of games, books, software, etc. Usually, these bundles are tiered but you can also buy a small selection of games starting from $1. There are also middle-tier and premium tiers available. The premium tiers have fixed prices and they vary. But with premium tires, a user will get more games. The price of premium tires starts from $100 and the best part is the users can decide how to divide the money between the developers, the charity, and Humble Bundle.

Humble Choice

The humble choice is a subscription service of the bundles of Humble Bundle. Humble Choice gives the user access to 10 new games every month. Moreover, with this subscription, users will also have access to Humble Trove. Humble Trove is a collection of 90 games that a user can play anytime they want. The Humble Choice is a tiered subscription, therefore; a user can keep up to 9 games forever depending on their choice. The subscription fees of Humble choice start from $4.99 and it only gives access to Humble Trove. The subscription fees go up to $19.99 and it allows the user to keep 9 games per month.   

Humble Store

Humble Bundle also has a digital store where you will find various PC games. These PC games can be played on Steam. Humble Store offers various discounts on games but you can also purchase products for full price from the store. Humble Store has an option where a user can choose a charity to donate a portion of the sale to various charity foundations.

How Humble Bundle Acquires Games

Usually, Humble Store sells games or products that are essentially worthless to the respective companies. It means, the games or products have already been purchased by the consumers, therefore, the companies allow Humble Bundle to resell these licenses at a much cheaper price. Moreover, Humble Bundle also sells Steam games. There are over 9,000 steam games available but not all of them are popular. So Humble Bundle makes deal with the less popular game companies and it is a win-win situation for both Humble Bundle and the game developer; because:

1. These deals help the less popular game companies increase their visibilities within the niche gaming audiences. So when people buy bundles they get these games for free and there are chances they will give these games a try.

2. Regardless of the amount, the game developers will start generating revenues which will help them compete with the popular game developers.

So it is quite clear that Humble Bundle has a direct impact on the game developing company’s revenues therefore they are easily able to sign various deals and increase the number of game offerings for their customers.

FAQs About Humble Bundle

Is the Humble Bundle legit?

Yes, Humble Bundle is completely legit; in fact, it is the very 1st bundle site. Humble Bundle offers various games and they also have Humble Store that sells DRM-free games and Steam keys. Humble Bundle gets the keys directly from the publisher or the developer.

Does Humble Bundle make games?

No, Humble Bundle doesn’t make games. They are a distribution company and they offer a limited-time collection of various games, apps, books, and, many more. So far, the humble bundle has sold over 47,000,000 bundles and still counting.

Do you keep Humble Bundle games forever?

Yes, you can keep the monthly games forever. Once you make the payment, your 1st game will be unlocked. The rest of the games will be unlocked at 11:00 AM PST on the first Friday of the following month.

Is Humble Bundle a tax writes off?

No, Humble Bundle doesn’t Tax write-off because it is a commercial business and it doesn’t consider a 501(c) Organization. Therefore, purchases from Humble Bundle don’t qualify for tax deduction under current tax laws.

How do I redeem Humble Bundle games?

You can easily redeem humble bundle games. Follow the below steps:

1. First sign in to your Humble Bundle account
2. Then link your Steam and Humble Bundle accounts
3. From the available options, click on the download page
4. On the download page click on the game that you want to redeem and then click on the
5. “Get The Game” to receive the game key

What are the Humble Choice subscription plans?

Humble choice has three subscription plans. They are:

1. Humble Choice Lite Price: $4.99/month
a) You can access the Humble Trove
b) Grants you up to 10% off purchases you make in the Humble Store
2. Humble Choice BasicPrice: $14.99/month
a) You can choose up to 3 games every month
b) You can access the Humble Trove
c) Grants you up to 10% off purchases you make in the Humble Store
3. Humble Choice PremiumPrice: $19.99/month
a) Allows you to choose up to 9 games every month
b) Let’s you access the Humble Trove
c) Grants you up to 20% off purchases you make in the Humble Store  

Is there a humble bundle app?

Yes, there is a Humble Bundle app available for Android users. You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly download it from

How much is a humble bundle monthly?

The Humble Monthly plan is now known as Humble choice. There is a classic plan on Humble monthly that is only available for users that were subscribed to Humble Monthly when Humble Choice was launched and they were converted to Humble choice on December 6, 2019. Here are the details of the classic plan:

PlanPrice per MonthTotal Price

What Are The Benefits Of A Classic Plan?

The classic plan is very popular in Humble Bundle thanks to its amazing features. Some key benefits of the Classic plan are:

1. $12 a month price point from Humble Monthly

2. 10 curated games to keep every month 

3. Full access to the Humble Trove

4. Up to a 20% Humble Store discount

5. Unlimited access to published Humble Originals and betas

Can I Have A Refund For My Purchase Of The Humble Bundle?

Yes, you can get a refund for your purchase on Humble Bundle but you can only get the refund within 60 days of your purchase. When you submit a refund make sure you also include the Humble Transaction ID. This is a 13-character code and usually, it begins with the letter X, U, or A. However, the refund policy of Humble Choice is different from Humble Bundle or Humble Store. In fact, Humble Choice is non-refundable.

How Many Choices You Can Get In The Humble Bundle?

The amount of choice you will get every month depends on your Humble Bundle subscription plan. Here are the details:

1. Lite Plan: 0 Choices

2. Basic Plan: 3 Choices

3. Premium Plan: 9 Choices

4. Classic Plan: 10 Choices  

Is There A Humble Bundle App For iOS?  

No. Unfortunately, currently, Humble Bundle doesn’t have any app available for iOS.

Where Is My Humble Bundle Key?

You will find all the keys to your Humble Bundle games in the “Library.” In the library, you will find the keys either alphabetically or by most recently updated. You can easily change the sorting order from the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the Library tab.

How Do I Change Plans On The Humble Bundle?

There are many plans available in Humble Bundle and you can easily change plans according to your requirements. Now follow the below steps:

1. First, log in to your Humble Bundle account

2. Now go to the Humble Subscriber Hub and from the available options select “Manage Your Subscription”.

3. Now you will see the option to cancel your subscription

4. After canceling your current plan you can choose the plan that you have wanted to subscribe

You have to understand that if you are on a multi-month plan then you will need to wait until all the subscription plans are completed. Once all the plans are completed, you will be able to switch plans.



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